Bobby Moon Bobby Moon 14 August 2014

Due to Recent Events...

Hey everyone,

So with the start of a new school year looming, my relaxed summer schedule is getting bombarded with tons of activities/commitments. Between school, work, extra-curriculars, family stuff, etc., I'm going to have almost zero time to come online and moderate chat during the fall. Therefore, I feel that it is necessary to resign from my position as rollback/chat mod. I honestly considered holding on to my position as long as possible, but I realized that half-inactivity throughout the whole fall wouldn't be fair to you guys or to me. Hopefully once my schedule calms back down in the winter, I can be re-promoted. If not, it's been real. Thanks for everything

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Bobby Moon Bobby Moon 18 July 2014



What's up, people? This blog is basically just to let everyone know that I'm going on vacation from Saturday (July 19th) to Saturday July 26th. I might pop in for short visits to make sure this place hasn't crashed and burned without my bobtastic presence, but I'll be mostly inactive. I definitely need this week of relaxation!! In conclusion, please don't demote me, kbai.

Everyone's favorite female mod, Lord Bobicus

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Bobby Moon Bobby Moon 3 January 2014

Chat Glitch Fixed

Hey guys,

Just making this blog to let all of you know that the chat glitch, which showed that chat was always empty, has been fixed! Hopefully this fix will bring in more users. :) Thanks to Mech from Wikia for coming over and repairing it for us. Kthxbai...


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Bobby Moon Bobby Moon 20 July 2013

Inactivity, blah!


Just wanted to let anyone who's actually around know that I'll be inactive for a bit, due to my leaving the country. I could be on at night to work on Snap, Crackle, Bob!, but not much more than that. Talk to you in a while, don't give my pages away.

Hail Bobicus,

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Bobby Moon Bobby Moon 16 April 2013


Bobland is an island that some claim does not exist. Bobland is located in the uncharted waters of Potco to the south of Padres del Fuego. Queen Bobicus is the supreme ruler of this land and leads the totalitarian government. The nation is made up of eight provinces, each with its own governor. These governors have unlimited power within their district, but cannot do anything to harm Bobland or defy Queen Bobicus. The diversity of this beautiful island nation allows it to prosper.

  • 1 Map
  • 2 Provinces
  • 3 Governors
  • 4 Bobland National Information
  • 5 Gulag Prison Island
  • 6 Province Information
  • 7 Moonland
  • 8 Hermitstan
  • 9 Sparka
  • 10 Hannover
  • 11 Brawlmonkia
  • 12 Garland-Arabia
  • 13 Smexeh

  • Moonland (Government District)
  • Nultsia
  • Hermitstan
  • Sparka
  • Hannover
  • Brawlmonkia
  • Garland-Arabia
  • Smexeh

  • The …

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