Ok, so, I want to make a POTCO version of the Indiana Jones Trilogy. We will start off by doing " Raiders of the Lost Ark ", and end with " Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ". This IS POTCO related, as we are filming this on POTCO. Marc Cannonshot or GenLawrence, I would very much like one of you to film this. You may have up to 2 parts, one

MAIN, and another small.


Dr. Indiana Jones:

Marion Ravenwood[1]:

René Belloq: User:BoogieMango

Toht: User:Mikhail Volkov

Herman Dietrich: User:Jeremiah Garland

Sallah: Chris Swordbones/User:Parax.

Gobler: User:Lord Matthew Blastshot ( Maybe )



Jock Lindsey:

Marcus Brody:

Arab Swordsman :

Katanga ( dark-skinned ):

German Mechanic:

Pilot: User:Boogiemango

Monkey Man:

German Soldier #1:

German Soldier #2:

German Soldier #3:

German Soldier #4:

German Soldier #5:

Major Eaton:

Col. Musgrove:

Ratty Nepalese

Tall Captain:

Young Soldier:



Australian Climber:




Messenger Pirate:

German Agent:




Giant Sherpa:

Peruvian Porter:

Script #1


               FADE IN:

               EXT. PERU - HIGH JUNGLE - DAY

               The dense, lush rain forests of the eastern slopes of the 
               Andes, the place known as "The Eyebrow of the Jungle". Ragged, 
               jutting canyon walls are half-hidden by the thick mists.

               The MAIN TITLE is followed by this:

'                                           1936

               A narrow trail across the green face of the canyon. A group 
               of men make their way along it. At the head of the party is 
               an American, INDIANA JONES. He wears a short leather jacket, 
               a flapped holster, and a brimmed felt hat with a weird feather 
               stuck in the band. Behind him come two Spanish Peruvians, 
               SATIPO and BARRANCA. Bringing up the rear are five Yagua 
               INDIANS. They act as porters and are wrangling the two heavily-
               packed llamas. The Indians become increasingly nervous. They 
               speak to each other in bursts of Quechua. The American, who 
               is known to his friends as Indy, glances back at them.

                         They're talking about the Curse again!

               He turns and yells at the Indians in Quechua, his anger giving 
               an indication of his own fears. The party reaches a break in 
               the canyon wall and takes the trail through it.

               When they emerge, their destination is revealed to them in 
               the distance. Beyond a thick stand of trees is the vegetation-
               enshrouded TEMPLE OF THE CHACHAPOYAN WARRIORS.

               The entire party is struck by the sight. The Indians, 
               terrified now, chatter away. Suddenly the three at the back 
               turn and run, dropping their packs as they go. Barranca yells 
               at the fleeing Indians and pulls his pistol out. He starts 
               to raise his arm to aim but Indy restrains it in a muscular 


               Barranca looks evilly at Indy's hand upon him. Indy releases 
               him and smiles in a friendly way.

                         We don't need them.

               Satipo watches this confrontation with some concern.

                         I do not carry supplies.

                         We'll leave them. Once we've got it, 
                         we'll be able to reach the plane by 

               He turns back to the trail. Satipo gets the two remaining 
               Indians moving behind Indy. Satipo and Barranca then have a 
               fast, silent communication: Barranca indicates his desire to 
               slit Indy's throat; Satipo gives him a look that says "Be 
               patient, you idiot".


               The party fans out to fight their way through the entwined 
               trees that guard the temple. Visibility is cut to five feet 
               in the heavy mist. Satipo extracts a short, native dart from 
               a tree and examines the point gingerly

                              (showing Indy)
                         The Hovitos are near. The poison is 
                         still fresh... three days. They're 
                         following us, I tell you.

                         If they knew we were here, they would 
                         have killed us already.

               The two Indiana jabber in Quechua, near hysteria. Barranca 
               is sweating profusely, eyes darting. He yells at the Indians 
               in Quechua to "shut up".

               In the undergrowth, there is slithering movement.

               Indian #1 draws aside a branch and is faced with a horrific 
               stone sculpture of a Chachapoyan demon. The Indian is so 
               frightened no sound comes out when he screams. He turns and 
               runs silently away.

               Indian #2 calls to his friend. Getting no response, he steps 
               in that direction. A huge macaw, flushed from the undergrowth, 
               screams and flies away. Indian #2 does exactly the same thing, 
               never to be seen again.

               Indy, Satipo and Barranca, just clearing the trees, look 
               back in that direction. They all turn to face the Temple.

               It is dark and awesome. Vegetation curls from every crevice, 
               over each elaborate frieze. The entrance - round, open and 
               black - has been designed to look like open jaws.

                         So this is where Forrestal cashed 

                         A friend of yours?

                         Competitor. He was good, very good.

                         No one has ever come out of there 
                         alive. Why should we put our faith 
                         in you?

               Indy takes the weird feather from the band of his hat. From 
               around its point, he slips a tightly rolled piece of 
               parchment. Barranca and Satipo exchange a quick "So that's 
               where is was!" look. They all kneel as Indy spreads out the 
               parchment. On it is one-half of a crude floorplan of the 

                         No one ever had what we have... 

               Indy fixes them with an expectant stare. Satipo produces a 
               similar, but folded, piece of parchment. He lays it - the 
               other half of the floorplan - next to Indy's. They all regard 
               it for a moment, then Indy stands and walks toward the Temple. 
               Barranca's eyes are shining as they dart between the floorplan 
               and Satipo.

                              (back turned)
                         Assuming that pillar there marks the 
                         corner and...

               Barranca is suddenly on his feet, quietly drawing his pistol. 
               He raises it toward Indy as Satipo realizes with alarm what 
               he's doing. Too late. Indy's head turns and he sees Barranca.

               Indy's next move is amazing, graceful and fast, yet totally 
               unhurried. His right hand slides up under the back of his 
               leather jacket and emerges grasping the handle of a neatly 
               curled bullwhip. With the same fluid move that brings Indy's 
               body around to face the Peruvian, the whip uncoils to its 
               full ten foot length and flashes out.

               The fall of the whip (the unplaited strip at the end of the 
               lash) wraps itself around Barranca's hand and pistol. He 
               could not drop the gun now if he tried.

               Indy gives the whip a short pull and Barranca's arm in jerked 
               down, where it involuntarily discharges the gun into the 
               dirt. Barranca is amazed, but feels some slack in the whip 
               and immediately raises the gun toward Indy again, cocking it 
               with his free hand.

               Indy's face goes hard. And sad.

               Indy sweeps his arm in a wide arc. Barranca spins around, 
               enclosed in the whip, his gun hand stuck tight against his 
               body. Indy gives one more short jerk on the whip handle and 
               Barranca's gun fires. Barranca falls dead.

               Indy looks quickly at Satipo, who is shocked and frightened. 
               He raises his arms in supplication.

                         I knew nothing! He was crazy! Please!

               Indy looks him over, then nods. He frees the whip from 
               Barranca's body and picks up the man. His eyes sweep the 
               surrounding woods.

                         Let's go.


               Indy and Satipo, carrying a torch, walk up the slightly 
               inclined, tubular passage from the main entrance. The interior 
               is wet and dark, hanging with plant life and stalactites. 
               Their echoing footsteps intermittently overpower the sounds 
               of loud dripping, whistling air drafts and scampering claws.

               HALL OF SHADOWS

               Indy leads the way down a twisting hallway, Satipo's torch 
               barely lighting his way from behind. Indy disappears in a 
               shadow and when he reappears a moment later a huge black 
               tarantula is crawling up the back of his jacket. Indy doesn't 
               notice and disappears into another shadow, emerging with two 
               more tarantulas on his back.

               Satipo sees them and makes a frightened grunting sound. Indy 
               looks at him, sees what he's pointing at and casually brushes 
               all three spiders off with his rolled whip, as he would a 
               fly. Satipo pirouettes for an inspection and Indy flicks one 
               off the Peruvian's back.

               Indy begins picking up little pocket-sized artifacts from 
               the niches and ledges of the Temple. He continues to do this 
               as the men penetrate the Temple. His collecting is quick and 
               expert, evaluating the pieces in an instant, discarding some, 
               stuffing others into his clothes, and never stopping his 
               forward progress.

               CHAMBER OF LIGHT

               The men reach an arch in the hall. The small chamber ahead, 
               which interrupts the hall, is brightly lit by a shaft of 
               sunlight from high above. Indy stops, looks it over.

                         What's wrong? Are you lost?

               Indy picks up a stick and throws it through the shaft of 
               light. Giant spikes spring together from the sides of the 
               chamber with a ferocious CLANG! And impaled on the spikes 
               are the remains of a white man, half-fleshed, half skeleton, 
               in explorer-type grab. Indy reaches out and takes hold of 
               the man's carcass. As the spikes slowly retract, Indy pulls 
               it free and seats the remains gently on the floor.


                         We can go no further.

                         Now, Satipo, we don't want to be 
                         discouraged by every little thing.

               Indy steps sideways into the chamber. His back pressed against 
               the very points of the retracted spikes, he moves along the 
               edge of the light beam, and steps clear on the other side. 
               Satipo grimaces and begins sweating his way through.


               Indy and Satipo come down stone stairs to a tight landing. 
               Framing the entry are a carefully strung network of dead 
               vines, each somehow hooked into the wall, narrowing the 
               opening even more.

                              (taking torch)
                         Let me see that.

               He lowers the torch to the floor of the landing. The landing 
               is carpeted with human skeletons, one on top of another, all 
               squashed flat as cardboard. Satipo gasps. Indy looks up at 
               the ceiling of the landing, then steps onto skeletons, which 
               make a cracking noise under his feet.

                         Try not to touch the vines.


               The men are in a high, straight hallway 50 feet long.

               The door at the end is flooded with sunlight.

                         Señor, I think we are very close.

               Indy stands still looking at the hall.

                         Let us hurry. There is nothing to 
                         fear here.

                         That's what scares me.

               They begin walking down the hall side by side. Satipo has 
               inched a little ahead. Suddenly his lead foot comes down and 
               through the floor! As Satipo begins to pitch forward, Indy 
               grabs him by the belt and pulls him back. They both look 
               down at the "floor".

               Indy swings his whip across the floor. Fifteen feet of it 
               cuts open beneath the lash, falling away to reveal black pit 
               as wide as the hall. The illusory floor was made of dust-
               covered cobwebs. Satipo picks up a stone and drops it down 
               the pit. No sound. The two men exchange glances. Indy looks 
               up at the high roof of the hall. He swings the whip up around 
               a support beam, tests its strength with a pull and swings 
               over the pit on the whip. From the other side he swings the 
               whip back to Satipo, who throws Indy the torch. Satipo swings 
               across. When they are both standing on solid floor there is 
               a moment of quiet in which they hear, from far, far below - 
               SPLASH! Indy wedges the whip handle into the wall and leaves 
               it strung to the beam for quick retreat.

               THE SANCTUARY

               A large, domed room. Ten evenly-spaced skylights send their 
               shafts of sunlight down to a unique tiled floor: white and 
               black tiles laid out in a lovely, intricate pattern. Indy 
               and Satipo stand at the door and look across the wide room 
               at the altar. There, in the supreme hallowed spot, is a tiny 
               jeweled figurine, Indy's real objective.

               Two torches, many years old, are in holders by the door. 
               Indy takes one down and lights it. He gives the regular torch 
               to Satipo.

                         There's plenty of light, amigo.

               Indy kneels and uses the unlit end of the torch to reach out 
               and tap a white tile. It is solid. He taps a black tile. 
               There is a whizzing sound and a tiny dark sticks in the torch. 
               Satipo points to the wall nearby: there is a recessed hole 

                         From that hole!

               Indy nods, stands and looks around the sanctuary. The entire 
               room is honey-comed with the same kind of hole. Satipo sees 
               it too and is properly impressed.

                         You wait here.

                         If you insist, señor.

               Torch in hand, Indy begins his careful walk across the 
               sanctuary. Stepping only on the white tiles, he almost appears 
               to be doing a martial arts kata. Before each big move he 
               waves the torch in front of him head to toe, looking at the 
               flame. Halfway out, he sees something on the floor and kneels 
               to look at it.

               A dead bird lies on one of the white tiles. Its body is 
               riddled with little deadly darts. This has great significance 
               to Indy and he stands with even greater caution. He waves 
               the torch ahead of him and at waist height an air current 
               whips at the flame. Indy ducks under it and leaves a burn 
               mark on the white tile beneath it.

               Satipo watches, wide-eyed and mystified.

               Indy reaches the altar. The tiny idol looks both fierce and 
               beautiful. It rests on a pedestal of polished stone. Indy 
               looks the whole set-up over very carefully. From his jacket 
               he takes a small, canvas drawstring bad. He begins filling 
               it with dirt from around the case of the altar. When he has 
               created a weight that he thinks approximates the weight of 
               the idol, he bounces it a couple times in his palm 
               concentrating. It's clear he wants to replace the idol with 
               the bag as smoothly as possible. His hand seems ready to do 
               that once, when he stops, takes a breath and loosens his 
               shoulder muscles. Now he sets himself again. And makes the 
               switch! The idol is now in his hand, the bag on the pedestal. 
               For a long moment it sits there, then the polished stone 
               beneath the bag drops five inches. This sets off an AURAL 
               CHAIN REACTION of steadily increasing volume as some huge 
               mysterious mechanism rumbles into action deep in the temple.

               Indy spins and starts his kata back across the sanctuary at 
               four times the speed.

               Satipo's eyes widen in terror. He turns and runs.


               The sanctuary has begun to rumble and shake in response to 
               the mysterious mechanism. Just as Indy goes out the door, a 
               rock shakes loose from the wall and rolls onto the tiles 
               floor. Immediately, a noisy torrent of poison darts fills 
               the room.

               IN THE FOYER

               Satipo swings across the pit. He makes it just as the whip 
               comes undone from the beam, leaving Indy without an escape. 
               Satipo, extremely nervous, regards the whip a moment then 
               turns back to face Indy, who has run up to the far side of 
               the pit.

                         No time to argue. Throw me the idol, 
                         I throw you the whip.

               Indy hesitates, eyeing the rumbling walls.

                         You have no choice! Hurry!

               Indy concurs with that assessment. He tosses the idol across 
               the pit to Satipo. Satipo stuffs it in the front pocket of 
               his jacket, gives Indy a look, then drops the whip on the 
               floor and runs.

                         Adios, amigo!

               Indy grimaces. He had a feeling this might happen. He looks 

               AT THE VINED LANDING

               Satipo flies through like a chubby ballet dancer and takes 
               the steps five at a time.

               IN THE FOYER

               Indy runs in full stride to the edge of the pit and broad 
               jumps into space. He doesn't make it. His body hits the far 
               side of the pit and he begins to slide out of view. Only 
               wild clawing with his fingers at the edge of the pit stops 
               his descent. With just the tips of his fingers over the edge, 
               he begins pulling himself up.

               AT THE CHAMBER OF LIGHT

               Satipo has slowed down. He begins to edge carefully around 
               the light shaft.

               AT THE VINED LANDING

               Indy sails through sideways and rolls to a stop at the bottom 
               of the steps. His whip is grasped in his hand. As he raises 
               himself, he hears, from above the giant spikes of the Chamber 
               of Light CLANG! and an abrupt, sickening rendition of SATIPO'S 
               LAST SCREAM. Indy runs up the steps. The rumbling sound grows 

               AT THE CHAMBER OF LIGHT

               Indy slides to a stop. The spikes have retracted, taking 
               Satipo's body to one side. Indy edges into the chamber with 
               his back to the shaft of light. Soon he is face to face with 
               the dead Satipo; spikes protrude from several vital spots in 
               the Peruvian's body. Indy removes the idol from Satipo's 
               pocket and moves quickly out the other side.



               Indy shoots out of a cut-off hallway and turns toward the 
               exit. The rumbling is very loud and now we see why: right 
               behind Indy a huge boulder comes roaring around a corner of 
               the passage, perfectly form-fitted to the passageway. It 
               obliterates everything before it, sending the stalactites 
               shooting ahead like missiles. Indy dashes for the light of 
               the exit. His hat flies off his head. Almost immediately it 
               is crushed by the boulder. Indy dives out the end of the 
               passage as the boulder slams to a perfect fit at the entrance, 
               sealing the Temple.

               EXT. FRONT OF THE TEMPLE - DAY

               Indy lies on the ground, gasping for air. A shadow falls 
               across him and he looks up.

               WHAT HE SEES

               Looming above him are three figures. Two are HOVITOS WARRIORS 
               in full battle paint and loin cloths. They carry long blow 
               guns. But the man in the center draws Indy's attention. He 
               is a tall, impressive white man, dressed in full safari outfit 
               including pith helmet. His name is EMILE BELLOQ. His face is 
               thin, powerful; his eyes hypnotic; his smile charming, yet 
               lethal. His heavily French-accented speech is deep, 
               mellifluous, wonderful. Back beyond Belloq and his two 
               escorts, thirty more Hovitos Warriors hover at the edge of 
               the trees.

                         Dr. Jones, you choose the wrong 
                         friends. This time it will cost you.

               Belloq extends his hand. Indy looks at it, then produces the 
               idol and hands it to Belloq. Belloq extends his other hand, 
               smiling. Indy hands over his gun. Belloq sticks it in his 

                         And you thought I'd given up.

                              (eyeing the Hovitos)
                         Too bad they don't know you like I 
                         do, Belloq.

                         Yes, too bad. You could warn them... 
                         if only you spoke Hovitos.

               With that, Belloq turns dramatically and holds the idol high 
               for all the Hovitos to see and says something in Hovitos. 
               There is a murmur of recognition and all the Indians, 
               including Belloq's escorts, prostrate themselves upon the 
               ground, heads down.

               Indy is immediately up and running toward the edge of the 

                              (in Hovitos)
                         Kill him!


               Indy disappears into the foliage. An instant later, the leaves 
               are peppered with a rain of poison darts and spears.


               Indy runs like hell through steadily falling terrain. And 
               always close behind, a swift gang of angry Hovitos. 
               Occasionally they get close enough to send a dart or spear 
               whizzing past Indy's head.


               An amphibian plane sits in the water beneath a green cliff. 
               Sitting on the wing is JOCK, the British pilot. Indy breaks 
               out of some distant brush and runs along the path at the top 
               of the cliff.

                         Get it going! Get it going!

               Jock hops in and fires up the plane's engines. Indy reaches 
               a spot on the cliff above the place, glances back, them jumps 
               into the river. He comes up, swims to the plane and grabs a 

'                         GO!

               Jock starts the plane moving across the water as Indy walks 
               across the wing and falls into the passenger compartment.

               INT. JOCK'S PLANE - DUSK

               Indy relaxes and lies across the seat, a big smile on his 
               face. One hand drops to the floor of the cabin and Indy jumps, 
               hitting his head. On the floor of the cabin is a huge boa 
               constrictor. Indy tries to get his whole body onto the seat. 
               Jock sees what's happening.

                         Don't mind him. That's Reggie. 
                         Wouldn't hurt a soul.

                         I can't stand snakes.

                         The world's full of them, you know.

                         I hate them.

                         Come on now, Sport, show a little of 
                         the old backbone.

               EXT. JOCK'S PLANE - TWILIGHT

               It soars off over the dark jungle.

Tell me in the comments if you wanna sign up! Filming starts June 15! Or whenever the filmers are free!


Other characters

Script #2



	A Chinese GONG SOUNDS and the glittering doors of an art Deco pa-
	poda slide open to reveal a mammoth silver stairway down which
	rows of beautiful women start descending   (BEGIN MAIN TITLES)

	The lovely ladies are a mix of races and they sing a strange,
	haunting melody—one might think them a heavenly choir, if it
	weren't for their sexy, clinging lame gowns.

2.	INT.  CLUB ENTRANCE									2.

	From the ethereal beauties, we cut to a street urchin's dirty
	face: SHORT ROUND is a ten-year-old Chinese kis wearing a beat-
	up American baseball cap.

	Sneaking into the club, Short Round weaves past the fancy gowns
	and silk suits, heading toward the music in the main ballroom.

3.	INT.  THE BALLROOM									 3.

	Short Round enters and stares across the smoky nightclub.  On the
	stage, he sees a giant paper-mache dragon laying curled around
	the pagoda.

	Now, the dragon's eyes light up, its nostrils exhale smoke and
	its enormous jaws open.  Out of the dragon's mouth walks the star
	of the stage show:

	WILLIE SCOTT, a dreamy beauty singing a sultry solo white the or-
	chestra wails the accompaniment.

	But Short Round's not here to ogle crooning dames.  He surveys
	the rich Chinese, American and European revelers.  Jewels flash
	and champagne flows.  Short Round finally spots a table of
	somber-looking Chinese men in suits.

	Short Round chews gum and stares at the men.  Then he turns to
	go.  WU HAN, a waiter with a scar across his cheek, watches Short
	Round leave.

4.	INT.  CLUB ENTRANCE								  4.

	As Short Round hurries toward the exit, he bumps into a man in a
	tuxedo entering the club.  Short Round looks up at the man, but
	we don't see his face.

	Then Short Round is grabbed by the scruff of his neck and a door-
	man hustles him out the door, Short Round yelling insults all the

	A maitre d' apologizes to the man in the tuxedo and two hat-check
	girls smile at him familiarly as he continues into the ballroom.
	We notice something incongruous:  the man in the tuxedo is wear-
	ing work boots caked with mud.

5.	INT.  THE BALLROOM									5.

	The man in the tuxedo stops to watch Willie Scott singing sexily
	on the stage.  Then he looks around and sees the table of somber
	Chinese men that Short Round spotted earlier.

	As the man in the tuxedo walks toward the table, he removes a
	cigarette from a silver case.  He arrives at the table just as
	the chorus and orchestra reach a crescendo—And on the stage, a glistening, muscular slave swings a huge ham-
	mer toward an enormous brass gong—The man in the tuxedo leans to receive a light from a cigarette-
	girl and, as the GONG BOOMS, the match flares to reveal his face
	for the first time:

	It's INDIANA JONES.  Elegant in a tuxedo—dressed to kill.  The
	TITLES END and over this a legend appears on the screen:

						SHANGHAI - 1935

	At the table, the four Chinese man in suits stare coldly at Indi-

				 Dr. Jones.

				 Lao She.

				 Nee chin lie how ma?

	Lao's men laugh and assume that Indy doesn't understand his joke.

				 Wah hung how, nee nah?  Wah hwey
				 hung jing chee jah loo nee kao
				 soo wah shu shu.

	LAO SHE looks angry and his men's smiles fade.

				 You never told me you spoke my
				 language, Dr. Jones.

				 I don't like to show off.

	Indiana takes a seat across the table from Shanghai's notorious
	crime-lord.  Lao is fifty, wealthy enough to now display some
	fat, but still muscular from his fight to the top of the garbage

				 For this special occasion, I
				 ordered champagne and caviar.

	Indiana looks at the pile of caviar on the plate in front of him—and stubs his cigarette out in it.  The cigarette sizzles and
	Lao's smiles dies with it.

	There's applause as Wille Scott finishes her song.  At the
	table, Lao stares at Indiana with a strange intensity.

				 So, it is true, Dr. Jones?  you
				 found Nurhachi?

				 Sure, I found him.  Then last
				 night I had a little trouble.
				 Somebody tried to slit my throat.

	Indiana looks across the table at Lao's son, CHEN, who resembles
	a bulldog and snarls like one now.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 It was dark, but I think one of
				 your sons tried to get Nurhachi
				 without paying for him.

	Indy stares pointedly at Chen's recently bandaged hand.  Chen
	mutters and stands angrily—Lao barks a command in Chinese and
	Chen sits down again.

				 You have insulted my son.

				 Next time I'll cut off more than
				 his finger.

				 Dr. Jones—I want Nurhachi.

	Lao pulls a wad of cash out of his pocket and puts it on the
	table.  Indiana glances at it.

				 As I recall the deal was consid-
				 erably more.

	Now a pretty hand slips onto Lao's shoulder and he looks up to
	see Willie Scott.  Lao kisses her hand.  Willie is unaware of the
	explosive mood at the table and she smiles flirtaciously at Indi-

							(to Lao)
				 Aren't you going to introduce

				 This is Willie Scott.
					  (watching Indy)
				 And this is Indiana Jones, the
				 famous archaeologist.

	Willie sits down between Lao and Indy.  She takes out a small
	mirror to check her make-up.

							LAO (Cont'd)
				 Dr. Jones found Nurhachi for me
				 and is about to deliver him—now.

	Lao nods across the table and Indy sees KAO KAN, Lao's second
	son, open his coat and remove a silver-plated pistol.  Indiana
	looks worried.  Willie doesn't notice as she fixes her make-up
	and coyly teases Indiana.

				 Well—I thought archaeologists
				 were always funny little men
				 searching for their mummies --

	She looks down terrified at the knife Indy is poking against her

							WILLE (Cont'd)
				 I was only kidding, can't you
				 take a joke -- ?
						  (to Lao)
				 Lao, he's got a knife!

				 Put the gun away, sonny.

	Kao Kan glances at his father.  Lao finally nods to his son and
	he slips the pistol back into his pocket.

				 Now I suggest you pay me what you
				 promised—or your girlfriend
				 here is going to be squealing a
				 new tune.

	The ritzy patrons at the tables nearby are unaware of the tawdry
	drama quietly unfolding at this table.

	Willie eyes the blade and whimpers.  She looks imploringly at Lao
	and he slowly reaches into his pocket.  He puts ten gold coins
	next to the cash on the table.

	Indy leans forward to look at the gold coins—so intently that
	he fails to notice Kao Kan spilling some powder into Indy's cham-
	pagne glass!

				 Try again Lao—the deal was

	The knife pokes Willie and she whimpers again.  Lao reaches into
	another pocket and brings out a folded piece of rice paper—he
	opens it and a large diamond and ruby spill out onto the table.

							INDIANA (Cont'd) see, Lao, with a
				 but of persuasion, even you can
				 be an honest fellow.

	Indy smiles and jabs the knife into the middle of the table.
	Then he lifts his champagne glass in a toast to Lao—who
	watches expectantly as Indiana moves the glass toward his lips—Suddenly Willie stands angrily, jostling Indy's arm so that he
	doesn't drink his champagne.

				 Look at this!  He put a hole
				 in my dress from Paris!

	Lao sees Indy put his champagne glass down and he snarls at Wil-
				 Sit down!

	Willie quickly obeys.  Lao forces a smile at Indy and lifts his
	glass to seal the deal—LAO (Cont'd)
				 To your health, Dr. Jones.

	Lao sips hs champagne and watches hopefully as Indy picks up his
	glass and this time Indy does drink the champagne. Then he
	reaches for the cash—But Chen grins and puts a silver snuff bottle next to the cash,
	gold and jewels—he tips the little bottle over and some white
	powder spills out of it—INDIANA
				 What's that?

				 A bonus, Dr. Jones.  That is
				 poison.  You just drank the
				 rest of it.

	Indiana examines his champagne glass and sees a residue at the
	bottom of it.  He swallows and feels sick, wondering it it's fear
	or the poison already taking effect.

							LAO (Cont'd)
				 There is an antidote for this
				 poison.  You give me Nurhachi—I give you the antidote.

	Indiana is sweating.  Willie looks at him and sees Indy's hand

							LAO (Cont'd)
				 The poison works fast, Dr. Jones.
				 Where is Nurhachi?

	Indiana finally reaches into his pocket.  Next to the cash, gold,
	jewels and poison, Indiana sets down a beautiful small box.  Lao
	and his men stare hypnotically at the exquisite gold and enamel

				 This Nurhachi's a very small guy.

	Nobody pays any attention to her as Lao reaches for the box.

				 Inside are the remains of Nur-
				 hachi—the first Emperor of the
				 Manchu Dynasty.

	Lao opens the box carefully and stares reverently at the grey
	powder inside.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 Now what about the antidote,

					  (holding the box)
				 At last I have the ashes of my
				 sacred ancestor!

				 So, what's the big deal?  Let
				 me see it—Qillie grabs Lao's arm and some of the precious ashes spill out
	of the gold box.  Stunned by this desecration of his ancestor,
	Lao grabs Willie by the wrist and twists her arm—LAO
				 You fool!

				 Ow, you're hurting me, you miser-
				 able little hood!

				 Let go of her, Lao.  And give me
				 the antidote.

	Lao just laughs evilly—until a waiter moves up behind Lao and
	the crimelord suddenly stiffens.  He lets go of Willie's wrist
	and raises his hands off the table.  Chen stops collecting the
	money and jewels.

	Kao Kan tenses and Indy smiles at Wu Han, the Chinese waiter with
	the scar, who is standing behind Lao.  Wu Han has a towel over
	his hand—under it, he has a pistol pressed against Lao's

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
						(smiling at Wu Han)
				 I like the service here.

				 Hey, he's not a waiter...

				 No, Wu Han's an old friend I
				 brought along.
							(to Lao)
				 So, the game's not over. Put
				 the antidote on the table, Lao.

	Lao carefully reaches into his pocket and puts a small glass vial
	of liquid next to the cash, gold, jewels, poison and sacred box.
	Indy looks relieved as he reaches for the vial of antidote—then he hears a muffled report!  And another!

	Wu Han groans and sways.  Indy starts to stand but Chen immedi-
	ately turns the smoking pistol with the silencer that he used to
	kill Wu Han—Indy sees it pointed at him now and he remains in
	his seat.

	Kao Kan stands and grabs Wu Han, easing the phoney waiter into
	the chair he just vacated.  The muffled shooting hasn't attracted
	any attention.  The nightclub activity continues an Indy speaks
	emotionally to his dying friend.

				 Wu Han—listen to me—I'm
				 going to get you out of here.

	In pain, Wu Han looks at Indy and struggles to speak—WU HAN
				 Not this time, my friend...
					  (smiling bravely)
				 I followed you on many adventures—but into the great Unknown Mystery,
				 I go first, Indy...

	Wu Han dies and slumps forward.  Indiana is shattered by the
	death of his old friend.

				 Don't be sad, Dr. Jones—you
				 will soon join him.

	Indy's gaze shifts from his dead friend to Lao's sneering face.
	Then Indy sees the murderous Chen giggling perversely.  Indy's
	anger is compounded by the poison burning in his gut and his vis-
	ion of Chen's ugly face blurs into a double image—Indy stands up unsteadily.  Chen assumes he's about to keel over
	from the poison—but Indy suddenly turns and grabs a real wai-
	ter at another table.  The waiter holds a long skewer of roasted
	pigeons that he's just set afire—Indy grabs the skewer of pigeons flambee and hurls is across the
	table!  Chen fires and misses—and screams as the skewer stabs
	into his chest and the burning pigeons flame in front of his hor-
	rified face!

	This the other tables definitely notice.  There are screams and
	all hell breaks loose.  Indiana shoves past Willie and reaches
	for the vial on the table—INDIANA
				 The antidote -- !

	But he's grabbed from behind by Kao Kan.  Indy elbows the punk,
	reaches back and grabs his head—and somersaults Kao Kan onto
	the table!

	As nubmer two son crashes into the table, the impact sends the
	Emperor Nurhachi's ashes billowing into Lao's stricken face!

	Indiana yells as he sees the vial of antidote rolling across the
	table—and falling!

	Indiana dives and catches the antidote just before it hits the
	floor—then Indy's hand is brutally stomped on by one of Lao's
	henchmen and the vial rolls away.

	Indiana angrily raises his head, smashing it up into the hench-
	man's groin—the man howls like a banshee and hobbles away.

	Meanwhile, Willie watches Lao grabbing for cash from the table.
	Willie lunges past the pigeon-skewered Chen to snatch the jewels,
	but unfortunately Kao Kan knocks them off the table as he leaps
	to attack Indy.

	Indiana scrambles on his hands and knees after the rolling vial.
	People keep kicking it—he almost has it when Willie runs into
	him, trips and lands on her back.

				 Look out, damn it, I need that

				 Who cares?  Where's that diamond!

	Gunfire explodes and they both scramble in different directions.
	Indy dives through the fleeing nightclub patrons and slides be-
	hind a water-spewing fountain.  Water kicks up as Indy is shot at
	by Lao and his henchmen.

	Indy sees the vial of antidote kicked again and it spins across
	the marble floor—feeling the poison, Indy shakes his head
	groddily and splashes water on his face.

	Meanwhile, Willie is chasing her diamond, shoving through the
	panicked crowd.  She spots the diamond!  Another elegantly
	dresses soman is bending to pick it up—WILLIE
						(acidly polite)
				 Excuse me, but I believe that's
				 my diamond!

	Willie smiles and suddenly kicks the woman in the butt!  Willie
	reaches to get the diamond but not before the other woman tackles

	Behind the fountain, Indiana makes a break—he runs and dives
	on top of a serving cart.  The wheeled cart hurtles toward an un-
	suspecting gunman, crashes into him from behind and sends him
	flying head first into a row of ice buckets.

	Nearby, Willie slugs the other lady in the jaw and grabs for the
	elusive diamond just as the ice buckets showers ice across the
	floor—which camouflages the diamond!

				 Aw nuts!

	Searching desperately for the jewel, Willie sees the vial of
	antidote spinning across the floor—as it slides by, she grabs

							INDIANA (O.S.)
				 Hey,doll!  Don't move!

	She sees Indy speeding by atop the serving cart.  Lao and his
	gunmen rush out to block the way.  Indy rolls off the cart and
	slides behind a potted palm as Lao's men open fire again.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
					(shouting to Willie)
				 Hey, don't go away!  I need that!

	Willie smiles meanly as she slips the vial down the front of her
	dress, thumbs her nose at Indiana and walks away.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 If I wasn't dying, I'd kill her...

	Hiding behind the palm tree, Indiana looks around and spots a gi-
	ant statue at the side of the stage.  Indy makes a break for it.

	As the gunmen open fire, Indy springs onto a chair—jumps onto
	a table—and leaps onto the stage.  He grabs the golden broad-
	sword from the Chinese warrior statue!

	As bullets smash into the statue, Indiana hides behind it.  Then
	he jumps out and swings the large sword toward the enormous brass

	The crimson cord holding the gong is SLASHED!  Indy slings the
	sword at his assailants and gives the three-meter-high gong a
	helpful shove—The giant gong rolls and echoes as it crashes down the marble
	steps.  Indiana ducks behind it as it gains momentum and rolls
	across the dance floor.

	Using the gong as an enormous shield, Indy evades the gunfire ex-
	ploding—bullets ricochet off the rolling brass gong as Indy
	runs behind it.

	Ahead, Willie hurries toward an exit—she hears something and
	turns—her eyes go wide as she sees the mammoth gong bearing
	down on her!

	Willie yells as Indiana grabs her arm and pulls her behind the
	gong with him—Lao watches amazed as he and his gunmen dodge tables trying to
	get better firing positions—and more henchmen come into the
	club now and start firing machine guns!

	As bullets clang against the gong, Indiana and Willie run behind
	it.  Willie hollers as they head directly for a towering, floor-
	to-ceiling window!

	Indiana grabs Willie around the waist and, after the huge gong
	crashes through the stained-glass window, they both fly after it!


	In a shower of sparkling glass, the enormous gong sails out and
	crashes down a sloping green-tiled roof.  Indiana Jones and Wil-
	lie Scott hurtle into the night air after it!

	The gong rolls down the roof and they hit the tiles behind it,
	Indiana holding onto Willie as they roll one-over-the-other
	toward the edge—Willie screams as they fall into thin air!

	Their entwined bodies plummet three stories:  ripping through a
	third-floor awning, crashing through an old man's mattress on a
	second-floor balcony—Finally they smash through the convertible top of a parked Duesen-
	berg and fall into the back seat!

7.	INT.  THE DUESENBERG								 7.

	Willie sits up wide-eyed, speechless and amazed to be alive.
	Then she sees an equally astonished Short Round looking at them
	from the front seat.

				 Wow!  Holy smoke!  Crash landing!

				 Step on it, Short Round!

				 Okey doke, Indy!  Hold onto your

	The twelve-year-old Chinese kid turns his baseball cap bill-
	backwards and steps on the gas!  The tires squeal as the car
	roars off—WILLIE
				 For crying out loud, a kid's driv-
				 ing the car?!

				 Relax, I've been giving him lessons.

8.	EXT.  THE NIGHTCLUB - NIGHT							 8.

	The Duesenberg races past the entrace to the nightclub as Lao
	and his man rush out and jump into two black sedans.  The sedans
	screech off in pursuit of the Duesenberg.

9.	INT.  THE DUESENBERG								 9.

	As Short Round eagerly swerves around a corner, Willie holds on
	for dear life.  Indiana suddenly puts his hand down the front of
	Willie's dress—WILLIE
				 Listen, we just met for crissake!
				 I'm not that kind of gril!

				 Don't get your hopes up—where's
				 the antidote?

	Indiana withdraws his hand, having finally found the vial.  He
	opens is quickly, tips the vial to his lips and grimaces as he
	swallows the stuff.

				 You don't look very good.

				 Poison never agrees with me.
						(shouting forward)
				 Pull a right, Short Round, and
				 head for the Wang Poo bridge!

				 Check!  Gotcha!

	As the car accelerates, Indy peers out the back window at their
	pursuers.  Willie notices her reflection in the side window—WILLIE
				 Look at what you've done to me!
				 I'm a mess!  My lipstick's smeared,
				 I broke two nails, I've got an aw-
				 ful run in my stocking -- !

	Gunfire suddenly explodes, bullets whizz through the canvas top
	and the rear window shatters and sprays glass!  Willie ducks and
	cringes terrified in the corner—INDIANA
				 Somehow I think you've got bigger

	Indy grabs his shoulder bag and pulls a pistol out of it.  He
	pokes the gun through the broken window and starts firing back at
	their pursuers—then he turns and looks ahead.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 There, Shorty!  Through the

	Through the windows we see the car racing into a tunnel.  Lights
	from the pursuing cars flash through the rear window and gunfire
	echoes in the tunnel.

				 What're we going to do?!  Where're
				 we going?!

				 The airport...No, look out,
				 Short Round!  Left, left!

	Indy reaches over the front seat and helps Short Round navigate.

10.    EXT.  A SHANGHAI SQUARE - NIGHT						10.

	The Duesenberg tears around the square, followed by Lao's two se-
	dans.  People on the street dive for cover—coolies pulling
	rickshaws go into hyper-jov—lanterns spanning the street crash
	down and are dragged behind the Duesenberg.  Bullets exlode and
	amazed prostitutes watch the cars zoom past.

11.    INT.  THE DUESENBERG - NIGHT							11.

	The chaotic chase continues—bullets whine past and the shred-
	ded convertible top whips in the wind.

				 You got the tickets, Short Round?

				 Sure, Indy—three tickets!
				 You, me and Wu Han—Shorty throws an envelope back and Indy looks at the three

				 Wu Han's not coming, Shorty.

	Unaware of what happened at the club, Short Round thinks a mo-

				 Don't worry, Indy.  Short Round
				 number one bodyguard now!

	Willie reaches for the extra ticket.

				 I'll take the extra ticket.
						(grabbing it
						 from Indy)
				 Where's this plane going anyway?


				 Siam?  But I'm not dressed for

12.    EXT. COUNTRY HIGHWAY - NIGHT							12.

	Leaving behind the squalid port, the Duesenberg flies along the
	highway through the trees.  In a moment, Lao's two sedans race

13.    EXT.  NANG TAO AIRFIELD - NIGHT						13.

	The Duesenberg swings around a curve and skids through gravel to-
	ward the airfield.  In the distance there is a small terminal but
	Short Round wheels the car toward the cargo area—A two-engine passenger plane is revving its motors and the last
	passengers are boarding.  The Duesenberg squeals to a stop and
	Indy jumps out with Willie and Short Round right on his heels.

	A contingent of airport Military Police move to bar their way
	until WEBER, a heavy-set Englishman, runs up pufffing and shout-

				 No, no, they're all right!
				 Let them through please.

				 Thanks, Weber.

				 Dr. Jones, this is positively the
				 last time our airline can hold a
				 plane for you.  Now you must hurry!

	While Short Round grabs a small bag out of the car, Weber and a
	stewardess take their tickets and rush them all toward the air-

	Meanwhile, the two sedans skid to a stop and Lao and his son Kao
	Kan jumpsout with their henchmen.  The puzzled military police
	advance on them usspiciously—Realizing he's outnumbered, Lao instructs his men to stay back
	and to put away their weapons.

14.    EXT.  THE AIRPLANE									14.

	Willie and Short Round charge up the ladder and onto the plane.
	Indy pauses at the top of the steps to give Lao a cocky farewell
	salute.  Indy boards the plane and the co-pilot slams the door.

15.    EXT.  THE AIRFIELD									15.

	The plane starts taxiing.  By the cars, Lao is buffeted by the
	prop wash as he angrily watches the plane roll away.  Behind Lao,
	his son, Kao Kan, stares at the plane taking off—a look on Kao
	Kan's face indicates that he hasn't given up yet...

	The plane lifts off the airfield, silhouetted against the clouds
	and the first light of dawn.

												 CUT TO:

16.    EXT.  THE DKY - MORNING								16.

	The sun flashes above the horizon and the plane banks through
	white billowing clouds at it heads west.

17.    INT.  THE PLANE									 17.

	A door opens at the rear of the plane and Indiana Jones exits
	wearing more familiar attire:  a beat-up leather jacket over a
	khaki shirt and a snap-brim hat.  He passes a dozen passengers as
	he moves up the aisle carrying his rolled-up tuzedo.

	In the first row, Willie is busy fixing her make-up.  Shorty sits
	in the seat across the aisle from her.  Indy comes up and drops
	his tuxedo onto the floor.

	Willie sees him hook his coiled bullwhip over a coat-peg.

				 So, what're you supposed to be,
				 a lion tamer?

				 Since I was nice enough to let
				 you tag along, why don't you give
				 your mouth a rest?  Okay, doll?

	Indy pats her leg—she removes his hand and reaches down and
	picks up his tuxedo coat.  She slips it on.

				 I'm freezing.  What do you mean,
				 tag along?  From the minute you
				 walked into that nightclub, you
				 haven't been able to keep your
				 eyes off me.

				 Oh yeah?

	He smiles and tips his hat down over his eyes to go to sleep...

18.    INT.  THE COCKPIT									 18.

	At the same moment, the Chinese co-pilot tips his hat up off his
	eyes—and looks scared to death!  He exclaims in Chinese—CO-PILOT (*subtitled*)
				 Good lord!

	He and the pilot see two biplanes materialize out of the clouds
	and dive directly toward them!  Suddenly, machine gunfire erupts!

							PILOT (*subtitled)
				 Dive for the clouds!  Dive!

19.    EXT.  THE SKY - DAY								  19.

	The DC-3 banks into the clouds as the two biplanes attack.  In
	the back seat of the first biplane, we see Kao Kan watching the
	DC-3 like a hawk about to bring down a sparrow.

20.    INT.  THE COCKPIT									 20.

	The biplanes swoop past both sides of the plane and bursts of
	gunfire rip along the fuselage.

							CO-PILOT (*subtitled)
				 They hit a fuel line!

							PILOT (*subtitled*)
				 Reduce speed—get everyone out
				 of the plane!


	As the air battle rages, the passengers are tossed about and some
	start screaming.  Short Round peers out a window.

				 Lao send planes to kill Indy!

	Willie shakes Indy's arm but he continues snoring under his hat.

				 Wake up!  It's the drug he drank
				 to stop the poison—The cockpit door bursts open and the Chinese co-pilot exits to
	make an announcement—he smiles and speaks in CHINESE, then he
	smiles and speaks in FRENCH—Willie looks lost until the Chinese co-pilot smiles again and
				 Please to remain calm.  We start
				 passing out parachutes now—The co-pilot hurries toward the rear.  Willie looks petrified as
	a stewardess rushes up and hands her a parachute.

				 You got to be kidding!  No!  No,
				 I can't!

	The pilot hurries out of the cockpit and grabs his parachute as
	he heads toward the back.

							WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 Wait—who's flying the plane?!

	She opens the door to the cockpit—WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 Nobody's flying the plane ...

22.    EXT.  THE SKY - DAY								  22.

	The DC-3 smokes through the clouds.  Passengers are bailing out—parachutes billowing.  As one of the fighters swoops through
	the parachutes, Kao Kan searches the faces—then he points at
	the DC-3.

							KAO KAN
						 (into the radio)
				 Jones!  Indiana Jones!

	The two planes roar off and start strafing the DC-3 again.

23.    INT.  THE PASSENGER CABIN							 23.

	The co-pilot has a parachute on and is trying to get Short Round
	into one.

				 Put it on!  What's wrong with
				 you?  You've got to jump!

				 No, can't leave Indy!

	Short Round suddenly butts the co-pilot in the stomach with his
	head.  The co-pilot yells and falls out the door.  Short Round
	sees the co-pilot's parachute billow.  Then Willie rushes up.

				 Give me that parachute, I
				 changed my mind—She grabs the parachute and starts to fight Shorty over it—SHORT ROUND
				 No, this last one!  It's for Indy!

	They scuffle until the parachute skids across the floor.  Short
	Round jumps for it—the parachute falls out the door and Short
	Round starts to fall out after it!

	Willie grabs him by the seat of his pants and hauls him back from
	the abyss!

24.    EXT.  THE SKY - DAY								  24.

	The fighters peel off toward the DC-3 with their guns flaming in
	another attack.

25.    INT.  THE PASSENGER CABIN							 25.

	Short Round tries to wake Indy again.  Finally, Shorty grabs
	Indy's bag, pulls his holster out of it and runs toward the back.

	Indy continues to sleep—until bullets smash the window by his
	head and a fire extinguisher is hit and starts spraying into
	Indy's face.

	He finally awakens and jumps up.  He looks around is disbelief at
	the battle-torn, nearly-empty airplane.

				 We there yet?

	Indiana sees Shorty shooting his pistol out the side door as the
	planes swoop by again.  Out of ammo, Shorty throws the gun
	angrily at the passing plane.

	Indiana picks up his whip and attaches it to his belt as Willie
	runs over to him.
				 There's nobody flying the plane!

26.    INT.  THE COCKPIT									 26.

	The door flies open and Indy rushes in with Willie behind him.
	Indy appraises the situation quickly and jumps into the pilot's
	seat with total confidence—WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 You know how to fly?

	Indy surveys the control panels, the myraid of dials and switches—INDIANA
				 Do you?

27.    INT.  THE PASSENGER CABIN							 27.

	Willie runs screaming out of the cockpit, her last hope shatter-
	ed.  Shorty is pulling something out of the cargo compartment—he's found a machine gun and sets it up on a short tripod.

				 Come here, lady, hold this and
				 shut up please!

	He pulls Willie down to the floor and shoves her the ammunition
	belt that's draped toward the gun.  Then Shorty jumps behind the
	machine gun—As the first fighter appears off their side, Short Round blasts
	out the open door!  The machine gun explodes to life, chewing
	bullets, smoking and spitting shells at Willie—Willie hollers terrified by manages to feed the ammo belt as
	Short Round sights the blazing machine gun—suddenly he shoops!

	Willie sees the fighter hit—it smokes and veers away—and

				 I get it!

				 You got it!

	The second plane swoops down and Short Round blasts away.  This
	time as he swivels the gun, he misses and hits one of the DC-3's
	own engines and it explodes!

				 Oh oh—big mistake!

28.    INT.  THE COCKPIT									 28.

	Trying to figure out the controls, Indy looks up to see their en-
	gine explose into flames—INDIANA
				 Short Round, what in the hell
				 are you doing?

	Suddenly the DC-3 emerges out of a cloud and Indy sees they are
	headed directly for a mountain!  He pulls back hard on the con-
	trols as a rocky peak looms lethally in front of them.

29.    EXT.  THE SKY - DAY								  29.

	The DC-3 lifts at the last second and smashes some snow off the
	uppermost pinnacle as it clears the mountain by inches!

	Kao Kan's fighter is glued to the DC-3's tail and continues to
	strafe—but the fighter pilot pulls up too late—and the
	fighter explodes as it hits the peak of the mountain!

30.    INT.  THE PASSENGER CABIN							 30.

	Indy rushes out of the smoking cockpit to find Willie and Short
	Round crawling out from under the debris that's fallen on them.
	Then Indy spots something in the wreckage—He pulls at some yellow canvas and Willie sees as sign: EMERGENCY
	LIFE RAFT.  Indy drags the folded canvas over to the open door.

				 Are you crazy, a lift raft?!  We're
				 not sinking, we're crashing!

				 Get over here, damn it!  Short Round,
				 come on, grab onto me tight!

	Willie sees Short Round rush over to Indiana and grab him around
	the waist from behind.  Willie finally jumps up and runs over—WILLIE
				 Wait for me!

	She throws her arms around Indy's neck so that she and Shorty are
	both hugging him from behind.  Indy clutches the folded lift raft
	in front of him and surveys the mountainside rushing close be-
	neath the skinking airplane—Finally, an instant before the plane will hit, Indy dives and
	pulls the inflation cord!

31.    EXT.  THE SKY										31.

	As the smoking DC-3 screams out of control toward the mountain,
	skimming the rocky snow-covered slopes, we see the lift raft
	spilling out the open door—The raft pops into its full shape, acting now as a spoiler, soar-
	ing against the rushing wind and finally crashing and bouncing
	against the snowy mountainside.

	In the distance, we see the DC-3 finally kiss the earth and ex-
	plode in a cloud of flame against a rocky escarpment—metal and
	earth mushrooming in a million directions!

32.    EXT.  THE MOUNTAINSIDE								 32.

	As the raft rockets down the snow, Indiana clutches the front and
	Willie and Short Round hold on for dear life on either side of

	The raft plummets down the mountain, crossing the timber-line and
	entering a forest.  Bouncing over a snow-hidden log, the raft
	shoots directly for a tree—Indiana pulls on the perimeter rope, rolls on his side and man-
	ages to swerve the raft so it caroms offthe snow-drifted side of
	the tree trunk.

	Continuing its downhill run, the raft smashes across a small
	steam, sending silvery water spraying.

	As the raft skids below the snow-level, it starts bouncing over
	rocky ground and its three passengers' teeth start chattering.

33.    EXT.  A BLUFF										33.

	The yellow raft crashes through a tangle of bushes and then plum-
	mets toward a bluff!  The raft goes airborne over a small bluff
	and lands with a splash in a slow-moving river.

34.    EXT.  THE RIVER									 34.

	The life raft drifts down the river and Indy looks around and
	smiles cockily at Willie and Short Round—Their faces don't show gratitude, but horror—Indy hears some-
	thing and turns to see:

35.    EXT.  WHITE WATER RAPIDS							  35.

	The raft is heading directly toward a surging stretch of treach-
	erous rapids.  Indiana looks less cocky as he and Willie and
	Short Round hold on again for dear life!

	The raft plunges into the roaring torrent, bouncing over rock-
	swollen waves, twisting and spinning through narrow gaps.  The
	three helpless passengers are drenched in the thundering cascades
	of white water.

	Willie is hallering, Short Round hangs on wide-eyed and even Indy
	looks terrified as the raft crashes down the rapids.  Finally,
	after one heart-stopping bounce, the raft seems to slow.

36.    EXT.  RIVER CLEARING								 36.

	The raft drifts out of the main part of the river and glides to-
	ward a clearing.  Its three soaked and bedraggled passengers lie
	motionless in the bottom.

	Indy's hand drags alongside the raft, his fingers leaving a trail
	in the almost still water.  Battered and exhausted, but always
	Indy's "bodyguard", Shorty looks over at him worriedly—SHORT ROUND

				 Okay, Shorty.

	Indy looks over at Willie who is moaning.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 You all right?

				 No... I'm not cut out for the
				 kind of life you lead.
				 Oh no...I ripped my dress.  Where
				 are we anyway?

	The raft floats to a gentle stop—we see it nudge against a
	pair of dark feet.  Indy squints up into the sun and sees some-


				 Holy cow—India?  How do you
				 know we're in—She rolls over and yelps as she looks up at the bizarre, painted
	face of a SHAMAN.  Silhoutted against the blazing sun, the skin-
	ny little old man in a loincoloth stares down at them in the raft.

	An eerie wind rises and howls.  The old man places his palms to-
	gether and moves his hands up to touch his forehead.  Willie and
	Short Round watch mystified as Indiana returns the old shaman's
	silent greeting.

												 CUT TO:

37.    EXT.  THE MAYAPORE HILLS - DAY						 37.

	Indya and Short Round follow the shaman and four peasants down a
	gutted path through barren rolling hills.  Willie is out of her
	milieu, stumbling along this forlorn landscape in high heels,
	tuxedo jacket and disheveled lame gown.

	She hears the old shaman talking to Indy and catches up with them
	to find out what's going on.

						(to Indiana)
				 What'd he say?

				 He told me they knew I was coming

				 What do you mean—how?

				 The old man saw it in a dream.

				 Dream—nightmare is more like it.

				 He said that's whey they were at
				 river—they were waiting for
				 the plane to fall down.

	He looks at her bewildered face and smiles faintly.  As they
	walk, a hot wind swirls dust around them,  a wind slowly ravaging
	what soil is left in this terribly blighted region.

												 CUT TO:

38.    EXT.  MAYAPORE - DAY								 38.

	At the base of the hills, Mayapore village does nothing to re-
	lieve the awful sense of devastation.  A desolate road runs
	through the village, along which groups of ptiifully poor vil-
	lagers stare at the strangers being brought in.

	Hopeless women lift buckets from a dry well—finding only sand.
	Skinny miserable dogs skulk between the decrepit village huts,
	eyed by the patient vultures lurling in scraggly trees.

	Indiana notices the wretched peasants staring at Short Round,
	some of them pointing at him, a few haggard women shedding tears
	down their wrinkled faces as the little Chinese boy passes.

	There is no sign of children in the village and Short Round grows
	frightened by the odd attention.  He moves closer to Indy as they
	pass the devastated population.

												 CUT TO:


	Black clouds clot across the blood-red sky as darkness falls.
	Indiana, Willie and Short Round sit tensely on a shabby rug.
	Above their heads, there is a thatched roof, but there are no

	The dying sunset silhouettes them and the half-dozen elders seat-
	ed in the dirt around them.  A grey-haired man, the village
	CHIEFTAIN, gives quiet commands to the women who scuttle in and
	set wooden plates in front of the three visitors.  No plates are
	places in front of the elders.

						 (quietly to Indy)
				 I hope this means we're going to
				 get some dinner.

	Indiana sees the painted shaman, who sits next to the chieftain,
	watching Willie.  The women bring in a bowl from which they scoop
	tiny portions of grey gruel onto three plates.

	To this the women add a few grains of yellowed rice and a with-
	ered ,molding piece of fruit.  Willie looks aghast at the unappe-
	tizing combination.

				 God, I am starving, but I can't
				 eat this...
				 That's more food than these people
				 eat in a week.
				 They're starving, too...

	Willie looks around at the emaciated faces and feels like crawl-
	ing into a hole.

				 I'm sorry, I -- here, please.

	She picks up her plate and gently hands it back to the women.
	The chieftain finally speaks to them—CHIEFTAIN
				 You will rest here before you go

				 We'd appreciate that.  This was an
				 unexpected detour.  We'll have to go
				 to Delhi now and find a flight west.

				 Indy is taking me to America.

	All eyes are on Short Round.  Puzzled by this strange attention,
	Shorty's smile fades nervously.

				 I'm a professor.  I have to re-
				 turn to the university.  Can you
				 give us a guide to take us to Delhi?

	The chieftain indicates a young villager sitting near them.

				 Sanju will guide you.

				 Thank you.

	The old shaman speaks now for the first time.

				 On the way to Delhi, you will
				 stop at Pankot.

				 Pankot isn't on the way to Delhi.

				 You will go to palace there.

				 Hasn't the Pankot palace been de-
				 serted since the Mutiny of 1857?

				 No. Now there is new Maharajah—and palace is powerful again.

	The shaman looks around at his unfortunate people.

							SHAMAN (Cont'd)
				 It is Pankot Palace that kills my

				 I don't understand.  What's hap-
				 pened here?

				 The evil starts in Pankot.  Then
				 like monsoon, it moves darkness
				 over all country.

				 What evil?

				 They came from Palace and took
				 sivalinga from out village.

	Willie looks over at Indiana—WILLIE
				 Took what?

				 It's a sacred stone in a shine
				 that's supposed to protect a

				 It is why Krishna brought you here.

						 (politely firm)
				 Nobody brought us here.  Our plane
				 crashed.  We were shot down by—SHAMAN
				 No.  We pray to Krishna to help us
				 find the stone.  It was Krishna who
				 made you fall from sky—so you can
				 got to Pankot Palace.  To find siva-
				 linga—and bring back to us.

	Indy's about to object—then he looks at the sad chieftain, the
	elders and peasants who are watching him helplessly.  And he sees
	again the dark steady eyes of the old shaman.

												 CUT TO:

40.    EXT.  MAYAPORE VILLAGE - NIGHT						 40.

	Torches falre eerily and dogs howl as the peasants accompany the
	shaman, elders and three visitors out ot the edge of the dark
	village.  Short Round walks beside Indy.

				 Indy, they make out plane crash?
				 To get you here?

				 It's just superstition, Shorty.
				 Like a ghost story.

	Short Round looks plenty scared as they all stop walking.  The
	shaman motions and the men with torches circle around a pile of
	rocks to illuminate them.  The shaman makes a gesture of devotion
	to the primitive shrine and Indy speaks to the village chieftain.


	Indiana seems skeptical as he kneels to study the shrine.  On top
	of the pile of rocks, there is a carved niche.  The niche is
	empty but an indentation indicates the conical shape of the stone
	that was stolen.

				 Was the stone very smooth?
						 (he sees the
						 chieftain nod)
				 It was probably brought here from
				 a sacred river.

						(joining Indy and
						 the chieftain)
				 Long ago—before my father's

				 And it had three lines painted
				 across it?
						  (seeing the
							shaman nod)
				 The lines represent the three
				 levels of the universe.  I've seen
				 stones like the one you lost.

	Indy stands slowly.  Willie is beside him looking at the shrine.

				 I don't understand how losing one
				 rock could destroy this village.
					  (whispering to Indy)
				 Is it really powerful?

	Indy gives a doubtful smile.  He turns again to the old shaman.

				 But why would the Maharajah take
				 this sacred stone?

				 They say we must pray to their
				 evil god.  We say we will not.

	The old shaman looks off and fights the tears in his eyes as he
	starts speaking in Hindi.

				 He says that when the sacred stone
				 was taken the village wells dried
				 up first and then the river stopped.

	Indy turns and asks the shaman a question in Hindi.  The shaman
	answers in Hindi.

				 He says their crops dies and then
				 the animals died.

	The shaman walks to the edge of the torchlight and looks out into
	the darkness as he continues speaking emotionally in Hindi—INDIANA
				 And then they took their children.

				 Their children?

	She looks at Short Round and finally understands the sorrowful
	faces always watching him.  Indy asks another question in Hindi
	and the shaman continues his story—INDIANA
				 He says one night there was a fire
				 in the fields.  The men went to
				 fight it.  When they came back,
				 they heard the women crying in the
				 darkness.  And the children were

	The shaman walks slowly toward Indiana.

				 You will find them when you find

				 I'm sorry, I don't know how I can
				 help you here.

	The shaman and the chieftain stare and Indiana, refusing to accept

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 The English authorities who con-
				 trol this area are the only ones
				 who can help you.

				 They do not listen.

				 I have friends in Delhi and I will
				 make sure they investigate this...

				 No, you will got to Pankot...

	The old man speaks again in his own tongue and Indy looks dis-

				 What'd he say now?

				 It was destined that I came here—and the future cannot be changed...

	Indy looks ath the shaman and the torchlight reflected in his

												 CUT TO:

41.    EXT.  MAYAPORE - NIGHT								 41.

	Suddenly we're rushing headlong down a dark dirt path seen from
	the POV of somebody running in terror.  We hear heavy breathing—above we see the scraggly trees blowing against the full moon
	as an eerie wind rises and howls.  We continue crashing through
	the dying fields tward the dark village...

42.    INT.  INDIANA'S HUT - NIGHT							 42.

	The wind swirls into the hut and Indiana's eyes open.  He lies
	still a moment and then sits up slowly.  He sees Short Round
	sleeping nearby.

	Sensing something strange, Indy gets to his feet.  He steps
	around Short Round and goes to the door of the hut.

43.    EXT.  THE HUT - NIGHT								43.

	Indy walks against the rising wind and looks around.  The village
	is asleep and seems deserted.  Then he turns and sees something.

	We follow small bare feet stumbling through the dust...

	Indy sees an emaciated child in rag running out of the darkness.
	Indiana moves forward and the child runs toward him.  Indy grabs
	the little boy as he falls into his arms.

												 CUT TO:

44.    INT.  THE SHAMAN'S HUT - NIGHT						 44.

	A few minutes later, the little boy is lying unconscious on a
	blanket.  Elders crouch around him.  Indy is kneeling and watches
	the shaman wet the boy's forehead with a rag and drip water onto
	his lips.

	The little boy's eyes open and he begins to revive.  Shrot Round
	And Willie watch from a corner as the little boy looks at all the
	faces peering down at him.

	The little boy's arm moves and he reaches out to Indy rather than
	any of the others.  Indy takes his small hand and sees that the
	boy's fingers are cut and bruised—his fingers open and drop
	something into Indy's hand.

	The little boy tries to whisper.  Indy has to lean close to hear
	as the little boy's lips move again—LITTLE BOY

	A mother rushes into the hut now and kneels and hugs her little
	boy.  His skinny arms go around her as they are reunited.  Indy
	stands slowly and looks at what the little boy gave him—It is a small tattered piece of cloth:  an old fragment of a mini-
	ature painting.  Indiana looks at it with an expression of recog-
	nition and apprehension...


45.    EXT.  THE VILLAGE - MORNING							 45.

	The camera follows Indiana—he's walking fast and determinded-
	ly.  Villagers trot alongside of him, trying to keep up with is
	pace as he questions thm in Hindi.

	Indy approaches two large elephants and sees their guide Sajnu
	trying to politely drag Willie toward one of them.

				 Damn it , Willie, get on—we've
				 got to move out!

	Willie's head comes up over the back of the elephant as she's
	helped from below—there is a look of sheer terror on her face.

				 Whoa!  Easy now—nice elephant...

	Waiting by the second elephant, Short Round sees Indy coming and
	runs up to him—SHORT ROUND
				 I ride with you, Indy?

				 Nope, you got a little surprise
				 over there, Shorty.

	Short Round runs around the big elephant and sees a baby elephant
	being brought out.  He can't believe his luck—SHORT ROUND
				 Oh boy!

	Meanwhile Sajnu goads Willie's elephant over.  The villagers look
	grief stricken and many are crying as they watch the three stran-
	gers' departure.

						 (to Short Round)
				 This is the first time anybody
				 ever cried when I left.

				 They don't cry about you.  They
				 cry about the elephants leaving.


				 They got no food to feed them.  So
				 they taking the elephants away to
				 sell them.

	Indy lumbers over on his elephant.

				 All right, let's go.  I want to get
				 to Pankot before tomorrow night.

	She looks at Indiana as he rides past.

				 Pankot?!  I thought we were going
				 to Delhi!  Hey, wait a minute!
						(looking at
						 the villagers)
				 Can't somebody take me to Delhi?!
				 I don't want to go to Pankot!

	Sajnu guides her elephant and Willie lurches forward—WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 Indiana!  Damn it!  Why'd you
				 change your mind?  What did that
				 kid tell you last night?!

	Indy ignores her hollering.  The elephants move off through the
	crowds of pitiful villagers.  Indy sees the elders, chieftain and
	the old shaman who brings his hands up to his forehead as Indy
	rides past.

												 CUT TO:

46.    EXT.  THE COUNTRYSIDE - DAY							 46.

	The elephants move across the desolate countryside toward the
	distant hills.

47.    EXT.  THE TRAIL									 47.

	Indiana rides the lead elephant.  Sajnu passes on foot guiding
	Willie's elephant.  With the tuxedo jacket wrapped around her
	waist, Willie is dabbing perfume behind her ears.

					  (to her elephant)
				 I think you need this more than

	Willie leans forward and puts perfume behind the elephant's ears.
	Grimacing at the animal's smell she simply dumps the rest of the
	perfume on the elephant's back.

	Willie yelps when the elephant's trunk comes back, sniffs the
	foriegn fragrance and suddenly trumpets in disgust.

							WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 What're you complaining about,
				 this is expensive stuff!

												 CUT TO:

48.    EXT.  LOWER JUNGLES - DAY							 48.

	From a cliff, we see the elephants below passing into the lower

	Spotting something on an overhanging tree branck, Short Round
	stands up precariously on the baby elephant's back.  He pulls a
	vine from the tree as they pass under it.  Plopping down onto the
	baby elephant's back, he picks the wild fruit from the vine—SHORT ROUND
				 Here you go, lunch time!

	The baby elephant's trunk comes back and takes the fruit.  Shorty
	looks up in the sky.

							SHORT ROUND (Cont'd)
				 Indy, look!

	Indiana and Willie look up and see hundreds of enormous winged
	creatures flapping across the afternoon sky.

				 Those are very big bird.

	Sajnu says something and Indiana nods.

				 Those aren't birds—those are
				 giant bats.

	Willie shudders as she watches the bats.

												 CUT TO:

49.    EXT.  THE HILLS - AFTERNOON							 49.

	An enormous sun silhouettes the three elephants trekking west-

												 CUT TO:

50.    EXT.  A RIVER - LATER AFTERNOON						50.

	The three elephants stand sucking up river water with their
	trunks.  Seated on the huge beasts, Willie, Short Round and Indi-
	ana watch the thirsty animals.

				 They must be pretty dumb to drink
				 that awful-looking water.

	In response, Willie's elephant calmly lifts its trunk and sprays
	her in the face.  Short Round and Indy laugh as Willie sits
	soaked and shocked.

				 I think maybe we'll camp here.

												 CUT TO:

51.    EXT.  THE RIVER - SUNSET							  51.

	A plume of water sprays.  The three elephants submerge in a deep,
	wide spot in the river.  Indy wades in the current with his shirt
	off.  He and the guide splash water on the weary animals.

	Short Round laughs and plays with the baby elephant.  Wrapped in
	its trunk, he's swung in the air and lands on the elephant's
	back.  Shorty makes a swan dive back into the water and the baby
	elephant gives him a shower when he surfaces.

52.    EXT.  UPRIVER										52.

	Thirty yards upstream, birds and monkeys chatter in a tree.  In
	the shady river beneath, Willie surfaces cooly and wipes hair
	from her eyes.  She hums contendedly.

	Indiana wanders up the riverbank in his dripping trousers.  He
	notices Willie's wet clothes spread over a tree limb hanging low
	over the water and then he sees Willie paddling around.

				 Hey, Willie—I think you better
				 get out now.

				 Stark naked?  You wish... If you're
				 trying to seduce me, Dr. Jones,
				 this is a very primitive approach.

				 Me seduce you?  Honey, you're the
				 one who took your clothes off.
				 I just came over to remind you
				 that you never know what else
				 might be in the water.

				 Somehow I feel safer in here.

	As Indy turns and starts off, Willie reaches up to the tree
	branch above her head and grabs her underwear.  At this moment we
	notice something awful:

	A BOA CONSTRICTOR is moving out along the branch, the enormous
	snake slithering over Willie's clothes.

	Willie watches Indiana walk away as she reaches up for her dress—her hands feel something strange—not the dress and not the
	tree limb—Willie looks up and sees that she's pulling on a snake! She
	SCREAMS as the boa constrictor falls off the t-ee on top of her!

	Indy hears the scream and hears Willie calling to him.  He runs
	back toward the river.  Stopping on the riverbank, he sees Willie
	backing away in the water—Indiana's already starting to pull
	his boots off—WILLIE
				 Indy!  Help me!

				 Don't worry, I'm coming in!  What
				 is it?

				 A snake!

	Suddenly Indiana freezes and a strange look corsses his face—INDIANA
				 A what...?

				 A SNAKE!!

	He finally sees the boa constrictor thrashing in the water close
	to Willie.  He leaves his boots on.

							WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 Hurry, help me out of here!
				 What're you waiting for?!

				 Uh, listen—Willie—I got a
				 better idea.


				 First of all—don't panic!

	Willie suddenly screams as the boa constrictor wraps around her
				 It's got me !  Indy, help me!

	Indy runs along the riverbank, trying to get closer to her, but
	not about to jump into the river (due to his aversion to snakes—see Episode One:  "Raiders of the Lost Ark").

				 Don't let it pull you deeper!

				 It's pulling me deeper!

				 Don't let it curl around you!

				 It's curling around me!  Damn it,
				 stop talking and do something!

	The snake is wrapping around her body and neck—her head is
	barely above water—On the riverbank, Indy reaches down and grabs a piece of wood.
	But as he watches the repulsive reptile, he starts to sweat and
	his fear and loathing overpower him—WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 What's wrong?!  Indy please help

	Indy groans and bolsters his courage—he takes two steps into
	the water—but the complex is to strong and he can't go any
	further.  He drops the piece of wood...

				 Listen, Willie.  Do exactly what
				 I tell you now.


				 Can you move your arm?

				 Just one arm!

				 Okay, I want you to lift your hand—and pet the snake.

				 PET IT??!!

				 Yes, stroke it right along the
				 maxillary and precaudal verte-

				 THE WHAT?!

				 Pet it on the head!  Go on, pet

	In the water, Willie is whimpering as she lifts her hand and
	starts petting the snake  coiling around her pale body.

				 Oh—my—god—it's going to
				 crush me!

				 Keep stroking it!

	Willie keeps rubbing her hand along the snakes head and back and
	it slowly stops thrashing in the water.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 What's happening?

				 It's starting to let go!

				 That's good—you're doing fine.

	Grimacing as she stares at the ugly serpent's head, Willie keeps
	stroking it.

				 It's letting fo.  I think it's --
				 I think it's going to sleep!

	Indiana looks relieved.  He sees the snake starting to drift away
	from Willie and she starts paddling back to shore, collecting her
	floating clothes along the way.

	Holding her dripping dress against herself, she walks out of the
	water toward Indy who smiles at her weakly.

				 See—I got you out...

	She slows and hauls off and punches him in the mouth.  Indy holds
	his jaw as she walks away infuriates.

				 Thanks for nothing!  I hate snakes!

						  (looking at
							the water)
				 I know the feeling...

												 CUT TO:

53.    EXT.  THE CAMPSITE - NIGHT							53.

	By firelight, we see Sajnu feeding the big elephants while Short
	Round feeds and talks to the baby elephant—SHORT ROUND
				 You come to America with me, and
				 we can get job in the circus—you like that?

	The baby elephant trumpets affirmitively.

	A ways off, Willie stands wrapped in a blanket watching Shorty
	and the elephant as she dries her hair by a campfire.  Now Indy
	comes up and drops an armload of wood for yet another fire.

				 Where'd you find your little body-

				 I met Short Round when he tried
				 to pick my pocket.

	Indiana kneels and arranges the wood.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 Shorty's family was killed when
				 they bombed Shanghai.  He was
				 living on the streets.

				 He'll be okay.  He's a good kid.

	Indy strikes a match and lights the new fire.

							WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 All these fires—you expecting
				 more snakes, Dr. Jones?

	She smiles snidely and continues drying her hair.

				 By the way, how'd you end up in

				 Well, when my nightclub career was
				 run over by the Depression, some
				 pinhead convinced me that "a girl
				 could go places in the Orient..."
				 So, look where I got.

	Indy picks up a blanket and spreads it on the ground.

				 What about the future?

				 Oh, that's easy—I'm going to
				 latch onto a good-looking, in-
				 credibly rich prince.

	Indy lies down on the blanket.

				 I'd like to find one of those

					(raising an eyebrow)
				 Oh really?

				 Yeah, but he's got to be dead and
				 buried for a couple of thousand years.
				 Fortune and glory...

				 Is that what you're hoping to find
				 at this palace, Dr. Jones?


	Indy reaches into his pocket and removes the old piece of cloth.

				 What's that?

	She walks over to where he's lying down and sits on a boulder.
	He hands her the cloth and she looks at it by the firelight.

				 Something that kid gave me last
				 night.  It's a piece of an old

	Willie sees a crude drawing in reds, blue and gold.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 The drawing shows a priest named
				 Sankara who lived centuries ago.

				 What does the writing say?

				 It's Sanskrit.  It tells the story
				 of Sankara climbing Mt. Kalisa
				 where he met the Hindu god Shiva.

						 (examining it)
				 That's Shiva?  What's he giving
				 the Priest?

				 Legend says he told Sankara to go
				 forth and combat evil.  To do that
				 he gave him five sacred stones that
				 had magical powers.

						 (looking at Indy)
				 You mean magical like the rock that
				 was stolen from that village?

	Indy looks at her meaningfully.

				 It could be.

	Willie seems frightened.  She hands him the piece of cloth and
	stands up.

				 Fortune and glory...sweet dreams,
				 Dr. Jones.

	She picks up a blanket and starts off.

				 I think you should sleep closer.
						(seeing her sus-
						 picious look)
				 I meant for safety.

				 I'd be safer sleeping with
				 that snake.

	She steps over to a tree by the fire where her clothes are dry-
	ing.  Indy watches her pull her dried clothes from the lower

	She reaches up to remove another piece of her clothing—it's
	stuck to the tree and she looks up and yanks it.  Suddenly the
	piece of clothing moves!

	Two enormous winds open and the hideous face of a GIANT BAT
	screeches and hisses at Willie!  She screams hysterically as the
	bat flaps against her, biting and scratching at her before it fi-
	nally takes off.

	The bat flies off into the darkness and Indy chuckles as he
	watches Willie shanking as she backs slowly toward the fire—WILLIE
				 Did you see it?!  It was one
				 of those bats!
							(staring into
							 the darkness)
				 God, what else is out there...?!

	She quickly picks up her blanket and lays it out very close to

				 Couldn't keep away, huh?

				 Just try and control yourself.

	Indiana watches her lie down and wrap herself in her blanket.
	then he rolls over and tips his hat down over his eyes to get
	some well-deserved shut-eye.

	In a moment, however, we see something grotesque and snake-like
	slide into frame and move towards Indy—finally, we realize
	it's an elephant's trunk.  The trunk nudges Indy's shoulder.

						(without looking)
				 Still scared?  Okay, Willie, you
				 can get closer if you want...

	The elephant's trunk moves closer and nuzzles Indy's neck.

				 Honey, I knew you'd be the first
				 one to give in...

	Now, we see that Short Round is guiding the baby elephant's trunk
	with a prod.  Willie watches, stifling a laugh as the elephant's
	trunk sniffs Indiana's ear—INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 You're going to start something
				 I'm going to have to finish.
				 Okay, doll, you asked for it.

	Indiana rolls over, lifts his hat and hollers!  He nearly jumps
	out of his pants as he stares into the elephant's trunk.  Willie
	and Short Round dissolve into laughter.

												 CUT TO:

54.    EXT.  THE JUNGLE - DAY								 54.

	Tall, vine-covered trees sway in the wind.  Beneath them, the el-
	ephants plough through the dense tropical forest.  The sounds of
	the teeming jungle multiply as Short Round surveys the distant

				 Indy, look!

				 That's it.  Pankot Palace.

	Willie looks off at the resplendent while Moghul-style palace ri-
	sing in the distance above the jungle.

												 CUT TO:

55.    EXT.  A JUNGLE CLEARING - LATER						55.

	Their Mayapore guide walks toward the camera and suddenly looks
	frightened.  He barks commands and the elephants stop.  Indiana
	jumps down an joins the fearful guide.

	They stare at a small statue of a malevolent goddess with eight
	arms.  Around the goddess's neck, a carved necklace displays
	small human heads—her eight hands hold other heads by their

	Indiana moves closer to the statue as the terrified guide backs
	away.  Indy is fascinated by the ritual objects adorning it:
	leaves, dead birds, rodents and turtles.  Indiana grimaces as he
	lifts a necklace of real pierced human fingers...

							WILLIE (O.S.)
				 Why are we stopping here?

	Indiana goes back and joins the scared, jabbering guide who is
	helping Willie down from the elephant.  Short Round jumps down.

				 What you look at, Indy?

				 Just a statue.

				 What's the guide talking about?
				 He hasn't said a word the whole

	Indy listens to the agitated guide and then speaks a few words in
	Hindi back to him.  They watch the distressed guide trun the ele-
	phants and start away with them as fast as possible.

				 He's afraid of something.

				 He said he couldn't take us any
				 farther.  He has to go sell the

				 You mean we have to walk the rest
				 of the way?

	Willie moans and follows Indy.  Short Round watches the elephants
	trudging away.  The little elephant turns and looks back.  Short
	Round quickly wipes a tear from his face.

												 CUT TO:


	Indiana and Short Round hike up a rock-paved road beside a high
	wall.  Exhausted, carrying her high heels, Willie trudges along
	behind them.

							WILLIE—shot at, fallen out of a plane,
				 nearly drowned, squashed by a snake,
				 attacked by a bat—I smell like
				 an elephant!
				 I tell you I'm not going to make it!

	Indiana finally stops.  He walks back to Willie, suddenly picks
	her us in his arms and starts carrying her the remaining way.
	Willie is surprised and puzzled.

				 Any more complaints?

						(smiling faintly)
				 Yeah, I wish you'd thought of this

	She doesn't seem to mind being carried by Indy.  He arrives at
	the entrance to the palace and puts her down—she stands close
	to him and he gently smoothes the collar of her dress.

				 It doesn't feel like there's been
				 any permanent damage.

	She smiles at him again and then turns around—and whistles as
	she sees Pankot Palace:  a sprawling, monumental mixture of Mo-
	ghul and Rajput styles, the palace is an extravaganza of Princely

57.    EXT.  A BRIDGE									  57.

	The three travelers start across a marble bridge toward the main
	entrance.  Lined along the bridge, palace guards stand with

	As the threesome passes, the first Rajput guard snaps noisily to
	attention and Willie jumps.  As Willie continues across the
	bridge, the other guards snap to attention in sequence and she
	grins, enjoying the attention.

58.    INT.  THE OUTER COURTYARD							 58.

	Short Round and Willie follow Indiana through a dark archway into
	a glittering courtyard.  The palace seems deserted and forebod-


	Indy's voice echoes off the marble facades—three enormous Raj-
	put guards with curved swords in their sashes appear silently at
	opposite sides of the courtyard.


	Then, a tall severe-looking Indian in an English suit material-
	izes out of the shadows and comes forward slowly.  CHATTAR LAL
	appraises the intruders suspiciously:

	He sees a whoozy beauty in a weary evening gown;  a dirty Chinese
	kid with a baseball cap; a rugged-looking American carrying a

				 I would say you look rather lost.
				 But then I cannot imagine where
				 in the world the three of you
				 would look at home...

						(smiling evenly)
				 Lost?  No, we're not lost.  We're
				 on our way to Delhi.  This is Miss
				 Scott—and Mr. Round.  My name's
				 Indiana Jones.

				 Dr. Jones?  The eminent archae-

				 Hard to believe, isn't it...?

				 I remember first hearing your name
				 when I was studying at Oxford.  I
				 Am Chattar Lal, Prime Minister for
				 His Highness the Maharajah of Pankot.

	He bows and Willie sort of curtsies.

							CHATTAR LAL (Cont'd)
				 Welcome to Pankot Palace.


	They walk along the marble halls, past dazzling walls inlaid with
	pieces of mirror and semi-precious stones.  Fountains spray in
	ivory countyards and they gaze in awe at the ornate splendour.

	As Willie walks with Shorty she appraises the chronolgoical
	portraits of the Pankot Prices that line the hall.  Dissipated
	faces, elegant faces, evil faces—she reacts to them.

						 (to Short Round)
				 How'd you like to run into him in
				 a dark alley...that one's kind of
				 cute...I could see myself married
				 to a prince like that...

	Ahead of them Chattar Lal  walks with Indy and questions him
	suspiciously—CHATTAR LAL
				 The plane crash and your journey
				 here sound—most incredible.

				 You should have been there...

				 We'd appreciate it if the Mahara-
				 jah would let us stay tonight.
				 We'll be on out way in the morn-

				 I am only his humble servant, but
				 the Maharajah usually listens to
				 my advice.

				 Is that him?

	They've come to the last in the row of Princes portraits.  Wil-
	lie stops and looks up disappointedly at a picture of an aged,
	immensely corpulent Rajput prince.

							WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 He's not exactly what we call
				 "a spring chicken".

				 No, no, that is Uhmed Singh, the
				 present Maharajah's late father.

				 Oh—good.  And maybe the pres-
				 ent Marahajah is a little younger?
				 And thinner?

	Two female servants approach silently and bow.

				 They will escort you to your rooms
				 now.  You will be provided with
				 fresh clothes.  Tonight you will
				 be dining with His Highness.

				 Dinner?  And with a prince?!  My
				 luck is changing.  But look at
				 me—my god, I've to to get

	She hurried off with one of the servants toward her room.  Chat-
	tar Lal smiles cooly at Indiana—CHATTAR LAL
				 Eight o'clock in the Pleasure

												 CUT TO:


	An extraordinary gold dome rises in the middle of the eleaborate
	gardens.  The Pleasure Pavilion is ablaze with torch lights,
	flickering candles and exotic music.

	Indiana comes out of the palace with Short Round.  Indy has on a
	tweed jacket and a nectie—his university professor's outfit.
	Short Round has been cleaned up, but still sports his baseball

	Willie joins them, looking stunning is a silk Western-styled
	gown.  She's also been loaned some Moghul jewelry which sparkles
	on her neck and arms.

				 You look like a princess.

	Willie's flattered by the first nice thing Indy's said to her.

				 It's sort of like being in heaven.

	They cross the garden toward the pavilion and Willie's eyes are
	like a kid's at Christmas.

61.    INT.  THE PLEASURE PAVILION							 61.

	As they enter, Indiana gives a half-dressed dancing girl the
	once-over as she spins to the music of drums and "vinhas".

				 I've always had a weakness for
				 folk dancing.

				 She might get away with that act
				 here, but she'd never make it in
				 a real nightclub.

	They walk among the rich court ministers and Indian merchants.

Chattar Lal approaches with a British cavalry captain in unifrom.

				 We are fortunate tonight to have
				 some many unexpected guests.  his
				 is Captain Phillip Blumburtt.

	Blumburtt bows to Willie and Indiana.

							CHATTAR LAL (Cont'd)
				 Captain Blumburtt and his troops
				 are here to check up on the

				 Just a routine inspection tour.

				 The British worry so about their
				 Emprie—it makes us feel like
				 well-cared-for children.

				 Listen, Mr. Lal, what do you call
				 the Maharajah's  wife?

				 His Highness has not yet taken a

				 No?  Well, I guess he just hasn't
				 met the right woman...

	As Willie chatters on with the Prime Minister, Indiana wanders
	off.  He moves to a wall where bronze statues and strange devo-
	tional objects are displayed.

						  (joining Indy)
				 Interested in local curios?

				 No.  But I am interested in the
				 occult.  And this is a krtya.

	Indiana picks up a small clay figurine and examines it.


				 It's like the voodoo dolls of West
				 Africa.  The kryta represents your
				 enemy—and gives you complete
				 power over him.

				 That God all that mumbo jumbo
				 rubbish is disappearing.

				 You think so?

				 Of course.  Admittedly, it's taken
				 time.  Britian's controlled India
				 for almost two hundred eyars now.

	Indiana smiles at the somewhat pompous bureaucrat.

				 You're hanging on better here
				 than you did in America.

						  (smiling sourly)
				 This is a different situation, Dr.
				 Jones.  These people are like
				 children.  We have to lead them
				 slowly into the twentieth century.

	Indiana puts the doll down and looks over at Chattar Lal and

				 The Prime Minister doesn't seem
				 that naive.

				 No, he's a very shrewd old boy.
				 Power behind the throne and all
				 that.  He actually runs this whole

	Indy and the Prime Minister exchange distant looks as Willie
	comes back over to Indiana.  She talks to him conspiratorially—WILLIE
				 I think this Maharajah is swim-
				 ming in money.  Maybe coming here
				 wasn't such a bad idea.

	Blumburtt finds these Americans quite suspect and seems relieved
	when he hears a drum.

				 I believe we're being called to


	As the drum beats the assembled guests move toward a long, low
	table surrounded by colorful pillows.  Short Round follows with a
	little monkey he's found perched on his arm.

	As everyone stands around the table, Chattar Lal makes an an-
	nouncement in Hindi and then in English—CHATTAR LAL
				 His Supremem Highness, guardian of
				 Rajput tradition—the Maharajah
				 of Pankot—Zalim Singh.

	All eyes are on two solid silver doors which open—and through
	which now walks the MAHARAJAH ZALIM SINGH.  Everyone is bowing,
	including Indiana and Willie, who looks amazed—WILLIE
				 That's the Maharajah—that kid?!

				 Maybe he likes older women.

	Indeed, Zalim Singh is only thirteen.  Outfitted in silver and
	gold brocade, festooned with enormous jewels, the litlle Mahara-
	jah gazes imperiously at the bowing crowd—and then glares at
	Short Round.

	Indy sees Short Round chewing gum, staring antagonistically at
	the Maharajah.  Indy pushes SHort Round into a bowing position.

	The Maharajah finally sits down on golden pillows.  He nods and
	his guests take their seats.  Indiana sees Willie's dreams of
	queendom have vanished.

				 Cheer up, you lost your prince,
				 but dinner's on the way.

				 I've never been so hungry in my

	Servants appear with silver platters of steaming food.  They
	place a platter in front of Willie and she stares at it in amaze-

	It's a whole raosted boar, replete with a decorative arrow pierc-
	ing its bloated stomach and tiny broiled baby bores placed around
	it as if they were suckling on their well-cooked mother.

				 My god, sort of grusome, isn't

	Seeing the meat being served, Indiana looks across the table at
	Blumburtt who seems equally puzzled.  Meanwhile, the little Maha-
	rajah whispers to his Prime Minsiter.  Then Chattar Lal speaks to
	the table—CHATTAR LAL
				 His Highness wants me to welcome
				 his visitors.  Especially the
				 renowned Dr. Jones from America.

	Indy bows slightly toward the Maharajah.

				 We are honored to be here.

	Servants put down another platter.  Willie stares at an enormous
	steaming boa constrictor on the platter.  With a flash of a
	knife, a servant slits the huge snake and exposes a mass of
	squirming, live baby eels inside...

				 Suddenly I'm not so hungry...

	Meanwhile, Indiana is chatting poleitely with the Prime Minister.

				 I had a question, Mr. Prime Mini-
				 ster.  I was examining some of the
				 Maharajah's artifacts.

				 A very fine collection of very old
				 pieces, don't you think?

				 Yes, very fine.  But not all of the
				 pieces look old.  Some were carved
				 recently and look like images used
				 by the Thuggees to worship the god-
				 des Kali.

	At the emntion of the Thuggees, the Indians at the table quiet,
	as it a taboo has been broken.  Chattar Lal glares at Indiana.

				 Dr. Jones, you know very well that
				 the Thuggee cult has been dead for
				 nearly a century.

				 Of course.  The Thuggees were an
				 obscenity that worshipped Kali
				 with human sacrifices.  The Brit-
				 ish Army wiped them out about the
				 time of the Mutiny of 1857.

	Short Round avoids the dinner by feeding it to his little monkey
	as he listens to the scary conversation.

	The talk is bad enough, but Willie finds the food unbelievable!
	A servant leans overher shoulder and places a six-inch long BUG
	on her plate!

	Willie whimpers quietly as she watches the fat merchant next to
	her lift one of the black, shiny baked-beetles—and crack it in
	two!  The man proceeds to enthusiastically suck the gooey innards

						(looking at Willie)
				 But you're not eating!

				 I uh—had bugs for lunch.

	Meanwhile, Indiana continues to politely needle Chattar Lal.

				 I suppose stories of the Thuggees
				 die hard.

				 There are no stories anymore.

				 Well, I don't know... we came here
				 from a small village and the peas-
				 ants there told us that the Pankot
				 Palace was growing powerful again—becuase of some ancient evil.

	Indiana smiles and shrugs.

				 Their stories are just fear and

				 Maybe.. but how do you explain
				 The Thuggee shrine I saw right
				 below the palace?

	Indy catches a glance between the little Maharajah and the prime
	minister, who answers slowly—CHATTAR LAL
				 The local peasants are just as
				 superstitious.  You're very ob-
				 servant, Dr. Jones.  But you're
				 beginning to worry Capt. Blum-

	Blumburtt's phlegmatic attitude has changed to curiosity.

				 I'm not worried, Prime Minister,
				 just interested.

	During their conversation, Willie listens to beetles SNAPPING and
	she watches revolted as the other dinner guests suck the gooey
	insides out of the bugs.

					  (to Short Round)
				 Give me your hat...

				 What for?

				 I'm going to puke in it...

	Meanwhile, Indy continues ingenously with Chattar Lal.

				 You know the villagers also
				 claimed that this palace stole
				 something from them.

				 Dr. Jones, it our country a guest
				 does not usually insult his host.

				 Sorry, I thought we were just talking
				 about folklore.

					(trying to make peace)
				 I'm sure it's nothing.  Just ru-
						  (but interested)
				 What was it they claimed was

				 Something magical.  A sacred rock.

				 There, you see, Captain.  A rock!

				 When they lost this rock their
				 fields and animals dies.  They
				 also said their children were
				 taken from them.

				 I think that's enough  of this
				 nonsense, Dr. Jones...

	Indiana smiles faintly at Chattar Lal's anger.  Across the table,
	Willie looks pale and motions to the waiter.

				 So you have something, you know,
				 simple—like soup or something?

	The servant goes off and returns with a covered bowl.  He uncov-
	ers it and Willie looks at a soup with a dozen eyeballs floating
	in it.

				 Looks delicious!

				 I wanna go home...

	Willie whimpers and tears start down her cheeks.

						 (to Chattar Lal)
				 I was dubious muself at first.
				 Then something connected—the
				 village's rock and the old legend
				 of the Sankara Stones...

					 (controlling himself)
				 Dr. Jones, we are all vulnerable
				 to vicious rumors.  I seem to re-
				 member that in Honduras you were
				 accused of being a grave robber
				 rather than a scientist.

				 The newspapers exaggerated the

				 And didn't the Sultan of Madagas-
				 car threaten to cut your head off
				 if you ever returned to his coun-

				 That was a misunderstanding.

				 Exactly what we have here, Dr.

				 I have heard the terrible stories
				 of the evil Thuggee cult...

	When the little Marahajah speaks it surprises everyone and there
	is silence.

							MAHARAJAH (Cont'd)
				 I thought the stories were told
				 to frighten children.  Later, I
				 learned that the Thuggee cult was
				 once real and did unspeakable

	The Marahajah looks at Indiana.

							MAHARAJAH (Cont'd)
				 I am ashamed of what happened here
				 so many years ago.  We keep these
				 objects—to remind us that this
				 will never again happen in my

						(after a moment)
				 I'm sorry if I've offended you.

	Now, more trays are whisked in by servants.

				 Ah, dessert!

	Short Round's monkey suddenly screeches and takes off.  Willie
	closed here eyes in dread - but curiosity gets the best of her
	and she looks—it's worse than she could imagine:

	Plates full of small, dead monkey heads!  (*Production note: be-
	cause of his extremely sensitive nature, the director has reque-
	ted that these monkey heads be simulated).

	The tops of the monkey's skulls have been cut off and sit loose
	like little covers.  Willie watches in utter dismay as the Maha-
	rajah and his guests remove the skull-tops and start dipping
	spoons into what's inside—MERCHANT (Cont'd)
				 Chilled monkey brains!

	Willie keels over, crashing backwards in a dead faint!

												 CUT TO:

62.    INT.  A PALACE HALL - LATER							 62.

	Women servants help a woobly-kneed Willie toward her room.


	Hundreds of lanters illuminate the garden where after dinner
	drinks are served, cigars lighted and hookah pipes puffed on.

	Indiana comes out of the pavilion into the garden with Capt.
	Blumburtt and they talk quietly.

				 Rather bizarre menu, woundn't you

				 Even if they were trying to scare
				 us away, a devout Hindu would
				 never touch meat.
						(looking around)
				 Makes you wonder what these people

	Now, the little Maharajah comes over with his retinue and he
	reaches for Indy's whip which Short Round is carrying.

				 I have seen this thing.  What is
				 it, Dr. Jones?

				 Hey, nobody touches Indy's whip!

	Short Round grabs for it, but Indiana restrains him.

				 We're guests here, Shorty.

	The Maharajah glares are Short Round and five the whip to Indy.

				 You will show me how it works

	Indy bows to the little prince and smiles ironically—INDIANA
				 You wish is my command, your

	While Short Round watches angrily, Indiana walks across the gar-
	den and unfurls the whip.  Indy sees a servant lighting a candle.

	Suddenly the whip flies and CRACKS like a pistol shot.  The
	candle disappears!  Indiana whirls and CRACKS the whip again,
	snagging a flower out of a dancing girl's hair.

	The Maharajah reacts like any kid—he shoops happily.

				 That is wonderful!  Please teach
				 me how!

	Short Round sulks as he listens to Indiana instructing the Maha-
	rajah on how to hold the whip.  As the young prince practises the
	grip, Indy notices Chattar Lal slip behind a fountain to talk to
	a dark figure in robes who appears.

	Indiana sees Chattar Lal bow to the dark figure—and Indy
	catches a glimpse of the stranger's pale face and dark hollow
	eyes.  Then the robled apparition seems to disappear.

	Meanwhile everyone watches respectfully as the Maharajah unfurls
	the whip for his first attempt.  He flings the whip but it flies
	back and snaps—biting his own  cheek.

	There's a stunned silence—then Short Round laughs  at the
	little prince who is holding his wounded cheek.  The incensed Ma-
	rahajah suddenly flashes the whip as Short Round.

	Short Round grabs the end of it and pulls hard—the whip is
	tugged taut between the two hostile boys.  As they draw near each
	other, Short Round sees something weird:

	The little Maharajah's eyes begin glowing yelloe and he hisses
	softly in a strange voice.  Nobody else sees or hears the bizarre

	Indiana finally intercedes—he grabs Short Round by the neck.

				 Okay, Short Round, let go of it.

	Short Round lets go and Indy gently takes the whip back from the
	little prince.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 The Turks say that a whip can be
				 an enemy even to its owner.  If
				 you get some rope, it'll be easier
				 to learn with, your Highness.
				 Now, I think we'll say goodnight.

	The Maharajah and Short Round stare hostiley at each other as
	Indy recoils his whip.

												 CUT TO:

64.    INT.  A PALACE HALL - NIGHT							 64.

	Short Round walks beside Indiana down the shadowy hall toward
	their room.  Short Round has Indy's whip curled around his shoul-
	der.  The little fellow yawns and shakes his head.

				 That little Maharajah think he
				 big stuff.

				 You don't like him do you?

				 Next time I flatten him!  Did you
				 see his eyes?


				 Indy, they glow like fire and get
				 real crazy!  Then he talk in this
				 real scary voice!

	Indy tousles Short Round's hair.

				 He was afraid of you.  He knows a
				 tough  guy when he sees one.

						  (not so shure)
				 Yeah, that's what happened...

	They reach their room and Short Round opens the door.

				 I better see how Willie is.

	Short Round shakes his head scornfully as Indy crosses the hall
	and knocks on another door.  After a moment, the door opens and
	Willie is standing there in a tempting nightgown.

				 I brought you something.

	He holds up something wrapped in a piece of silk.

				 Not leftovers?

				 No—real food.

	Willie opens the bundle suspiciously—then her hace lights up
	as she examines the breads and fruits inside.

				 Oh, it is real's

	She bites happily into a piece of fruit—its juice runs down
	her chin and Indy wipes it off gently with his hand.  The mouth
	deliberately seductive and Willie is not displeased.

							WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 You're nice.  Listen, I'm taking
				 applications—how'd you like to
				 be my palace slave?

				 Wearing your jewels to be, prin-

	Indy touches her necklace—then his hand caresses her neck and
	ear.  She shivers slightly and speaks softly.

				 Yeah—and nothing else.
				 That shock you?

						(shaking his head)
				 I'm a scientist.  I like doing
				 research on certain "nocturnal
				 activities"—She smiles and puts a grape to his lips.  He opens his mouth
	takes it and chews it.

				 You mean like love rituals...

	He swallows the grape and they move toward each other slowly to
	kiss, revealing the passion that's simmering.

				 And mating customs...

	They kiss again more heatedly.

				 Primitive sexual practices?

				 You're taling to an authority
				 in that area.

	They kiss again hungrily—WILLIE
				 You're dying to come into my room,
				 aren't you?

				 You want me so bad, why don't you
				 invite me?

				 Too proud to admit you're crazy
				 about me, Dr. Jones?

				 I think you're too used to get-
				 ting you own way, Willie...

	They kiss yet again—and Indy breaks it off, just to show he's
	still in control.  He backs away toward his room.

						(watching him)
				 We'll see who gives in first—I'll leave my door open.

				 Don't catch cold.

				 Dr. Jones -- ?

	Indy stops by his door and sees Willie smiling as she holds up
	five fingers—WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 Five minutes... you'll be back
				 over here in five minutes...

				 You're dreaming, Willie.  You want
				 to make it real, just knock on my

	He winks.  She waves.  But neither one will surrender first.
	Willie does into her room, leaving the door ajar.  Indy opens his

65.    INT.  INDIANA'S SUITE								65.

	Indy comes in and closes the door—leaving it open a crack.  He
	stands and listens, waiting for her to come over.

66.    INT.  WILLIE'S SUITE								 66.

	Willie stands likewise by her door, waiting to hear Indy come
	back over.

67.    INT.  INDIANA'S SUITE								 67.

	Indiana shrugs and walks over to a couch and starts taking off
	his tweed jacket and necktie—INDIANA
				 Five minutes... fat chance.

68.    INT.  WILLIE SUIT									 68.

	Willie moves around her lavish suite, turning down lights, creating
	a romantic effect, checking herself in a mirror—WILLIE
				 Five minutes, Dr. Jones...

69.    INT.  INDIANA'S SUITE								69.

	Indy undresses in the magnificently decorated room:  wall paint-
	ings show palace scenes and landscapes; life-size figures
	dance and there are full-scale portraits or Rajput princes and
	prancing horses.  But Indy's more concerned with lust than with

				 ...want me to be her palace slave!

	He picks up his whip and smiles, considering using it on her.
	Then he just grubles and tosses the bullwhip onto the couch.

70.    INT.  WILLIE'S SUITE								 70.

	Lying in bed in a seductive pose, Willie waits for Indy to show
	up and she starts to look worried.  She grabs a clock and shakes
	it to see if it's working.  She taps her fingers irritably won-
	dering in her charm has failed...

71.    INT.  INDIANA'S SUITE								71.

	We see another clock ticking.  Looking annoyed, Indy tosses a
	boot at it and the clock falls on its face, setting of the

	On the chaise lounge in front of Indy's bed, Short Round moves
	groggily and sees Indy turning off the alarm.

						  (half asleep)
				 Get to sleep Indy—I stay up
				 and keep eye on things...

				 Okay, Shorty ... see you in the
				 morning...I'm going to have a
				 little—word with Willie.

	Indy finally shakes his head and gives in to his animal
	instincts.  He buttons his shirt, puts his boots back on and
	grabs his leather jacket.

	As he puts on his jacket he walks past the life-sized paintings of
	armed gaurds standing in silent vigil.  Suddenly we see something
	frightening behind him:  one of the wall paintings sees to come
	to life!

	A large figure in robes and a turban looms out from the wall and
	lifts a silk cord—the figure wraps the cord suddenly around
	Indiana's neck!

	The huge assassin stands behind Indy, twisting the cord even
	tighter around his neck.  As Indy attempts to break free he
	sees the assassin's face is a mirror—and a strange yellow
	light glowing in the killer's eyes.

72.    INT.  WILLIE'S SUITE								 72.

	Willie's finally had enough waiting and she gets out of beg petu-

				 He's not coming...I can't be-
				 lieve it...

	She walks across the room and opens the door.  She looks out
	the empty hall—and her resolve starts to weaken—WILLIE (Cont'd)
						 (bracing herself)
				 No!  I'm not going over there...

	She comes back into her room and kicks the door closed.

							WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 Sleep tight, Dr. Jones!
						 (suddenly melancholy)
				 I could've been your greatest ad-

73.    INT.  INDIANA'S SUITE								73.

	Indy shoves the assassin backwards, ramming the big man into the
	wall.  The assassin maintains his deathgrip—while on the
	chaise, Short Round sleeps through it all!

	Gasping futilely for air, Indy sinks slowly to his knees  - his
	eyes bulge and he stares at the tiny, smiling skulls at the ends
	of the death-cord wrapped around the assassin's fists.

	Indiana sinks lower and then feels something—desperately he
	grabs a brass pot on the floor by the handle and swings it with
	his last strength, smashing it up into the assassin's head with
	a skull-crushing clang!

	The assassin is stunned and Indiana curls forward pulling him
	into a somersault and sening him flying over his back.  The ass-
	assin crashes on his sping next to the chaise.  Short Round still
	doesn't wake up.

	Indiana rips the cord from around his neck and gasps for breath.
	He sees the assassin pulling a knife.  Indiana dives as the knife
	flies through the air and slams into the wall.

	Indiana grabs his whip, rolls and lands on his feet.  As the ass-
	assin tries to retreat, Indy unleashes his whip—it CRACKS and
	wraps around the killer's neck.

	The big man struggles, pulling on the whip, trying to release it
	from his throat—and Indiana holds fast, watching the killer
	gasping for air now as his face turns red.

	Suddenly the assassin does a full-blown backward sommersault
	which rips the whip out of Indy's hand.  The assassin has an in-
	stant to grin victoriously—Until he sees that the whip handle is arching toward the ceiling
	where is gets caught on the revolving fan!  The surprised assass-
	in it tugged upwards—and the whip twists around the ceiling
	fan like fishing-line around a fishing-reel—And like a doomed flounder, the assassin is slowly reeled up and
	dragged toward the ceiling, his toes lifting off the floor.
	The assassin screams as he is hanged!  His legs twitch in
	his death throes—and below him, Short Round finally wakes up.

	Always Indiana's protector, Shorty instictively leaps off the
	couch and draws a small dagger—SHORT ROUND
				 Don't worry, Indy!  Where are

	Short Round spins a 360 , then looks up and does a double-take
	seeing the dead assassin twisting slowly around the ceiling fan.
	Indy takes Short Rund by the shoulders and turns him away from
	the grisly sight.

				 It's okay, it's over—go turn
				 off the fan.

	Short goes over and turns off the fan—the assassin's body
	drops and Indy recoils his whip.  Suddenly they hear a hideous

74.    INT.  WILLIE'S SUITE								 74.

	In a tight close-up:  Willie screams again.  She's lying in bed
	looking down at something—Moving up her shapely leg, a green and black, monstrous-looking
	insect crawls onto her stomach and Willie stops breather.  Immo-
	bilized by fear, Willie watches in silent agony as the hideous
	insect climbs slowly up her breast and slithers toward her neck.

	Across the suite, the doors burst open and Indiana rushes in.
	Shorty is behind him, carrying Indy's whip.  Indiana leaps on a
	stools and slides up to the bed to save WIllie—Then he spots the giant insect crawling on her and decides to
	have some fun.

				 This a cheap trick to get me over

	Willie speaks with desperate, fearful precision—WILLIE
				 No—don't you see—crawling—INDIANA
				 What—the bug?

	Willie is petrified and shaking.


				 Gee, I wouldn't want to touch an
				 ugly critter like that!

				 Uh uh—me neither!

	Willie looks at the man-of-action like he's insane.  Then she
	feels the bug crawling onto her cheek—WILLIE
				 Oh no—oh no!!

						 (studying the bug)
				 You know, Willie, I'll bet he's
				 mad because they were eating his
				 friends for dinner.

				 Please—oh please, I'm going to
				 die!  Get it off!

	Indiana shrugs and leans over and casually swats the horrible bug
	off her face.  He and Short Round watch the insect skid across
	the floor—and suddenly disappear as if by magic!

	Puzzled, they wander toward the wall, leaving Willie behind,
	bathed in sweat, staring at the ceiling—WILLIE
				 What did I do to deserve this

	Kneeling by the wall, Short Round examines the baseboard—SHORT ROUND
				 It went under.  Hey, I feel
				 wind, Indy.

	Indiana knocks on the wall and considers the hollow sound.  He
	moves back and looks at the whole wall.  Behind him, Willie moves
				 I'm packing!  I'm getting out of
				 here right now tonight!

	She dashes behind a screen to start getting dressed.  Meanwhile
	Indy feels the marble walls.  He moves to a niche in which there
	is a small statue of Ganesha, the friendly elephant god.

	Indiana lifts the statue—and a panel in the wall opens slow-
	ly.  Short Round looks amazed.  Indy watches the light fall
	across the far wall of a tunnel as the door opens slowly.

	Indy peers into the tunnel at an old wall painting.  Spiderly San-
	skrit calligraphy runs under a flanking illustration of a prince
	bowing before a god.

				 *(He reads aloud an inscription
				 in Sanskrit).

				 What does it mean, Indy?

				 "Follow in the footsteps of
				 Shiva.  Do not betray his truth."

	Indy takes out the piece of cloth the boy gave him in Mayapore,
	the similarities are striking.  It is also a picture of Shiva

				 *(He repeats aloud the inscrip-
				 tion also written on the cloth)

	Over behind the screen, Willie's getting into some silk pants with
	an Indian-style brocade bodice top—WILLIE
				 I don't care if I have to walk to
				 Delhi, I'm -- hey!

	She notices Indy and Short Round bending to enter the dark tunnel
	behind the wall.

							WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 Wait a minute!  What're you—where're you going?!

	Indy pokes his head back into the room—INDIANA
				 Lock your door and don't leave
				 until we get back.

	He disappears behind the wall and Willie looks worried.

75.    INT.  A PALACE TUNNEL - NIGHT						  75.

	Indy and Short Round enter the secret passage and move forward
	slowly into the inky darkness.

				 I don't think we suppose to be in
				 here, Indy...

	They creep slowly down the dark tunnel.  It grows smaller and Indy
	ducks his head.

							SHORT ROUND (Cont'd)
				 I step on something.

	Their footsteps crunch on the tunnel floor.

				 You're right, there's something
				 all over the floor...

	Even Short Round has to duck and Indy finally kneels to his
	hands and knees.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 We'll have to crawl.

	As they crawl, their hands and knees continue to crunch on what-
	ever it is littering the ground.

				 Indy, the floor—there is some-
				 thing alive!

	Indiana gets a match out of his pocket.  He snaps it with his
	thumb and the match flares—a hideous insectarium: a living
	collection of the world's ugliest antropods, hexapods and arch-

				 Holy smoke—I'm scared, Indy!

	Indiana turns and sees something else—INDIANA
				 There's a chamber here.  Come on—Indy finds an oil lamp on the wall and lights it.  Short Round
	happily scampers into the chamber and Indy follows him.  Suddenly
	the door slides shut—trapping them inside!

76.    INT.  THE CHAMBER									 76.

	Indiana lights a match and finds another oil lamp.  He and Short
	Round look for a way to open the door that closed behind them,
	but they have no luck.


	Then they hear Willie's voice echoing down the short tunnel.

							WILLIE (O.S.)
				 Hey—where are you?!

77.    INT.  WILLIE'S SUITE								 77.

	Back in the suite, Willie stands by the entrance to the secret
	passage, peering into the dark tunnel—WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 Indiana Jones?!  Are you in there?!

78.    INT.  THE CHAMBER									 78.

	Indy mutters irritably to himself—INDIANA
				 Yes, we're in here...

	He looks everywhere for something to open the door.  Short
	Round spots a loose brick and moves it—SHORT ROUND
				 Indy, I found a --

	Suddenly they hear a rumble and Indy turns to see the opposite
	wall moving—the spikes start appearing!  Their lethal points
	protrude from the wall as it starts closing in toward Indy and
	Short Round.

							SHORT ROUND (Cont'd)
				 Indy -- !

	Shorty points up and Indiana sees more spikes descending from the
	ceiling!  Indy turns toward the door and shouts—INDIANA
				 Willie, you better get down here!

79.    INT.  WILLIE'S SUITE								 79.

	Willie listens and looks scared—WILLIE
						(shouting back)

							INDIANA (O.S.)
				 Willie, come here!  Hurry up,
				 we're in trouble!!

							SHORT ROUND (O.S.)
				 Willie, help!!

	Willie is frightened, confused and jumping around—80.    INT.  THE SPIKE CHAMBER								80.

	The deadly spikes inch slowly toward them from the wall and ceil-
	ing.  They start pounding on the door and shout—INDIANA
				 Willie, damn it!  Get down here,

81.    INT.  WILLIE'S SUITE								 81.

	Willie finds the courage to finally whimper and step into the
	dark passage—WILLIE
				 Oh hell—I bet I get all dirty

82.    INT.  THE TUNNEL									82.

	Willie starts down the dark tunnel toward the chamber.

							INDIANA (O.S.)

				 I'm coming, what's the rush?!
				 Ohh!  What's that?!  There's
				 stuff all over the floor!  I
				 can't see a thing!

83.    INT.  THE SPIKE CHAMBER								83.

	They hear her coming and Indy watches nervously as the spikes
	draw even closer—INDIANA
				 Move, Willie!  Faster!

84.    INT.  THE TUNNEL									84.

	Willie crawls and crunches on the littered floor—WILLIE
				 It's all wet and icky!  Aaahh—things are moving!!

	She sees the low lamp by the door to the chamber.

							SHORT ROUND (O.S.)
				 Please, Willie!

	She grabs the lamp and turns it up so it burns brighter.  She
	looks around—and SCREAMS!!  She sees the sickening, swarming
	mass of glistening insects crawling toward her, attracted by the
				 There's bugs!  Bugs all over!
				 Help!  Help me!

							INDIANA (O.S.)
				 Willie, open the door!  GET US

	Willie pounds on the door—WILLIE

85.    INT.  THE SPIKE ROOM								 85.

	The spikes close in—INDIANA
				 GET US OUT!  Willie, shut up and
				 listen!  There's got to be a ful-
				 crum release!  Look around!

							WILLIE (O.S.)
				 A what?!

86.    INT.  THE TUNNEL									86.

	Willie whines and frantically searches the wall.  Insects are
	crawling and jumping on her and she kicks at them!

							INDIANA (O.S.)
				 A fulcrum release lever!

				 I can't find any lever!  Help me

87.    INT.  THE SPIKE CHAMBER								87.

	Indiana and Short Round are backed against the wall and the
	spikes are a foot away and moving in—INDIANA
				 Look around, Willie!  There's got to
				 be a liever hidden somewhere!  Come
				 on, you can do it!

88.    INT.  THE TUNNEL									88.

	Insects drop onto Willie from the ceiling and fly at her as she
	flattens against the wall.  Then her elbow hits something—a
	loose stone.  She claws at it and it falls out of the wall
	leaving a hole.

				 There's a hole!  I found a square

							INDIANA (O.S.)
				 That's it—the release lever—look inside!

				 I am—it looks horrible!

	The hole is revolting :  covered with squirming insects, it also
	oozes some kind of glistening mucus.

							INDIANA (O.S.)
				 Reach inside!

	Willie moves her hand toward the nauseating hole then pulls back.

				 I can't, Indy!  I can't!

89.    INT.  THE SPIKE TUNNEL								 89.

	Indiana turns his head sideways and sucks in his breath, but the
	deadly spikes are poking into his leater jacket now—INDIANA
				 The lever!  Willie, do it!  NOW!

90.    INT.  THE TUNNEL									90.

	Willie screams and jams her hand into the gross hole—WILLIE
				 Oh God, it's soft—it's moving!

							INDIANA (O.S.)

91.    INT.  THE SPIKE CHAMBER								91.

	Short Round is frightened to death and crying—SHORT ROUND
				 Willie, help us!  Hurry!

92.    INT.  THE TUNNEL									92.

	She hears Short Round crying and twists her hand in the disgust-
	ing hole.  Suddenly the door springs open!  Willie pulls her hand
	out and stares in horror—her hand and arm are covered with
	greenish slimey mung!

93.    INT.  THE SPIKE CHAMBER								93.

	The spikes suddenly retract, disappearing into the wall and clos-
	ing.  Indy pulls Willie inside the chamber and the door slams
	shut again.  Willie dances around, yelling about the hideous slime
	on her arm.

				 Get is off me—get it off!

	Indy helps her wipe it off.  Willie falls back against the door.

							WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 You left me out there!  What in
				 the hell were you doing in here?!
				 I want to leave this place right

	She sees the same lever that Short Round pulled earlier and grabs
	for it.  Indiana dives and manages to stop her from activating
	the spikes agian.

				 Not that one!  We had enought of
				 that one, thank you...

	He looks around and spots a small rock protruding from the wall.
	Cautiously, praying htat it won't activate another booby trap,
	Indy pushes the rock.

	A large door opens on the other side of the chamber—a soft
	wind howls past outside the chamber.

94.    INT.  THE WIND TUNNEL								94.

	Indiana, Short Round and Willie exit the spike chamber and head
	down a larger tunnel through which a roaring wind intermittantly
	blows, howling eerily like a note of gloomy music.

	Indiana follows a curve in the tunnel and they see light approaching.
	The wind holws another dramatic note which gales past them as
	they reach the mouth of the tunnel.

	Indiana is joined by Willie and Short Round.  They all stop in
	astonishment at the sight below them:

95.    INT.  THE TEMPLE OF DEATH							 95.

	As the camera pulls back,  the mouth of the wind tunnel in which
	they are standing becomes just a small hole overlooking the stag-
	gering vastness of the incredible TEMPLE OF DEATH.

	The colossal subterranean temple has been carved out of a solid
	mass of rock.  A vaulting cathedral-like ceiling is supported by
	rows of carved stone columns.

	Balconies overlook the temple floor.  Pillared halls leading to
	dark side chambers.  Moving out of these chambers, hundreds of
	faithful worshippers chant as they enter the temple.

	Mammoth stone statues of elephants, lions and demi-gods (half/man,
	half/animal monstrosities) loom above the swelling crowds or wor-

	As the wind howls out of the tunnel high above the temple, the
	worshippers chant in response to the strange tunnel music.

96.    INT.  THE TUNNEL									96.

	The moaning wind rushes past Indiana, Willie and Short Round as
	they watch the mystery cult below bowing toward an enormous altar
	at the far end of the temple.

	This altar is a platform jutting out from the stone wall of the
	cavern.  Separating the worshippers from this altar is a wide
	crevasse out of which wisps of smoke rise occasionally.

97.    INT.  THE ALTAR									 97.

	On the other side of the crevasse, evil-looking priests
	materialize out of clouds of swirling smoke.  The priests carry
	smoke-billowing urns to a giant stone statue.

	Now, we see the hideous protectress of the temple, the obscenely
	malevolent ombect of the cult's devotion:  the bloodthirsty god-
	dess KALI!

	The red-eyed priests bow at the base of the statue and gaze
	reverently at their KALI MA.  Skulls surround her stone feet
	carved serpents twist up her legs, while around her waist there
	is a guresome belt of human hands.

	Naked to the hips, Kali's hair falls about her four arms.  In her
	hand, she holds a sword, in the second the severed head of a
	giant.With her other hands she encourages her worshipers, who
	are chanting louder and louder!

	Kali's face is loathsome:  her earrings are two corpses.  Her
	evil tongue extends out of her twisted mouth and what looks like
	read blood flows over her long fangs and down her naked breasts.

98.    INT.  THE WIND TUNNEL								98.
Watching from the high opening, Willie looks disgusted.

				 What is it...?

				 It's a Thuggee ceremony.  They're
				 whorshipping Kali, the goddess of
				 Death and Destruction.

99.    INT.  THE TEMPLE OF DEATH							 99.

	A huge drum sounds three times and the chanting stops.  The
	silence is chilling as another robed figure appears out of the
	some on the altar.

	This is MOLA RAM, the High Priest of the Thugge cult.  Mola
	Ram's red-rimmed eyes glare from the sunken sockets in his
	sinister face.  Here is a man who looks as vile and diabolic
	as the unholy goddess rising behind him.

	Up in the wind tunnel, Indy stares down at the High Priest and
	realizes that is was Mola Ram he saw conferring with Chattar Lal
	in the palace garden.

	As the drum booms three times more, Mola Ram lifts one arm
	up from his emaciated body and suddenly there is a scream!

	All heads turn toward an unfortunate, struggling Indian begin
	dragged out by priests.  The man's face and body are wildly
	painted.  He screams again as he's tied onto a square iron frame
	laying atop a large flat stone.

	Mola Ram steps forward to the stretched-out victim and the Indian
	looks up into the High Priest's grotesque face—Suddenly Mola Ram's hand shoots out toward the man's chest—and
	pierces it!  The High Priests hand sinks into the victim's
	writing body and rips out his living heart!

100.   INT. THE WIND TUNNEL								 100.

	Willie covers her mouth—WILLIE
				 Oh my God!  He ripped out his—he killed him!

				 No...the heart's still beating!

101.   INT.  THE ALTAR									 101.

	Indeed, the bloody heart is still beating in Mola Ram's hand!
	He lifts the heart into the air and the worhippers begin the chant.

				 Jai ma Kali, jai ma Kali!

	Stranger still, the sacrificial victim is still alive—there is
	no evidence of a gash on his chest, only a reddish mark  The
	priests add chains to the iron frame and carry the victim over
	toward a hoist hanging over the crevasse.

	The man thrashes about helplessly on the iron frame as it is up
	ended and then lowered with the victim hanging face down—As the sacrificial victim looks down into the crevasse below—he screams—and we see the molten lava bubbling crimson at the
	bottom of the chasm!

102.   INT.  THE WIND TUNNEL								102.

	Willie closes her eyes but Indy and Short Round watch horrified
	as the iron frame is lowered—and the bloody heart continues to
	beat in Mola Ram's hand—and the molten lava burns and flickers
	as the screaming victim is lowered deeper into the crevasse.

103.   INT.  THE TEMPLE									103.

	The weird paint on the victim's face starts to smoke and sizzle—the man's skin blisters as he's lowered within feet of the
	lava.  His flesh smokes and he screams one last time as his body
	bursts into flame.

	The iron frame sinks and submerges into the boiling fiery lava.

104.   INT.  THE ALTAR									 104.

	Above the crevasse, Mola Ram continues to hold the heart in
	his hand—the heart is smoking and bursts into flames - and

105.   INT.  THE TEMPLE									105.

	The iron frame is raised out of the lava—the metal glows
	like a branding iron, but there is no trace of the sacrificed

106.   INT.  THE WIND TUNNEL								106.

	As the wind howls again, Willie and Short Round look sickened and
	appalled by the ceremony.  Even Indy seems shaken by what they
	are witnessing.

				 Jai ma Kali,  jai ma Kali!

107.   INT.  THE ALTAR									 107.

	Moal Ram raises both hands and his voice echoes strange incanta-
	tions.  Behind him, three priests carry cloth-wrapped objects to-
	ward the altar.

108.   INT.  THE WIND TUNNEL								108.

	Willie is crying and her voice is shoking as she turns awa from
	the hideous ritual—WILLIE
				 Let's go!  Let's get out of here!


109.   INT.  THE ALTAR									 109.

	The priests reverently unwrap three conical pieces of
	crystallized quartz.  The place the three stones below the sta-
	tue of Kali and slowly the smoke around the altar swirls—The smoke is drawn to the three stones and they actually start in-
	haling the piraling smoke.  The smoke disappears into the stones
	and the air clears.  Then the three stones start to glow a
	haunting incandescent white.

110.   INT.  THE WIND TUNNEL								110.

	Short Round looks scared.  Willie is still crying—Indy waits,
	horrified but fascinated.

				 The village knew their rock was
				 magic—but they didn't know it
				 was one of the lost Sankara Stones...

				 Why they glow like that?

				 Legend says that when the stones
				 are brought together the diamonds
				 inside of them will glow.

	Willie wipes her eyes and becomes more interested—WILLIE

111.   INT.  THE ALTAR									 111.

	The Sankara Stones shimmer brightly, and inside the crystallized
	quartz, the enormous sparkling diamonds of legend are now re-

	Mola Ram stands facing Kali with his arms outstretched and
	kneels and bows and then walks off the altar and disappears.

112.   INT.  THE WIND TUNNEL								112.

	Indiana sees the woshippers below start to leave the temple.  He
	looks at Willie and Short Round.

				 Okay—now listen—you wait here
				 and keep quiet.  Shorty, keep an
				 eye on her.

	Short Round nods and hands Indy his bullwhip and shoulder bag.
	Willie sees Indiana peering down at the sheer drop below the
	mouth of the wind tunnel.

				 Wait—what're you doing?

				 I'm going down.

				 Down?  Down there?!  Are you
				 crazy --!

				 I'm not leaving without those

				 You're gonna get killed chasing
				 after your damn fortune and

						(looking at her)
				 Not today.

				 I keep my eye peeled, Indy.

	Indiana nods and looks down at the now empty temple.  Then he
	slips down from the mouth of the wind tunnel.

113.   INT.  THE TEMPLE WALL								113.

	Indiana skillfully clumbs down an enormous tmeple column—find-
	ing footholds on stone cobras, carved lions and the stone breasts
	of dancing girls.  Slowly, he makes his way down and swings across
	a balcony.

114.   INT.  THE BALCONY									 114.

	Indiana walks quietly along the balcony overlooking the temple.
	He stops—between him and the altar is the crevasse with the
	lava bubbling fire at the bottom.

	Indiana looks across the gulf and sees another column near the
	altar at the top of which stone elephants are perched.  Indy
	curls his whip and suddenly lets it fly—The whip cracks and its end wraps tightly around the tusk of one
	of the stone elephants.  From the balcony, Indy tugs the whip
	taut, takes a breath and runs—115.   INT.  THE CREVASSE									115.

	Indiana leaps and swings out on the whip, arching down and up,
	over the chasm of fiery lava in a spectacular curving jump!

116.   INT.  THE LATAR									 116.

	Indy lands on his feet and turns to release the whip.  Short
	Round waves to Indy that the coast is clear.  Indy snaps the whip—it releases from the elephant tusk and drops.

	Recurling the whip, Indy attaches it to his belt and moves to-
	ward the towering statue of Kali.  The three Sankara stones start
	to glow and Indiana approaches them cautiously.

	Reaching the stones, Indy's face is lighted by them.  He notices
	that one of them (sthe stone from Mayapore village) has strange
	lines painted across it.

	Suspiciously, Indy touches the stone, but it doesn't burn.  He
	lifts it carefully and peers into it.  The enormous diamond
	sparkles inside.  He places the stone in his shoulder bag and
	reaches for the others.

117.   INT.  THE WIND TUNNEL								117.

	Short Round and Willie watch apprehensively as Indiana bags the
	three stones.

118.   INT.  THE ALTAR									 118.

	Indiana backs away and looks up at the horrific statue of Kali.
	It seems to be watching him.  He turns and is about to go when he
	hears something—It sounds like a voice and Indy is afraid to turn—could it be
	Kali?  The he hears other noises echoing and turns slowly.  Real-
	alizing the sounds are coming from behind the altar, Indy moves
	around it toward the back.

119.   INT.  THE WIND TUNNEL								119.

	Short Round and Willie are mystified as they see Indiana dissap-
	pear behind the altar.

				 Oh hell, where's he going?

	Short Round looks worried.  Then the wind rushes past them quickly
	and howls its somber musical note.  However, the wind sounds dif-
	ferent this time, its tone quavering slightly.

	Short Round is puzzled and looks around.  He  feeezes when he sees
	two shadowy figures coming down the tunnel toward them—the
	bodies causing the tone of the wind to shift eerily—Willie notices Short Round pulling a dagger from his belt -

				 What're you -- ?

	Suddenly she turns and screams as two huge Thuggee guards rush
	at them!  One grabs at Short Round but the kid slashes the
	guard's hand with his dagger.

	Willie tries to get past the other guard, but he snatches her by
	the arm and pulls her toward him—from her training at the Col-
	lege of Hard Knocks, Willie successfully knees the big man in the

							WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 Keep your paws off, letch!

	The man groans and sinks to his knees.  Willie sees that Short
	Round is in trouble.  She runs over, leaps onto the back of the
	other guard and starts ripping his hair out.

	Short Round picks up his fallen dagger.  The big guard lurches
	backwards and smashes Willie into the rocky wall of the tunnel.
	Willie falls to the floor.

	Short Round approaches, holding the man at bay with his dagger.
	Willie turns as the other guard, the one she kneed, crawls toward
	her—Willie scoops up some dirt and throws it.  The man claws
	at his eyes and Willie jumps up.

				 Run Willie!

	Willie starts to run and Short Round backs away, keeping the
	guard at a distance with his dagger.  Suddenly the guard cries out
	in Hindi and dives at Short Round.

	Panicking, Shorty tries to run after Willie—but he's tripped.
	The guard has Short Round by the foot and drags him back.  Willie
	looks around and stops running.  She sees Short Round is caught.

							SHORT ROUND (Cont'd)
				 No!  Run!  Go get help!

	Willie hesitates, then runs down the tunnel.  Meanwhile, a mam-
	moth hand clutches Short Round's throat—the giant guard lifts
	Shorty completely off the ground and the kid looks terrified and
	helpless as he dangles in the air...

120.   INT.  CHAMBER BEHIND ALTAR							120.

	Indiana enters the dark chamber behind the altar.  The only il-
	lumination is the back-light streaming around the silhouetted
	statue of Kali.

	Indy slowly crosses a narrow stone bridge and moves toward a cy-
	lindrical shaft of light rising up from what appears to be an
	enormous hole.

	Indy hears voices and the clink of metal against rock as he con-
	tinues forward.  The ground is dark in front of the large hole.
	He edges toward the precipice and the light rising up illuminates
	the look of shock on his face as he peers down into Hell...

121.   INT.  THE THUGGEE MINES								121.

	Indy looks into a deep pit around which concentric paths leads off
	into numerous narrow tunnels.  Crawling out of these burrows,
	scrawny children drag sacks of dirt and rock.  Other hollow-eyed
	children pull these sacks to mine cars waiting on rails.

	Straining to lift the rocks into the mine cars, several of the
	children slip and fall.  Bare-chested Thuggee guards shout at the
	enslaves children and kick those who've fallen.

	For these children there would seem to be only one hope—death—an end to their travail.

	Indiana edges around the hole, looking into the ghastly mine and
	feeling as if he's discovered an inferno of misery as grotesque
	as Dante's.

	Indy shifts the bag of stones on his shoulder.  He hesitates and
	considers his choice:  he has the Sankara Stones and can leave
	with them now...

	But Indy hears the pleading cries of one child and peers down to
	see a burly Thuggee guard beating the pitiful little slave.  Indy
	gets angrier and angrier as he watches.

	He finally steps over the grabs a boulder.  He lifts it and
	flings it down into the mine—122.   INT.  THE MINE									  122.

	We see Indiana above and the boulder hurtling down—it crashes
	onto the head of the Thuggee guard who hits the ground like a
	sack of cement!

12.    INT.  THE CHAMBER									 123.

	Indy sees the startled slave children looking up at him in shock.
	He smiles victoriously at the Thuggees below who've run over to
	see what happened.

	Indy's smile seems to fade as his anger turns to surprise as he
	feels something unnerving:

	Dirt is crumbling away from the rim of the hole, a small
	landslide starting beneath his feet.  Suddenly the floor gives
	way and Indy slips!

	The entire rim of the hole shears off and Indy topples with it
	and plunges down into the mine toward the assembled guards who
	scatter—Indy yells as he falls and it echoes...

												 CUT TO:

124.   INT.  A CELL - NIGHT								 124.

	Indiana's yell continues to echo—his head jerks suddenly—Indy jolts awake as if coming out of a nightmare, awakened by his
	own reverberating shout.

	Indy is lying on the rocky floor of a dark cave/cell.  He lifts
	his hands and discovers that they are chained.  In the murky
	light, he sees Short Round sitting in chains across the cell.

				 Indy—you knocked out when you
				 fall.  You okay?

	Indiana nods groggily.  He sees a young slave worker in rags sit-
	ting near Short Round.  Through the iron bars of the cell, Indy
	sees the children slaving in the mine tunnels.

						(indicating the kid)
				 This is Nainsukh—from the vil-
				 lage.  They bring him here to dig
				 in the mines.


				 Children are small—we can work
				 in tunnels.  Now I am too old.

				 What they do to you now?

				 I pray to Shiva—let me die.
				 But I do not.  Now—now the
				 evil of Kali take me.


				 They will make me drink blood of
				 Kali.  Then I fall into black
				 sleep of Kali Ma...

				 What is that?

				 I become like them.  I be  alive—nut like in nightmare.  You drink
				 the blood, you not wake up from
				 nightmare of Kali Ma.

	There's a noise and they see two guards and a priest outside the
	cell.  Nainsukh cowers in the darkness at the back of the cell,
	like a trapped animal awaiting the inevitable.

												 CUT TO:

125.   INT.  A MINE TUNNEL - NIGHT							 125.

	Indiana and Short Round are pushed down a tunnel by guards.  They
	are stopped at a door and shoved inside.

126.   INT.  MOLA RAM'S CHAMBER							  126.

	Indiana and Short Round stumble into the chamber.  It is a terri-
	fying gallery of occult yantras, ritualistic statues and grisly
	icons of the evil Thuggee sect.

	Grotesque statues of Kali's baleful minions line the walls.  In a
	corner, there is another statue of Kali herself, draped with
	flowers, necklaces of real human skills and slithering belts of
	live snakes.

	Fresh blood has been splashed over the statue and at its base are
	the three Sankara Stones recovered from Indiana.  Mola Ram sits
	in a yoga position near the statue of Kali.

	Mola Ram opens his eyes and he sees Indiana and Short Round
	standing in chains before him.

							MOLA RAM
				 You were caught trying to steal
				 the Sankara Stones.

				 Nobody's perfect.  The way I
				 heard it, you stole one of them
				 from a small village.

	Mola Ram stands and gazes transfixed at the stones glowing on the

							MOLA RAM
				 There were five stones in the
				 beginning.  Over the centuries
				 they were dispersed by wars,
				 sold off by thieves like you...

				 Two are still missing.

							MOLA RAM
				 No.  They are here—somewhere.
				 A century ago when the British
				 raided this temple and butchered
				 my people, a loyal priest his the
				 last two stones down here in the

				 That's what you've got these chil-
				 dren—these slaves digging for?

							MOLA RAM
				 They dig for the gems to support
				 our cause.  They also search for
				 the last two stones.  Soon we will
				 have all five Sankara Stones and
				 the Thuggees will be all powerful!

				 Nobody can say you don't have a
				 vivid imagination.

							MOLA RAM
				 You do not believe me?  You will,
				 Dr. Jones.  You will become a true

	The door opens and Mola Ram bows slightly as the little Maharajah
	enters.  Indy looks surprised and Short Round tenses.

							MOLA RAM (Cont'd)
				 Your Highness will witness the
				 thief's conversion.

	Mola Ram nods and two guards grab Indy.  They drag him struggling
	to a rock and chain him to it.  Short Round scuffles as he's
	pulled aside to watch.

	Remembering the High Priest's earlier open-heart surgery, Indi-
	ana looks worried as Mola Ram approaches him—MAHARAJAH
				 You will not suffer.  I recently
				 became of age and tasted the blood
				 of Kali.

	Now the young initiate comes forward and Indiana looks startled—it's Nainsukh.  He is wearing robes and his eyes are glowing
	strangely.  Nainsukh hands Mola Ram a hollow human skull full of

	The guards hold Indiana's head back and force his mouth open.
	Mola Ram tips the skull and blood spills out of its death-
	grinning jaws and flows into Indiana's mouth.  Indy gags—Suddenly he spits the blood, spraying Mola Ram and the little
	Maharajah.  Looking at his blood-splattered clothes, the Mahara-
	jah is furious.

							MOLA RAM
				 Hold him!

	The little prince's eyes glow angrily and he hisses at Indy—MAHARAJAH
				 You will learn to obey because
				 you are powerless!

	The little Maharajah pulls a small krtya from his robes—Indy
	sees that the doll has been crudely fashioned to resemble him.

							MAHARAJAH (Cont'd)
				 I control you now!

	The Maharajah turns and sticks the doll into a flaming urn.  In-
	diana suddenly cries out and twists in pain as he is burned!  The
	little prince smiles evilly and puts the doll back into his

	Then he goes over to where Indy's whip and bag have been laid.
	He grabs the bullwhip.

							MAHARAJAH (Cont'd)
				 You told me that a whip could be
				 an enemy to its owner.  We shall
				 see!  Turn him over!

	As the guards turn Indy face down, they rip off his jacket and
	chain his ahnds to the rock.  The Maharajah uncurls the whip—he
	notices Short Round smiling snidely—Suddenly the Maharajah cracks the whip—it lashes out and cuts
	into Short Round's shoulder.  Blood appears and Short Round looks
	stunned by the lash and by the fact the Marahajah knows who to
	use the whip.

							MAHARAJAH (Cont'd)
				 As Dr. Jones suggested, I have
				 been practicing.

	The little Maharajah whirls and lashes the whip again.  Indiana
	jerks as the bullwhip rips through his shirt and tears open his
	flesh.  The Maharajah lashes again and again—blood spurts
	across Indy's tattered shirt.

	As the whipping continues- Short Round jumps as if he is also be-
	ing beaten.  His eyes fill with tears as he watches Indy suffer.

	Finally, the little Maharajah lets the whip fall limp.  As the
	Maharajah approaches Indy, Short Round lunges as him angrily but
	the guards restrain him.

	Indiana groans as he's turned over.  Blood trickles from his
	mouth and he stares up hatefully at Mola Ram.

							MOLA RAM
				 The British in India will be
				 slaughtered.  Then we will over-
				 run the Moslems and force their
				 "Allah" to bow to Kali.

	Mola Ram is once again given the human skull by a priest and he
	lifts it toward Indy's face—MOLA RAM (Cont'd)
				 And then the Hebrew God will fall
				 and finally the Christian God will
				 be cast down and forgotten.

	Indy's head is held back and Mola Ram spills the blood—it
	flows out of the mouth of the skull into Indy's mouth.

							MOLA RAM (Cont'd)
				 Soon Kali Ma will rule the world!

	Indy's eyes look horrified as the blood flows from the skull down
	his choking throat—some of the blood spills and falls to the
	floor—We see the very earth trembling as the evil spreads—a fissure
	appears beneath Indy's feet and a small line of crimson lava
	oozes out and smiles evilly across the floor...

												 CUT TO:

127.   INT.  WILLIE'S SUITE - NIGHT							127.

	Diaphanous curtains billow silently into the moonlighted room.
	Two exotic birds sit on a golden perch, their eyes clicking
	watchfully.  Suddenly the brids shriek and flap away—Willie stumbles through the secret door and falls into the room.
	Insects cover her and she shimpers as she knocks them off.  She
	manages to stagger to her feet and she heads for the door.

128.   INT.  THE PALACE - NIGHT							  128.

	Willie rushes out of her room and runs through the deserted pal-
	ace looking for help.  She flies down the moonlit corridors, past
	the huge wall paintings.

	She stops by a courtyard and calls out desperately, but there is
	no one around.  She backs away down a hallway and then jumps—seeing something in a mirror:  a face looms behind her and she

	Willie whirls and sees Chattar Lal, the Prime Minister, approach-
	ing her.

				 Oh my God, you scared me!  Listen,
				 you've got to help.  We found this
				 tunnel—Captain Blumburtt comes around a corner and interrupts—CAPT. BLUMBURTT
							(to Chattar Lal)
				 Jones isn't in his room.  Miss
				 Scott—my troops are leaving at
				 dawn if you want us to escort you
				 to Delhi—WILLIE
				 No—you can't go!  Something aw-
				 ful's happened.  They've got Short
				 Round and I think Indy's been—CAPT. BLUMBURTT

				 We found a tennel that leads to a
				 temple below the palace!  Please,
				 come with me, I'll show you!

	The two men exchange dubious looks.  Willie grabs Blumburtt by
	the arm and they start down the hall.

				 Miss Scott, you're not making any

				 I'm afraid they'll kill them!  We
				 saw horrible things down there—they had a human sacrifice and they
				 ripped a man's heart out!


				 It's some kind of cult!  And they've
				 got the sacred stones that Indy was
				 searching for.

				 I sense the fumes of opium in all
				 this.  Prehaps Miss Scott picked
				 up the habit in Shanghai.

				 What're you talking about—I'm
				 not a dope fiend!  I saw it!  I'll
				 show you!

129.   INT.  WILLIE'S SUITE								 129.

	She leads them into her suite.  Willie points to the dark opening
	in the wall.  Blumburtt picks up an oil lamp and holds it toward
	the opening—suddenly he jumps back as Indiana emerges!

						(smiling faintly)
				 What're we playing, hid and seek?

	They're all startled.  Willie looks relieved and rushes over to
	Indy and puts her arms around him.

				 Oh, Indy, you got away!  Tell them
				 what happened, they won't believe
				 me—He puts his arms around her and feels her trembling from fear and
	anger.  He walks her to the bed and helps her sit down—INDIANA
				 It's okay.  You're all right now.

				 They think I'm insane.  Tell them
				 I'm not, Indy.  Please—help me ...

	The awful events have taken their toll and Willie covers her face
	and cries like a scared kid.  Indy gets her to lie down on the
	bed.  He sits beside her and smiles and touches her hair—INDIANA
				 Hey, I thought you were supposed
				 to be a real tropper.  Willie?

	He wipes the tears from her face and she holds his hand—WILLIE

				 You've got to go to sleep now.

				 I want to go home...

				 I don't blame you... this hasn't
				 been what you'd call a fun vaca-

	She smiles a little despite herself and he touches her cheek.
	He eyes are already closing and he stands up.

	A servant is entering the suite to take care of Willie.  She cov-
	sers her with a blanket and start dropping the mosquito netting
	as Indy walks off toward the verandah with Blumburtt and Chattar

130.   EXT.  THE VERANDAH - DAWN							 130.

	The first light is breaking over the mountain peaks.  Coming out
	onto the verandah, Indy and the other two men see the cavalry
	troops breaking camp below and readying their horses and trucks.

				 I've spent by life crawling around
				 in caves and tunnels—I shouldn't
				 have let somebody like Willie go
				 in there with me.

				 Miss Scott panicked?

				 When she saw the insects she passed
				 out cold.  I carried her back to
				 her room.  She was sleeping when I
				 re-entered the tunnel to look

				 As she slept, she undoubtedly had

	Indiana looks at him and nods.

				 Then she must have run out of the
				 room and you found her.

				 Did you discover anything in that
				 tunnel, Dr. Jones?

	Indiana stares into the rising sun.

				 Nothing.  Just a dead end.  That
				 tunnel's been deserted for years.

	A sergeant-major shouts up to Blumburtt that the troops are

				 Well, Mr. Prime Minister, my re-
				 port will duly note that we
				 found nothing unusual here in

				 I'm sure that will please the
				 Maharajah, Captain.

							(to Indiana)
				 As I said before, we'd be happy to
				 escort you to Delhi.

				 Thanks, but I don't think Willie is
				 ready to travel yet.

												 CUT TO:

131.   EXT.  THE PALACE ROAD - MORNING						131.

	Dust swirls as the British cavalry moves off with their Highland
	Pipers at the head playing a military bagpipe tune.  Capt. Blum-
	burtt comes out of the palace and gets into an open car.

	Blumburtt's car moves off behind the cavalry and then the supply
	trucks follow.

132.   INT.  WILLIE'S SUITE								 132.

	The whine of the bagpipes is eerily muted in the dark room.
	Through the gently swaying mosquito netting, we see Willie asleep
	on the bed.

	Then through her side of the gauzy netting, we see the door
	opening across the room.  Indiana enters quietly and moves toward
	the bed, his eyes fixed on Willie's sleeping body.

	Indy sits down on the bed slowly.  Willie turns in her sleep and
	opens her eyes.  Through the mosquito netting she sees Indy sit-
	ting with his back to her.

				 Indy?  Did you walk to them?


				 So now they believe me.

				 Yes, they believe you.

	Indiana speaks in a strange monotone.

				 Then they'll send the soldiers
				 down into the temple...

	Willie looks at Indiana's back and continues quietly.

							WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 I was scared to death last night
				 when I thought they were going to
				 kill you.

				 No... they won't kill me.

						(smiling faintly)
				 You know you've been nothing but
				 trouble since I hooked up with
				 you—but I have to admit I'd
				 miss you if I lost you...

	Now Indiana starts to turn slowly.

				 You won't lose me, Willie...

	She sees him turn and his face slowly comes toward the mosquito
	netting—his face pushes into the netting and Willie looks
	stunned as Indy's mouth opens—He starts hissing grotesquely, smoke billows out of his mouth and
	the mosquito netting BURNS OPEN to expose his terrifying face
	moving toward Willie—She is forzen with fear and unable to utter a sound as Indy's
	malevolent face looms at her—and then she notices his eyes—his eyes glowing a hellish luminscent yellow!

	Willie SCREAMS!!

	She suddenly bolts from the bed and tries to run—Indiana goes
	into a rage, ripping the mosquito netting from the bed as he fol-
	lows her.

				 No!  I've found it—you can't --
				 Kali knows!

	Willie tries the door but it's locked.  She sees Indiana moving
	toward her ranting incoherently as he smashes a vase out of his
	way—INDIANA—been too many lies—there's no
				 god's heaven—just—the horror!
				 I've seen it—life preying on

	Willie cowers in a corner, horrified by the transformation she
	sees in Indiana.  Shouting and pacing Indy holds his head against
	the pain of his terrible thoughts—INDIANA—rivers—destroying mountains—a comet in space—exploding!
						 (holding his head)
				 Aaahh! -- the screams—pitiful
				 people—their pain—the hate—and greed—always greed!

	The light throws his shadow over Willie—a giant shadow float-
	ing back and forth over her as she cries in the corner, unable to
	fight the evil devouring Indiana.

							INDIANA—but I've found—Kali's touch!
				 Death—no more lies—the death
				 I've been searching for!
				 Quit crying!  She can hear you—Kali knows fear—don't you under-
				 stand—Kali is freedom!

	Indiana stops pacing and Willie freezes in terror.  Now a bizarre
	yellow light wipes across the room.  Indiana turns and watches
	silently as two Thuggee guards emerge from a secret doorway
	that's opened—The shadows of the Thuggee guards loom over Willie and she
	SCREAMS again!

												 CUT TO:

133.   INT.  THE TEMPLE OF DEATH - DAY						133.

	A sea of frightening faces once again intones the horrible sacri-
	ficial chant.  Among the shorshippers, the little Maharajah sits
	on a riased platform.  Like the other believers, he stares across
	the crevasse at the altar of Kali Ma.

	The wailing wind howls out of the high tunnel and the terrifying
	chanting reaches a fever pitch.

134.   INT.  THE TMEPLE ALTAR								 134.

	And once again the three sacred Sankara Stones glow magically.
	Mola Ram materializes evilly amidst the swirling smoke and he
	begins chanting in Sanskrit.

	Beside the altar, half-clad female acolytes pass in front of the
	robed priests—with their fingers the women paint two white
	lines across the priests' foreheads.

	An acolyte moves in front of Chattar Lal—the Prime Minister is
	now dressed in robes.  As the devotional markings are painted on
	his forehead, Chattar Lal translates the High Priest's speech to
	Indiana who stands next to him.

				 Mola Ram is telling the faithful
				 of out victory.  He says the
				 British have left the palace,
				 which proves Kali Ma's new power.

				 Yes, I understand.

	Indiana bows his head to receive the mystical markings.  He lis-
	tens to Mola Ram's rantings—Indy's eyes are ominously vacant
	as he stares up at the hideous statue of Kali.

135.   INT.  MINE TUNNELS - DAY							  135.

	Beneath the temple, down in the bowels of the mountain, the piti-
	ful children dig at the earth with their fingers.  A FAT GUARD
	slouches down the tunnel, flogging malingerers with a aleather

	Short Round sweats next to the others, clawing at the rocks,
	doomed to work with them now in their search for the last wo
	Sankara Stones.

	The leather strap suddenly flays Short Round's back and he barely
	manages not to scream out in pain.  The fat guard passes—Short
	Round and the other kids pull a large rock which suddenly comes
	loose out of the wall -- !

	They fall back and see they've exposed a vein of molten lava!
	Hearing their shouts, the fat guard returns—yelling at their
	stupidity, he whips them and shoves them aside brutally.

	Short Round see the fat guard's eyes glowing fiercely in anger.
	Suddenly the fissure shoots out steam and spews some molten lava
	over the guard's legs.

	The guard screams and falls to the ground, thrashing about, try-
	ing to kick the searing lava off his smoking flesh.

	As the other kids cower, Short Round's humane instincts cause him
	to jump forward to help the guard who moments earlier was beating
	him—Short Round tosses dirt on the guard's legs and grabs a gunny
	sack and starts rubbing the lava off.  Shorty notices something

	The guard's eyes, which were glowing yellow before, are now dim-
	ming and returning to normal.  The moaning guard looks at Shorty
	thankfully and then looks around as if waking from a nightmare—SHORT ROUND
						(to another slave kid)
				 His eyes—they go out.

	Other guards appear and lift the guard—suddenly he starts
	struggling against the guards not wanting to return to the night-
	mare of Kali—FAT GUARD
					 (as he's dragged away)
				 No!  NO!

				 The pain—the pain makes him wake up!
						  (thinking quickly)
				 Indy!  I can make Indy wake up!

	But the other guards push and beat the children back to work.
	Short Round is shoved against a wall and groans—he reaches over
	and grabs a large rock, lifting it defiantly—But rather than heaving it at the guard, Short Round smashes the
	rock down on the leg chains binding him to the other children.
	Shorty beats at the chain with the rock, determined to escape.


136.   INT.  THE TEMPLE OF DEATH							 136.

	The wind moans and joins Mola Ram's voice echoing maniacally over
	the multitude gathered in the enormous temple.  On his throne,
	the little Maharajah listens transfixed.

137.   INT.  THE ALTAR									 137.

	Chattar Lal watches Indiana staring hypnotically at the High
	Priest as he speaks—CHATTAR LAL
				 You understand what he tells us?

				 Kali Ma protects us now and for-
				 ever, and we must pledge our
				 devotion by worshipping her with
				 an offering of flesh and blood!

	Suddenly htere is a heart-rending scream of terror and the
	priests draf forward the next sacrificial victim—Indiana's glowing eyes watch emotionlessly as Willie is brought
	out. Dressed in a Rajput maiden's outfit, Willie has been jewel-
	ed and draped with flowers—a strange contrast as she struggles

				 Your friend has seen and she has
				 heard—now she will not talk.

	As Willie is dragged past she sees Indy and calls to him—WILLIE
				 Indy!  Help me!  Indy?!

	Willie is shocked seeing that Indiana remains impassive and un-
	caring as she's dragged to her death.

							(to Indy)
				 This will prove your devotion to

	Indiana looks away from Willie's terrified face and stares up
	adoringly at the monstrous statue of his goddess Kali.

138.   INT.  THE MINE									  138.

	In the dark tunnel, a rock smashes down onto a chain—and
	breaks it!  Short Round is exhausted.  He looks around furtively
	and sees a guard approaching.

	Short Round takes a chance—he dives and rolls across the
tunnel.  He ducks behind a mine car full of rocks being pushed
	out by two chained children.

	The guard lumbers past unsuspectingly as Short Round makes his
	escape using the moving mine car as cover.

139.   INT.  THE ALTAR									 139.

	Up in the temple, Willie continues to struggle as her legs are
	strapped to the iron sacrifical frame.  Chattar Lal grabs her
	hand and ties it down.  Willie's free hand reaches out imploring-
	ly toward Indiana—WILLIE
				 Please, God, don't let them do
				 this to me—help me, Indy!

	He reaches out slowly and Willie grabs his hand tightly.  Indy
	looks into her eyes and then stares at her hand—and slowly
	lifts it and starts tying it to the iron frame.

							WILLIE (Cont'd)

	Willie cries is disbelief as Indiana calmly betrays her.

140.   INT.  THE MINES BELOW								140.

	Short Round races up a tunnel and then flattens himself behind a
	corner.  He peers anxiously into a large carven and sees two
	guards walking away.

	When the coast is clear, Short Round darts across the cavern to a
	long wooden ladder tilted up against a wall.  Short Round looks
	up the high ladder and sees a kid with a sack of rocks descending
	from a burrow-hole half-way up the wall.

	The exhausted kid nearly collapses at the bottom—then jumps
	seeing Short Round.  Shorty motions for him to keep quiet.
	Amaxed, the kid watches Short Round scramble up the ladder.
	Shorty continues until he is high above the floor.

	Dirty faces stare out of the high burrow as Short Round stops
	climbing.  The kids are astonished as Short Round suddenly grunts
	and kicks the ladder away from the wall!

	The high ladder falls in an arc and what seem like sure suicide
	slowly resembles a mini-Indiana Junes stunt as Short Round swings
	to the other side of the falling ladder—Short Round holds on for dear life as the ladder crashes against
	the opposite cavern wall—giving Short Round access to the
	roof-hole that leads up to the temple!

	Short Round scurries up the ladder and pulls himself up into the
	chamber behind the altar.  He looks at the light flaring around
	the statue of Kali—SHORT ROUND
				 Indy -- !

141.   INT.  THE TEMPLE OF DEATH							 141.

	Chains clank and gears grind as the sacrificial frame is raised
	over the crevasse.  Stretched out on it, Willie looks horrified
	as she hangs suspended face down above the boiling lava!

	The frame and victim descend slowly into the crevasse and the
	crowd around the little Maharajah changs louder.

142.   INT.  THE REAR CHAMBER								 142.

	Short Round dashes across the dark chamber behind the altar.  He
	peers out and sees Willie disappearing into the crewasse!  He
	sees Indiana watching impassively—SHORT ROUND
				 No—Indy—wake up!

	Then Shorty sees a flaming torch hanging on a wall bracket and he
	has an idea.

143.   INT.  THE ALTAR									 143.

	Short Round suddenly darts out onto the altar and Mola Ram sees
	him and yells.  Several priests grab for Shorty.  He eludes the
	first priest, smashes the second in the stomach with his head,
	and runs like a little quarterback toward the fiery torch—Short Round snatches the torch from the wall and charges toward
	Indiana.  Seeing him coming, Indy's eyes start glowing yellow and
	when Short Round runs up to him, Indiana suddenly swings and
	backhands the little guy brutally across the face!

	The torch flies out of Shorty's hand as he's knocked against at
	wall by Indy's vicious blow—Short Round wipes a little blood
	from his chin and stares at his hero in wounded disbelief.

	Chattar Lal watches approvingly—a priest moves toward Shorty.
	Chattar Lal looks back toward the crevasse—Willie hangs on the lowering frame, heat waves rising up now to
	scald her skin and she chokes as the sulphuric air burns her

	Meanwhile Short Round is crawling backwards across the floor with
	a look of terror on his face—Indiana stalks him, hissing,
	snarling, his eyes lgowing—Short Round springs to his feet and tries to run—Indy grabs
	him and pulls him—Shorty's hand grabs for another wall torch
	and just manages to yank it free!

	Indiana spins Short Round and clutches his throat.  As Indy
	strangles him, Short Round struggles and finally jams the torch
	into Indy's side.  The fiery torch burns Indy, smoking as it
	sears his flesh, and he yells in pain.

				 Wake up!  It's just a nightmare,
				 Indy!  Wake up, please Indy!

	Indiana writhes in pain and Short Round sees the evil yellow glow
	in Indy's eyes getting dimmer and finally going out.  Now it
	seems like theold Indiana staring at him—SHORT ROUND (Cont'd)
				 Indy, you back?

	Suddenly a priest grabs Short Round and pulls him off Indiana.

				 No!  Give him to me!

	Short Round is firghtened as Indy grabs him from the priest.
	Indy lifts Short Round into the air—SHORT ROUND
				 No, Indy, no!

	He sets Short Round down on the brink of the crevasse an inch
	from doom.  Shorty looks down at the lava and is terrified.
	Indiana finally flahses him a quick smile and winks!

	Then Indiana whirls and punches the priest in the face!  Short
	Round cheers, realizing that Indiana is back.

							SHORT ROUND (Cont'd)
				 We got to help Willie!

	Indiana springs into action, stopping another priest with a quick
	punch in the stomach.  Then he rushes over to the crankwheel and
	pulley platform.  Indy jumps onto it, yanking one priest off who
	spills onto the floor.

	A second priest, who works the controls lowering the sacrificial
	frame, sees Indy and releases the crankwheel—Down in the crevasse, Willie screams as the iron frame suddenly
	plummets toward the fulminating lava!

	On the platform, the priest lunges at Indiana—Indy uses the
	man's own momentum to throw him over his head.  Indy then dives
	for the crankwheel and manages to stop it—Down in the crevasse, the fram jolts to a stop only yards above
	the spumes of fiery lava.  The heat is so intense now that Wil-
	lie's clothes start smoking and she passes out...
	On the platform above, Indiana cranks furiously, raising the sa-
	crificial frame.

144.   INT.  THE TEMPLE									144.

	The chanting stops at the Kali worshippers notice the battle on
	the altar.  The little Maharajah looks concerned and leaves,
	shoving through the crowd behind his bodyguards.

145.   INT.  THE ALTAR									 145.

	Mola Ram shouts at his priests and another one of them runs to-
	ward Indy on the platform.  Short Round dives and tackles the

	Chattar Lal finally leaps onto the crankwheel platform and Indy
	sees him pull a dagger.  He slashes at Indiana and Indy has to
	let go of the crankwheel—the gears scream and the chains

	Below in the crevasse, the iron frame plunges again toward the
	crimson lava!

	On the platform, Indy hears the frame lowering and looks pan-
	icked.  Chattar Lal slahses again with the dagger—keeping Indy
	away from the cogwheel mechanism—Indy suddenly kicks the dagger from Chattar Lal's hand slugs him
	in the stomach and dives toward the cogwheel mechanism.  He grabs
	a iron rod and throws it into the gears—the gears mangle the iron rod but finally grind to a stop.  Indi-
	ana grabs the crankwheel and starts winding it up furiously.

	Meanwhile, Short Round jumps onto the platform with Indy and
	grabs a long wrench.  He starts swinging the wrench, keeping the
	last priests off the platfrom.

	The sacrificial frame finally rises up into view and Indiana
	grabs it and swings it over onto the platform.  He looks at Wil-
	lie anxiously as he releases her bindings—Willie moans and moves her head.  Indy pulls her off the frame
	and she starts coughing.  Gasping for breath, Willie ervives as
	fresh air flows into her lungs.

	Finally Willie opens her eyes and she sees Indiana.  Then she
	notices something else and manages to cry out hoarsely—WILLIE
				 Look out -- !

	Chattar Lal grabs a pistol from an unconscious guard and Indiana
	whirls to see him pointing it—Indy kicks the gun from his hand
	and suddenly Chattar Lal starts shouting in a terrifying voice—Chattar Lal's eyes glow as he lunges suicidally at Indiana, at-
	tempting to take Indy with him as he dives from the platform!

	Crashing into Indy, Chattar Lal knocks both of them back onto the
	sacrificial frame which swings out over the crevasse—Indy manages to dive off the frame just in time.  He grabs hold
	of the platform as the crankwheel screams and the frame falls!

	Looking up from the depths of the crevasse, we see the frame with
	Chattar Lal on it plummeting downward into the sulphurous smoke!
	The frame finally crashes, splashing into the molten lava.

	Chattar Lal's body explodes inot flame friefly—his flesh is
	broiled off in an instant—we glimpse a skeleton momentarily—and then all is consumed and obliterated by the blazing lava.

	 scramble over to Short Round who jumps off the platform and they
	follow him across the altar.

	Indy sees Mola Ram quickly collecting the sacred Sankara Stones.
	Indiana rushes over and spins Mola Ram around—He slugs the High Priest in the face and Mola Ram keels over
	backwards against the statue of Kali.  Short Round helps stuff
	the Sankara Stones into Indiana's shoulder bag.

146.   INT.  THE REAR CHAMBER								 146.

	Short Round, Willie and Indiana rush across the chamber behind
	the altar.  They run over to the ladder and start climbing down
	into the mines.

147.   INT.  THE MINES

	Willie follows Short Round.  Indiana jumps down last and pulls
	the ladder away, letting it crash to the floor so they won't be

	They draw the attention of the slave children working in the tun-
	nels around the cavern.  But it's the sight of the approaching
	guard that worries Indy—INDIANA
				 Come on, quick!

	They duck into one of the tunnels.  As they hide, Indy watches
	the guard passing.

				 What're we going to do?

	Indiana looks around at the silent, frightened children who've
	stopped working in the tunnel and his anger darkens—INDIANA
				 We're going to get them out
				 of here -- !

	Then he looks at the bag holding the Sankara Stones and grows
	still more determined—INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 And then we're going to get these
				 out of here -- !
				 And somehow I'm going to see this
				 place destroyed.

148.   INT.  THE CAVERN - MOMENTS LATER						 148.

	A gaurd passing hears a voice and stops—INDIANA (O.S.)
				 Ah, sir?  Excuse me—The guard turns and looks amazed to see Indy smiling at him from
	the mouth of the tunnel.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 Listen, I'm from the union and I'd
				 like to talk about the working
				 conditions here.  Could you step
				 inside a minute?

	Indy smiles again and disappears into the tunnel.  In astonished
	rage, the guard draws his sword and goes after Indy into the tun-
	nel—there's a pause and then we hear the guard yell!

149.   INT.  THE TUNNEL									149.

	Willie flattens against the wall as Indiana catapaults the big
	guard past her back into the mine where he's set upon bu a horde
	of rebellious slave children.

	The kids swarm over the guard like jackalas and we see Short Round
	pull a key from the struggling guard's robe.

												 CUT TO:

150.   MONTAGE - THE MINES								  150.

	A key is twisted and the chains are pulled from kids' legs...

	Elsewhere, more chains are unlocked and rattle free.  Liberated
	kids spill out of the tunnels...

	A guard is tripped and attacked by a horde of ex-slaves...

	In another location, kids wrap captured guards in layers of

	High up on a ledge, a fleeing gaurd skids to a stop when he sees
	kids charging at him.  He sees more kids rushing from behind him.
	The guard scrams as he dives off the ledge...

											 (END MONTAGE)

151.   INT.  BEHIND THE ALTAR - DAY							151.

	Freed children scramble up numerous ladders to escape the mines
	below.  They follow the mass of children moving toward the front

152.   INT.  THE ALTAR									 152.

	On the altar, under the statue of Kali, Willie and Short Round
	are helping Indy and some of the bigger children rip down a
	long wooden panel decorated with hideous Kali figures.

	The childrens' escape is blocked by the chasm separating the
	altar from the deserted sorshippers' area of the temple.  The
	swelling crowds of children push and teeter dangerously on the
	edge of the fire pit.

	Indiana and the others carry the wooden panel through the crowd
	toward the chasm.  They stand it up and when Indy gives thw word
	they drop it—The panel crashes across the chasm forming a plank across which
	the children now begin running to safety.

153.   INT.  BEHIND THE ALTAR								 153.

	The last of the children scramble up the ladders and run toward
	the front of the altar.

154.   INT.  THE ALTAR									 154.

	The childrens' bare feet stomp across the wooden plank—below
	them the lava of the fire pit bubbles and shows outbursts of

	Indy stares at the plank and sees that it's starting to smoke
	from the intese heat rising up.

	On the far side of the plank, the children safely across scatter
	through the deserted temple toward freedom.

	Willie and Short Round help the last kids out onto the plank—Indy sees one child's foot break though the smoldering wood—the kid in front pulls the child to safety.

	Willie and Short Round start to go out onto the plank but Indy
	shouts at them—INDIANA
				 No, wait!

	He runs over and pulls them aside—he steps out onto the plank
	and takes a few steps to test it—suddenly the plank bursts
	into flame in the middle.

	Indy takes one more step—and then the plank breaks!  Indy
	dives back to the ledge of the altar and Willie and Short Round
	grab him and pull him up and the wooden plank plummets into the
	fiery chasm.

				 What're we going to do?!

				 There's got to be another way out.

												 CUT TO:

155.   INT.  A TUNNEL									  155.

	Indiana, Willie and Short Round run through the deserted mine
	tunnels.  They hear a rumbling noise and Indy leads them down a
	side tunnel.  They stop and peer into a quarry.

156.   INT.  THE QUARRY CAVERN								156.

	A large cavern is the depository for the mine cars rolling in
	with loads of rock.  Emaciated children (still unaware of the re-
	volt and the other childrens' escape) break their backs shoving
	the heavily-loaded mine cars.

	Thuggee guards supervise the deadening work, while others oper-
	ate the pulley-and-hoist system used to drag  the cars up the
	sloped dump ramp.

	Behind this operation, a thunderous waterfall cascades into a
	huge cistern.  From there, chutes deply the rushing water to
	power the large conveyor belt below it.

	As the cars rise up the ramp, they tip and spill rocks onto the
	conveyor belt which carries them toward an awesome stone cylinder
	that rolls relentlessly , crushing the rocks into sand.

	From the side tunnel, Indiana watches the noisy operation.

				 Those empty cars have got to go
				 out of the mines.

	Willie and Short Round watch the children push the empty mine
	cars.  The cars gain momentum and roll away down two dark tun-

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 Come on, let's see if we can
				 catch a ride...

	Tey duck out of the tunnel and run for cover behind a slag heap.
	Loaded mine cars roaring down from the mines hurtle past them and
	crash to a stop against the cars in front.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 Okay, Shorty—go!

	He pushes Short Round who darts out after a mine car roars past
	and dodges across the tracks before the next one descends.  Indy
	pushes Willie  into  position and holds her ready—WILLIE
				 I can't!


	After another car crashes past, Indy shoves her.  Willie runs out—her shoe gets stuck and she freezes in the tracks!  Willie
	sees a rock-filled car blasting down out of a tunnel directly
	toward her!

	Indiana dives, knocking Willie safely to the ground on the other
	side of the tracks—the heavy car hurtles past and crashes into
	the cars in front.

	Indy pulls Willie behind a massive wooden post holding up the
	dump ramp and they hide from a passing gaurd.

				 We've got to get across to the
				 empty cars.  Wait here until I
				 signal you.

	They watch him run and hurdle a pile of lumber, bound up three
	steps and duck behind a tool shack on the platform.  Indy reaches
	out and grabs one of the passing slave children.

	They see Indy put his hand over the kid's mouth and whisper to
	him.  He releases the kid who sneaks away, alerting the other
	children who start making their escapes into side tunnels.

	Now Indy motions to Short Rounds and Willie to follow.  As they
	start to move out they freeze dead in their tracks and Indy
	motions again angrily—INDIANA
				 Come on!

	Willie and Short Round see a guard coming up the steps on the
	other side of the platform.  As the man rises he gets taller and
	taller—until they see it's a Thuggee giant coming up behind

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 Come one, what's wrong?

				 Behind you!

	Indiana turns and looks into the bare chest of the seven-foot
	tall guard.  Indy has to look up to see the man's mean-looking

				 I see the problem...

	Indiana suddenly punches the giant in the stomach—the giant
	does not flinch, he just belches rudely.

	Indiana growls and winds up to take a killer swing—he steps
	back, cocks his arm—and suddenly turns and runs away.

	No dummy, Indy dashes over and picks up a piece of wood.  The
	giant starts toward him.  Indy drops the wood and looks around
	for a much larger piece of wood.

	As the giant stalks toward him, Indiana raises the large piece of
	lumber—Indy suddenly groans, drops the wood and clutches his
	stomach.  Willie and Short Round looks startled—WILLIE
				 What happened?

	Short Round shakes his head.  They see Indy recover from the
	spasm as the giant rushes him.  Indy jumps aside, landing on a
	loaded mine car that is passing by.

	The car is being dragged up the dump ramp and the giant jumps out
	onto it after Indiana.  Indy quickly grabs a rock and, as the
	giant rushes him, Indy smashes the rock against the big man's

	Unfortunately, it's the rock that shatters and not the skull.
	Indy dives to the other end of the mine car and lifts a large

	Suddenly Indy drops the boulder and grabs him arm, feeling a
	shooting pain again.  Then he yells as he feels yet another stab-
	bing pain in his left leg.

				 What's wrong with him?

	Shorty is convused and worried—and then he sees something!  He
	looks up and there on a rock-cut balcony over the cavern is the
	little Maharajah!

	The little prince clutches the clay krtya doll that represents
	Indy.  He jabs it in the leg with a long sapphire-tipped turban

	On the mine car, Indy yells and grabs his right leg, which
	collapses beneath him.  Short Round takes off.  He dashes under
	the platform toward a bucket-chain carrying spent water back up
	to the cistern.

	Short Round leaps over the pool of water and grabs onto a bucket.
	He rises up on this make-shift elevator toward the rock balcony
	and the malicious little Maharajah.

	Meanwhile, Indy is on the brink of unconsciousness as the giant's
	massive hands throttle his neck.  Indy's head hangs over the end
	of the mine car and suddenly his eyes widen—The car with Indy and the giant reaches the peak of the dump ramp
	and its upended—spilling both of them and a shower of rocks
	down the conveyor belt!

	Down below, Willie dodges wooden pillars and weaves around
	quarry equipment, trying to follow Indy's battle with the giant.
	She trips and swears angrily—Willie pushes and empty mine car out of her way—an empty mine
	car!  She runs back and starts shoving the mine car along the
	rails toward the conveyor belt.

				 I got one!  Indy, I got one!

	Near the waterfall, Short Round ascends on the rising bucket
	chain.  Up on the balcony, the little Maharajah chuckles evilly as
	he watches Indiana on the conveyor belt—The Maharajah lifts the clay doll and viciously jabs the pin in
	the back of it!

	On te conveyor, Indiana gets to his feet and then yells as a
	stabbing pain lacerates his back!  He falls and writhed helpless-
	ly as the giant staggers up the rocky conveyor belt toward him.

	Willie shoves the mine car forward.  She sees Indy's desperate
	situation as he's pulled along the conveyor toward the rock

				 Indy, look out!

	She looks up and sees Short Round leap from the bucket-chain onto
	the balcony.  The little Maharajah's eyes glow fiendishly as he
	lifts the clay doll—and jabs the pin into the doll's face.

	On the conveyor belt, Indy yells agonizingly and clutches his
	stabbed face!  Behind him, rocks explode as they're crushed and
	pulverized by the mammoth roller.

	In front of Indy, the Thuggee giant grabs a pick-axe as the con-
	veyor slides past a tool bin.  The giant approaches Indy with it.

	Short Round dashes across the balcny and tackles the Maharajah.
	They fall and fight like mortal enemies.  Short Round sees the
	little Maharajah's eyes glowing as he punches him in the face.

	Only a few feet away from the rock-smashing roller, Indy is still
	on his back on the conveyor belt, thrashing in pain, feeling the
	Maharajah's pin piercing his face.  The giant raises the pick-axe
	above his head and it about to split Indiana in two!

	On the balcony, the Maharajah drops the doll and Short Round
	dives for it—he grabs the clay doll and pulls out the pin!

	On the conveyor belt, Indiana is suddenly released from the
	and looks up to see the giant swinging the pick-axe.  Indy rolls
	aside at the last minute!

	The pick-axe cleaves into the conveyor belt and the giant lurches
	forward—Indy gives him a helpful kick, sending the giant
	flying toward the rock-crusher as Indy jumps off the conveyor

	Seeing the huge roller looming in front of him, the giant crawls
	desperately against the movement of the conveyor belt—but he
	gets snagged!

	The sash around his waist gets caught under the rolling cursher
	and he's dragged back under it feet first.  The Thuggee giant
	screams hideously as his body is rolled over and squashed by the
	enormous stone wheel!

	On the balcony, Short Round is jabbing the pin into the squirming
	little Maharajah.  The little pricne's eyes still glow yellow as
	he hollers—SHORT ROUND
				 How you like bing pin cushion,
				 Mr. Rajah-ha-ha?

	The little prince rolls on the ground and tries to fight off
	Short Round who keeps jabbing him—suddenly the Maharajah
	swings and the pin is accidentally rammed clear through his hand!

	Shorty sees the pin sticking through both sides of the kid's
	hand.  The Maharajah stares at his pierced hand, gasping in

	Short Round notices the yellow glow dying out of the Maharajah's
	eyes—just as Indy's eyes cleared after he was released from
	Kali's trance.

				 Please—pull it out!

	Short Round yanks the pin out of the little prince's hand.  The
	Maharajah looks like he's jsut awakened from a bag dream.

				 It was the black sleep of Kali...

				 They made me do evil things...
				 may lord Krishna forgive me.

	Meanwhile, Indy runs along the catwalk above the conveyor belt.
	He jumps and grabs onto a cross-bard—he kicks out with his feet
	and knocks a quarry guard off the catwalk.

	The guard flies through the air and topples into the sand pit
	where he thrashes around blindly under the sand falling from the

	Across the cavern, Willie shoves the rolling mine car toward the

				 Get down here, Shorty!  I got us
				 a ride!

	Willie shirls as another quarry guard rushes toward her.  She
	yanks the iron brake-handle off the mine car and holds it threat-
	eningly like a baseball bat—WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 Come on, let's see hoe hand your
				 head is!

	Up on the rock balcony, Short Round lowers himself over the edge.
	The little Maharajah grabs his arm—MAHARAJAH
				 Please—listen—to go out
				 you must take the left tunnel.

	Shorty looks at him and he knows he's telling the truth.

				 Thanks pal.

				 I'm going to try to find the
				 English soldiers.

				 Good luck.

	Short Round slips over the edge and slides down a wet stalactite
	to the floor of the cavern.

	There he finds Willie swinging the brake-handle and smashing the
	guard in the gut.  The man doubles in pain—Willie kicks his
	putt and he splashes into the pool of water.

				 I don't appreciate being cooked
				 like a french fry!

				 Willie, come on!

	Willie starts pushing the empty mine car with Short Round.

							SHORT ROUND (Cont'd)
				 You do pretty good for a girl!

	Across the quarry, Mola Ram and six temple guards run out onto a
	high platform next to the waterfall.  Mola Ram sees Willie and
	Short Round pushing the mine cat.

	Mola Ram shouts to his men—two of them pull pistols and open

	Bullets ricochet off the mine car and Short Round shoves Willie
	to the far side of the car where they both take cover.

	Meanwhile, up on a catwalk, a guard slices a sword through the
	air and Indiana ducks!  The sword slashes into a wooden railing
	and the guard tries frantically to pull it out—Indiana slams kis knee up into the guard's stomach and then
	smashes his fist down on his neck—the man collapses.  Indy
	hears more gunfire.

	Indiana rushes along the catwalk toward the platform above.  He
	edges against the wall below the platform, staying out of sight
	as he unfurls his whip.

	One of Mola Ram's guards fires again from the high platform and
	Indiana lashes the whip—the whip wraps around the gunman's
	arm and Indy yanks on it—The gunman topples through the air and crashes down onto the cat-
	walk.  Indy grabs the gun.  He kicks the guard off the catwalk
	and the man falls into the waterfall pool.

	As the other guards fire down at him, Indiana dodges along the
	catwalk and fires back at them.  A bullet explodes near Mola Ram
	and he ducks back—Meanwhile, Short Round and Willie have the mine car rolling and
	they jump into it—SHORT ROUND
				 Indy!  Hurry!

	Indiana spots the rolling mine car racing across the quarry.  Indy
	takes off and runs along the catwalk—bullets explode around
	him, splintering wood.  Indy reaches the end of the catwalk—Suddenly he dives into the air and catches hold of a block and
	tacke!  Indy skids along the pulley system, sliding down a cable
	toward the mine car in which Short Round and Willie are riding.

	Bullets whiz past as Indiana sails in the air above the speeding
	mine car - when they are in sync, Indy lets go and drops into the
	mine car next to Willie and Short Round!

	Mola Ram rushes forward and watches the speeding mine car rolling
	down the track toward the tunnels—MOLA RAM
				 They've stolen the Sankara
				 Stones—they must be stopped!

	In the speeding  mine car, Indy sees the tracks separating in two
	directions—one back into the quarry, the other toward two tun-
	nels that lead out of the mines.

	Indiana lifts a shovel from the floor of the car and swings it
	just in time—he hits a switch which CLANGS as they speed by
	and the car is shunted tipsy-turvy onto the track toward the two

	Willie hangs on as the car tears down the track toward the tunnel
	on the right—and Short Round looks worried—SHORT ROUND
				 No, Indy, it's left tunnel.

	But it's too late and they all hold on as the mine car shoots
	donw into the darkness of the echoing tunnel.

157.   INT.  THE TUNNEL									157.

	The wind rushes past Indiana as the car descends into the tunnel
	and picks up speed.  Willie hangs on with Short Round—the mine
	car roars around a curve and flies fater along the rails.

158.   INT.  THE QUARRY									158.

	Back in the quarry, Mola Ram supervises the guards as they shove
	empty cars toward the tunnel.  Carrying long Khyber rifles, they
	jump aboard the cars.  The first one rolls into the dark tunnel
	and the second car speeds after it.

159.   INT.  THE TUNNEL ENTRANCE							 159.

	The two Thuggee cars shoot past, descending into the darkness in
	pursuit of the infidels who stole the Sankara Stones.

160.   INT.  THE TUNNEL									160.

	The mine car hurtles past.  Indy sits in front, pulling back on
	the brake-lever to control their speed and keep them from careen-
	ing off the tracks.

	Expecting trouble, Short Round peers over the back end of the
	car.  Willie ducks low, watching the heavy beams flashing danger-
	ously close above their heads.

	Then Willie's eyes go wide and she groans in terror like a girl
	on a roller coaster as the mine car suddenly plunges downward,
	taking their stomachs with it.

	A gunshot rings out and Short Round sees the first Thuggee car
	appear around a curve behind them.  Mola Ram's gunmen start
	blasting.  Bullets ricochet off the mine car and Indy yells back
	to Short Round.

				 Come here and take the brake!

	Short ROund scurries forward and grabs the brake from Indy.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 Slow on the curves or we'll fly
				 off the tracks!

				 Read you loud and clear, Indy!

	Short Round grins as he holds the brake—Willie realized that
	this is Shorty's idea of a good time!

161.   INT.  THE CAVERN									161.

	Up in the quarry, gunmen push a third car toward the tunnel, but
	Mola Ram stops them.  He shouts and they turn and look instead
	toward the waterfall and huge cistern....

162.   INT.  THE TUNNEL									162.

	Indiana is crouched in the back of the zooming mine bar blasting
	away with the pistol he captured in the quarry.

	A gunman in the car behind returns his fire, the explosions
	lighting up the tunnle walls.

	Indy aims and fires again—the gunman is hit and knocked back
	in the car.  Another guard with a Khyber rifle moves up to the
	front and starts firing.

	Meanwhile, as the car goes into a hard turn, Short Round rides
	the brake—beneath the car we see the brake-pad scraping on the
	metal wheel.

	The tunnel gets lower and Indy has to duck under each beam flying
	over and can only pop up to fire between the low beams.

	The rifleman in the car behind is relading.  Then he lifts his
	rifle—Indy pops up simultaneously and shoots!

	The gunman is hit, his rifle flies up and his head smashes
	against the beam hurtling above!  Screaming horribly, the gunman
	is knocked from the speeding car like a broken doll.

163.   INT.  THE CAVERN									163.

	Up in the quarry, Mola Ram's men swing sledge hammers, bashing
	away at the rock supports under the huge water-filled cistern.

164.   INT.  THE TUNNEL									164.

	Indiana runs out of bullets.  He sees the car behind getting
	closer.  He tosses the pistol and hits a Thuggee in the head.
	Another Thuggee retrieves Indy's pistol and starts reloading it.

	Suddenly Indy is being shot at by his own gun and he yells to
	Short Round
				 Let up on the brake!


	Indy shoves past Willie and takes the brake level from Shorty.

				 Let her go!  Our only chance is
				 outrunning them!

				 What above the curves?!

	Short Round looks scared as Indy released the brake and the car
	hurtles toward a curve.  They grab the sides of the car as it tips
	precariously.  Behind them, the curve throws the gunmen from side
	to side in the car following.

				 Indy, look out!

	A sharper curve looms ahead and Indy shoves the brake completely

				 What're you doing?!  We're going
				 too fast!!

	Willie closes her eyes as they rocket toward the curve.  In the
	car behind, the Thugge guard at the brake also shoves the brake
	off—and looks extremely worried.

	Indy's car hits the curve and the centrifugal force lifts the in-
	side wheels off the rails!

				 Get over on the other side!

	Willie and Short Round jumps over to his side as the car whips
	around the curve!  Indy looks back and sees the car pursuing them
	is also taking the curve at full speed—Suddenly the Thuggee car swereves dangerously, the weight shifts
	too much to the outside—and the car derails!

	The car bounces off the tracks and flies through the air into a
	siding where is CRASHES against a stone wall in an EXPLOSION of
	rock and metal!

	Pieces of debris pommel the drive of the second Thuggee car and
	he quickly grabs for the brake to slow down and avoid the same

	In the lead car, Indy smiles smugly as Willie opens her eyes.

				 One down, one to go!

165.   INT.  THE CAVERN ABOVE								 165.

	Mola Ram's guards continue to bash away with sledge hammers at
	the rock supports under the mammoth cistern.  One of the supports
	starts to crumble—From above, we see the cistern list to one side and water laps
	dangerously over the edge as the huge tank creaks and sawsy.

166.   INT.  THE TUNNEL									166.

	Indiana and Short Round heft a railroad tie out of th bottom of
	the car and Willie watches them lift it onto the back—As gunfire continues to explode from the car behind them, Indiana
	and Short ROund shove the railroad tie off the back of the car—The wooden railroad tie falls and bounces back across the tracks.
	The gunmen in the car behind spit it and yell in panic—Indy and Willie watch the car behind crash into the railroad tie—but the tie just skids, catches and bounces up and out of the
	way like a huge tumbling matchstick!

				 Anymore ideas...?

				 Yeah—this time you're gonna

167.   INT.  THE CAVERN									167.

	The sledgehammers continue—until two of the rock supports give
	way!  There are shouts as the guards run for cover.

	Mola Ram stands on a platform watching the huge cistern slowly
	keel over—the noise is incredible as the colossal tank crashes
	to the ground!

	Suddenly a half-million gallons of water explode across the cav-
	cern and surge in a tidal wave toward the tunnels!

168.   INT.  THE TUNNEL									168.

	The walls of the tunnel flash past and curves appear suddenly out
	of the darkness as the hair-raising chase continues—Short Round and Willie struggle to help Indy lift a large boulder
	from the bottom of the speeding mine car.

	The cars descend again into a stretch of much lower tunnel where
	the beams flash past inches above them.  Indy judges the beams—INDIANA

	All three of them groan as they raise the boulder and shove it
	off the back of the car—ducking instantly to avoid being de-
	capitated by the next beam!

	Looking back, they see the gunmen pop up between the beams—and
	they see the looks of terror on the gunmen's faces as they see
	the boulder in front of them!

	The Thuggee car hits the boulder and upends!  The guards scream
	horribly as the car tumbles end over end, slamming against the
	tunnel walls, getting ripped to shreds so that finally only
	pieces of metal, wheels and debris fly like a meteorite shower
	down the tunnel!

	Willie whoops for joy and hugs Indy who smiles modestly—INDIANA
				 Okay, Shorty, hit the brakes!

	Short Round dives for the front of the car and ahppily pulls the
	brake lever—it doesn't work!  Short Round yanks on it harder—the brake level suddenly breaks off!


	Indy sees Short Round holding up the broken brake lever!  Indy
	crawls quickly toward Shorty while Willie holds on for dear life!

	Completely out of control, the car hurtles down a decline into a
	section where the tunnel if larger again—Indiana bends over the front of the car and looks underneath.  He
	sees the brake tension hanging loose from the brake-pad.  Indiana
	pulls himself back up and looks at Willie and Short Round.

				 Grab onto me—I'm going to try
				 and slow us down from underneath!

	Willie looks terrified but helps Short Round grab onto Indy's arm
	and the back of his jacket.  He skips over the front of the car
	and swings a leg underneath—Indy is inches above the rails and the rocky ground blurring be-
	neath the car as he tries to kick at the brake-pad.  His feet
	fall and he bumps along, dragged dangerously for a moment—Indy manages to find a foothold on the undercarriage of the car.
	As they hold onto him, Indy kicks again and his foot hits the
	brake-pad.  He shoves it and slowly the pad closes against the
	spinning wheel...

				 Oh no!

	Willie and Short Round look up and see that the tunnel is ending
	ahead and the track dead-ends into a stone wall!

				 What's wrong?

	He looks around—and sees the car rocketing directly toward the
	stone wall!

	Indy's foot starts kicking in high-gear underneath the car—he
	slams at the brake-pad with all his strength—the pad screeches
	against the spinning wheeel and starts sparking!

	The car seems to slow as it shoots toward the end of the tunnel.
	Indy groans and pushes hard against the smoking brake-pad.

	The car slows more and more until it runs down the last few yards
	to the dead-end and rolls gently to a stop, just nudgeing Indy's
	back against the wall....


	Willie looks faint as Indiana gets to his feet and Shorty jumps
	out of the car.  They help Willie out and she stands shakily—WILLIE
				 I'm okay—I'm fine—I love to
				 flirt with death...

	Indiana sees that the tunnel ahead continues without any more
	tracks.  Then they hear something—A strange rumbling sound echoing down the tunnel from behind
	them.  The walls seem to reverberate.  Looking worried, they
	start walking away down the tunnel.

	They walk faster as the noise behind them becomes louder and they
	keep glancing over their shoulders—WILLIE
				 What's that?...Indy?!

	Indiana isn't sure and he pulls Willie by the arm and all three of
	them start jogging.

	The rumbling behind them sounds increasingly ominous and finally
	they start running full tilt.  They rush down the tunnel and the
	awful noise becomes defening!  Willie looks around again and
	slows suddenly—Willie stops dead in her tracks—paralyzed—awestruck—DOOMED!

	Willie sees a monster wall of water (released from the quarry) as
	it thunders around a curver—a mammoth tidal wave crashing spec-
	tacularly against the opposite tunnel wall!

	A veritable "tsunami" caroming off the tunnel wall and spewing
	furiously forward like a hydrous Juggernaut!

						 (frozen in
						  her tracks)
				 Oh... shit...

	Indiana and Short Round notice that Willie's sloed and they stop
	running—they also see the cataclysm of water crashing down the
	tunnel toward them.

	Indy runs back and grabs Willie.  All three of them take off,
	running faster than they've ever run in their lives!

	The tidal wave smashes forward, booming behind them and Indiana
	realizes quickly that they're going to lose this race.  Suddenly
	he sees a small side-tunnel in a bend ahead—INDIANA
				 There!  Dive!

	They lunge toward the hole and Short Round dives in it first.
	Indiana shoves Willie into the hole and jumps in after her just
	as the colossal tidal wave explodes  past!

169.   INT.  THE CHUTE									 169.

	The small tunnel drops precipitously and they slide down, shower-
	ed by the small side-current of water that's broken off from the
	main force.

170.   INT.  A LARGE TUNNEL								 170.

	They rolls and tumble out of the small chute into a larger tunnel.
	The roar of the tidal wave sounds distant and receding as they
	catch their breath.

				 Lucky I found a short cut.  Look,
				 there's a light at the end of the

	Suddenly an EXPLOSION!  They turn and see the thundering tidal
	wave crashing around a curve and cascading down the tunnel behind
	them again!

				 Some short cut!

	They all holler in unison and start running like bats out of hell
	toward the daylight.  The towering wall of water surges relent-
	lessley after them—The tidal wave looms up to annihilate them as they race to the
	mouth of the tunnel—and Willie SCREAMS!  Indy grabs her and
	all three of the flail their arms to keep from losing their bal-

171.   EXT.  THE TUNNEL EXIT - DAY							 171.

	The tunnel exits midway up a cliff and the three totter precari-
	ously on the brink looking down at a 300 foot sheer drop to
	a gorge below!

	Indiana swings Willie onto a narrow ledge on one side and pushes
	Short Round after her—he jumps himself to the other side just
	as the tidal wave crashes past them!

	The water bursts out of the tunnel—the gusher spews forth from
	the cliffside into the air as if Hoover Dam just broke lose!

	Short Round and Willie balance on the narrow ledge on one side of
	the geyser—Indy is perches on the ledge on the other side of
	the incredible eruption of water.

	Willie gets vertigo looking down into the gorge where the water
	crashes at the bottom.  There crocodiles are disturbed and
	slither angrily.

	Indy looks up and sees a rope bridge swinging about twenty feet
	above Willie and Short Round.  Indy shouts across the blasting
				 Willie—the bridge!  Climb up
				 to the bridge!

	Willie looks frightened.

				 Nothing to it—follow me!

	He edges along the narrow ledge toward the bridge and Willie
	follows him.  Once under the bridge, they start climbing up the
	rocks to it.

	Meanwhile, Indiana is scaling the cliff face to get over the
	water geyser to the other side.  He grabs at scrub brush and
	finds a few perilous footholds as he makes his way to the bridge.

172.   EXT.  THE ROPE BRIDGE								172.

	Willie and Short Round pull themselves up at the end of the
	bridge.  Behind them a dark tunnel runs back into the mines.
	What's in front of them is hardly more reassuring—The rope bridge across the gorge is a century old and defintely
	wasn't built by army engineers.  Laying across the two bottom
	rope-spans, worm-eaten and moldy boards offer risky footings.

	Vertical side ropes connect the bottom rope-spans to the two up-
	per ropes that constitute the dangerous hand-railings.

	Short Round steps tentatively out onto the bridge.  It holds him
	and he turns and smiles at Willie—SHORT ROUND
				 Easy like pie!  Kid's stuff!

	Suddenly the board under him breaks! Willie grabs Short Round
	before he falls into the abyss!  Looking pale and less cocky,
	Short Round starts out again and Willie follows his carefully.

	They continue stepping across the bridge cautiously, a feat made
	more difficult by the bridge's constant swaying and the hear-
	stopping up and down movement.

	Behind them, Indy finally pulls himself up from under the bridge.
	He stands up and sees Willie and Short Round halfway across
	already.  Then he hears something and turns quickly—he takes
	his whip out and ducks to the side of the tunnel as two Thuggee
	guards rush out.

	Indy cracks the whip, catching the first guard around the neck—the guard spills forward and trips the second guard.  The first
	man tries to stand but Indiana kicks him in the head.

	The second guard gets to his feet and seings his sword—Indy
	ducks, slams him in the stomach and dives for the first guard's
	sword.  He grabs it and rolls aside quickly as the second gaurd
	attempts to slice him in two!

	Indy gets to his feet and immediately finds himself about to en-
	gage in a sword duel with the enraged Thuggee guard.  Indy looks
	at the unfamiliar sword, hefts it, and tries to quickly decide
	the best way to use it—Suddenly the guard shouts and charges.  Indy decides shouting
	must be the "de rigueur" technique and shouts back loudly—the
	two swords CLANG and spark as the duel erupts.

	Indy flails and feints and the Thuggee guard lunges and slashes.
	Indy finally gains the upper hand and dispatches the Thuggee
	guard who slumps defeated into the dirt.

	Keeping the sword, Indy starts out onto the bridge, walking as
	quickly as possible across the rickety span.  He hears shouting
	ahead and looks worried then temple guards appear at the far end
	of the bridge.

	The guards suprise Willie and Shorty as they finally get across
	the bridge.  Struggling   futilely with the guards, Willie shouts
	at Indiana—WILLIE
				 Indy—looks out behind you!

	Indy sees more Thuggee guards rushing out of the tunnel behind
	him.  He turns and sees two of the tmeple guards who captured
	Willie and Short Round coming across the bridge in front of him.

	Indy stands helpless in the middle of the swaying bridge with
	guards approaching from both sides, and nothing but heaven above
	and the rocky gorge hundreds of feet below!

	A wind comes up and the High Priest, Mola Ram, appears on the far
	end of the bridge.  He stands with the guards who hold Willie and
	Short Round.

	The wind whips around Indy and he staggers unsteadily on the
	swaying bridge as he watches Mola Ram—INDIANA
				 Let my friends go!

	Mola Ram shouts in Hindi and the guards start to move toward Indy
	from both sides of the bridge.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 That's far enough!

							MOLA RAM
				 You are in no position to give
				 orders, Dr. Jones.

	Indiana indicates the bag over his shoulder—INDIANA
				 You want the stones, let them go
				 and call off your guards!

	Mola Ram motions and the guards move farther out on both sides of
	the bridge—suddenly Indiana swings the sword and it cuts into
	one of the bottom rope-spans!

	The rope is half-severed and frays slowly under the tension!

							MOLA RAM
				 Impressive, Dr. Jones. But I
				 don't believe you would kill

	Mola Ram motions again the his guards (looking more nervous now)
	step farther out onto the bridge, mvoing closer to Indy from both

	Indy swings the sword again, cutting into the other rope-span!
	It, too, is now partially severed and frays slowly.  The bridge
	jolts and Indy and the guards sway precariously!

	Suddenly Mola Ram shoves Short Round out onto the bridge.  The
	High Priest draws a dagger and pushes Willie onto the swaying
	span, holding the knife behind them both.

							MOLA RAM (Cont'd)
				 Your friends will die with you!

	In different times this would be called a Mexican stand-off
	Indiana looks at the guards in front and behind him.  He sees
	Willie and Short Round out on the bridge now with Mola Ram at
	their backs.

				 Then I guess we're all going to
				 take a big dive!

	Indy and Short Round's eyes meet—and the kid realizes that his
	hero isn't kidding.  Willie looks at Shout Round anxiously—she
	notices that Shorty is surreptitiously wrapping his foot around a
	rope support.

	Petrified, Willie also secretly wraps her foot around a rope and
	does likewise with her arm—MOLA RAM
				 Give me the stones!

				 Mola Ram—you're about to meet
				 Kali—in Hell!

	Indiana swings the sword with all his might—it whooshes
	through the air and slashes clear through the top and bottom
	ropes --!

	Immediately Mola Ram's guards start to flee in panic—too late!
	Indiana swings the sword again and the two ropes on the other
	side are severed—The rope bridge is sheared in two!  It breaks in the middle and
	both halves fall apart!  The guards scream horribly in the air as
	they plunge down into the rocky gorge!

	Willie and Short Round cling to their established footholds and
	fall with the bridge toward the wall of the gorge.  Mola Ram
	spills forward, clutching desperately at the ropes and slats—Below them, Indiana has latched onto a rope and swings with the
	bridge as it hits the gorge wall and hangs vertically now, dang-
	ling from its moorings at the top.

	There's an instant of suspended animation as all who remain alive
	realize they are alive.  Short Round and Willie cling near the
	top of the now vertical bridge.

	Below them, Mola Ram clutches onto one of the main ropes while
	directly above him the last of his guards holds on for dear life.

	Short Round and Willie struggle upwards, clutching ropes and
	stepping on slats.  Finally, Short Round heaves himself up onto
	solid ground and turns to help Willie up.

	Meanwhile, dangling below on the bridge, Indy reaches up and
	grabs Mola Ram's leg.  The High Priest kicks and tries to break
	Indy's grip.  He kicks again and smashes Indy in the face.

	Indy won't let go.  Suddenly the High Priest reaches up and grabs
	his own Thuggee guard and yanks his down by the front of his
	shirt—Mola Ram shoves the luckless guard down onto Indy, trying to
	dislodge him by sacrificing the screaming Thuggee.  Indy manages
	to hang on.  The Thuggee is less fortunate and falls screaming to
	his death.

	Then Mola Ram looks across the gorge and yells.  Indy sees a dozen
	of the last Thuggee guards streaming out of the tunnel—only
	to be stranded on the far side of the now bridgeless gorge.

	Indy starts climbing up after Mola Ram again.  He grabs at the
	back of Mola Ram's robe and pull him down.  Slipping, Mola Ram
	turns and it's Indy's chance to punch Mola Ram in the face.

	Mola Ram's eyes are glowing yellow and he's shouting incoherent-
	ly.  He grabs the strap of Indy's shoulder bag and stamps on In-
	dy's hand—Indy falls!

	Indiana slips downward, scrambling to catch hols of something—meanwhile, Mola Ram now has the bag with the Sankara Stones.

	Indy finally stops his downward slide and dangles dangerously
	near the bottom of the bridge.

	Across the gorge, the Thuggee guards run up a path to a small
	gove of trees growing on a plateau above the gorge.  The guards
	have bows and arrows and take firing positions—At the top of the bridge, Mola Ram keeps climbing until rocks
	start poundinghim from above—Willie and Short Round pely him
	with rocks which he tries to block with his arm.

	Indiana starts to climb again, using all his strength.  He
	reaches for a wooden slat—suddenly a flaming arrow smashes
	into the wood!

	Indy turns in amazement and sees more flaming arrows rocketing
	across the chasm directy for him!

	Across the gorge, by the grove of trees, a Thuggee priest yells
	orders to the archers who continue to launch the flaming arrows.

	Indiana crawls up as the bridge starts to burn from the continu-
	ing bursts of fiery arrows.  At the top, Mola Ram reaches up des-
	perately for a hand old—Willie smashes his hand with a rock!

	The High Priest yells in pain and slips down to where Indy slugs
	him again in the face!  They struggle as the fire burns up from
	beneath them.

	On the cliff above the fallen bridge, Willie watches the fire
	rising toward Indy and Mola Ram as they fight.  Short Round turns
	and sees something—SHORT ROUND
				 Willie, look!

	They see horses galloping through a narrow pass—the British
	cavalry is returning.  Captain Blumburtt and the first troops draw
	up their forses and dismount quickly.

	A fussilade of flaming arrows force the British to take cover—they quickly start firing back at the Thuggees with rifles.

	As the battle above the gorge continues, Indy and Mola Ram fight
	below on the dangling bridge—Indiana sees the High Priest's eyes begin glowing and he hisses
	insanely.  Mola Ram's hand thrusts out toward Indiana's chest and
	Indy yells in pain—Indy looks down and writhes terrified as he sees Mola Ram's hand
	starting to enter his chest (as it entered the victim's chest
	during the temple sacrifice)!

	Mola Ram's finger are inching into Indy's body—Indy clutches
	at Mola Ram's piercing hand, trying to keep the deadly fingers
	away from his heart.

	Slowly, Indy is able to push Mola Ram's hand away and his fingers
	withdraw from Indy's chest.  Indiana suddenly slugs the High
	Priest in the face and grabs for the bag of Sankara Stones—MOLA RAM
				 No, the stones are mine!

				 You're betrayed Shiva. *(He re-
				 peats in Sanskrit Sankara's warn-

	As Indy pronounces the magical words, the bag begins glowing and
	starts to burn Mola Ram as he clutches it—the stones begin to
	spill out of the bag and the High Priest grabs from them.

							INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 *(He repeats Sankara's warning
				  in Sanskrit)

	The blazing stones sear Mola Ram's flesh and he screams in pain.
	The light suddenly dies in his eyes and for one instant he looks
	at Indy as if awakened from a nightmare—Mola Ram loses his balance and Indy grabs for the stones.  He
	manages to clutch only one of them as Mola Ram screams and falls!

	Indy sees the stone in his hand suddenly cool.  He watches Mola
	Ram plummeting downward into the chasm and finally crashing into
	the jagged rocks at the bottom.

	The irritated crocodiles are disturbed once more—but soon wel-
	come the meal that just dropped in.  Jaws flash and teeth rip at
	the High Priest's likeless corpse.

	And Indy's bag with the Sankara Stones sinks into the murkly cur-
	rent and disappears down the river ...

173.   EXT.  THE CLIFF									 173.

	Indiana crawls up the burning bridge and Willie and Short Round
	reach for him at the top.  They pull him up onto the cliff and
	they all look around exhausted—Across the gorge, more British troops emerge from the mine tun-
	nels to subdue the remaining Thuggee guards on that side.

	Finally the little Maharajah comes out of the dark mine tunnel.
	He sees Short Round across the gorge—and bows to thank him for
	his help.  On the other side, Short Round waves his cap, saluting
	him back.

	Willie stands at the edge of the gorge looking down into the riv-
	er far below.

				 I guess Mola Ram got what he

				 Not quite.

	She sees Indy reach into his pocket.  He pulls something out
	slowly—as she watches he reveals a crystal stone—INDIANA (Cont'd)
				 The last Sankara Stone.

	Short Round watches Willie take it carefully from Indiana.  She
	gazes at it and looks delighted—WILLIE
				 And the diamond hidden inside...

	Willie holds the stone up to the sun and it sparkles and flashes

												 CUT TO

174.   EXT.  THE MAYAPORE HILLS - DAY						 174.

	The sun flares and silhouettes three figures coming over a
	hilltop.  Behinf them we see more smaller silhouettes appearing
	over the rise.

	Indiana, Willie and Short Round walk back down the dirt road into
	Mayapore—followed by a multitude of children returning to
	their homeland.

	Willie looks at the changed landscape and seems astonished:  the
	barren countryside has been reborn.  They see streams flowing
	beneath green trees, flowers blooming and peasants harvesting
	golden grain in the fields.

175.   EXT.  MAYAPORE VILLAGE								 175.

	Indiana, Willie and Short Round lead the children down the
	village road.   Ahead they see villagers rebuilding their primi-
	tive dwellings.

	Now they hear shouts of joy from the peasants.  The children
	returning home start running to meet their parents who are rush-
	ing out to greet them.

	There is laughter and tears as families are reunited.  Indiana
	sees the old shaman approaching with the chieftain and the
	village elders.

	The shaman touches his fingers to his forehead and bows.  The
	three travelers return his greeting and the shaman is quite moved
	as he speaks to Indiana—SHAMAN
				 We know you are coming back --
						(indicating the
				 -- when life returns to our village.

				 It's a real miracle.

				 Now you see the magic of the
				 "rock" you bring back.

	The old shaman smiles wisely at Indiana.  Indy takes the stone
	out of his bag and unwraps it.

				 Yes, I've seen its power

	Willie watches the shaman take it reverently and bow to them.
	The shaman joins the elders and they walk to the village's small
	sacred mound.  Indy and Willie stay back.  They see him kneel and
	replace the stone in its niche.

				 The last Sankara Stone.

				 And they don't even know what
				 it really is.

						(smiling at her)
				 Well, you didn't get your prince,
				 and there goes your diamond.

				 You didn't do so well yourself.
				 Finding that stone could've got-
				 ten you all the fortune and
				 glory you were talking about.

				 It's still a long way to Delhi.
				 Who knows what might happen.

	She looks at him like he's crazy.

				 Oh no, I'm finding a native guide
				 who knows the way.  No more de-
				 tours for me, thank you Dr. Jones.

	She turns and starts walking away continuing to complain—WILLIE (Cont'd)
				 If you think I'm going to Delhi
				 or anyplace else with you, after
				 all the trouble you've gotten me

	Suddenly the bullwhip CRACKS and wraps around her waist.  Star-
	tled Willie looks angry as Indiana reels her in, pulling her to-
	ward him and into his arms.  But when he finally kisses her, she
	doesn't seem to mind at all...

	Short Round shakes his head, but looks sort of pleased.  When he
	turns away, his face lights up!

	Short Round runs toward the sunset, toward the three elephants
	being brought back to the village.  The baby elephant starts
	walking faster, as if he recognizes Short Round running out to
	meet him...

							THE END




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