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Dark Red = Kittehstan, Pink = Ponyland


Kittehstan Anthem

Kittehstan Anthem


                                        "Destroy those facist dogs!" ~ General Vladmircat Kitshev

                                      Kommunist Republic of Kittehland

The Kommunist Republic of Kittehland is under control of  General Secretary Josef Kittehsmythe. It was founded it 1746 in the area where the Kingdom of Kittehstan once stood. In 1745 King Josef Abolished the Monarchy and made the Country a Kommunist Republic. The Royalists fought a long and bloody war against the Republicans to reinstate a King to rule over the country

The KittehCouncil of Kittehstan

  • Chairman - Josef Kittehsmythe
  • Co. Chairman - Blake Stewkitten
  • Reps. for the People - Jeremeow Garlicat, Alberto Sparkehcat, Sir Kittehawke
  • Rep. for the Military - PENCIL!
  • Rep for hacking - G-man


Pop. - 7,245,124

Potco Military Strength - 3


The People's Republic of Genoa

Kittehstan Photos

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