well guys, i had a weird dream last night about potco, and therefore today i was thinking about it all day, so finally i decided to pop on and see how everyone was. That's when i saw the game is closing in a couple days, and i'm in total disbelief. Well, actually i believe it, cuz the game isn't that good anymore, but its hard to deal with. I remember enjoying this game for a long time since i was little. I had so many amazing memories playing this game. So many amazing great friends and people i met... so many great adventures.... it was an amazing experience, and its incredibly sad to finally see it go... This game used to be a huge part of my life, especially over summer when i was younger and didn't have much of anything to do. I will never forget all the great amazing times i had on this game, and i will miss them dearly, along with all my old friends, and the great times we had and fun adventrues, and even the great fun times on this wiki. You will all be greatly missed.

-Sincerely, Capt. Skull X

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