• Capt. Skull X

    Many people have been doubting the fact that Captain Crimson is an eligible admin. Since the recent "rigging" of the vote, I have made another vote, to settle this fairly.

    Reason for Demotion:

    • Trash talking the wiki
    • Deleting pages
    • Banning many members
    • rude behavior towards users

    Reasons for Keeping:

    • Makes good graphics
    • Makes good userboxes

    So you decide people. Should we keep him just because he makes good graphics, at the expense of being rude towards members. OR should we demote him, he would still have the ability to make userboxes and graphics, if we did demote him.

    Vote in the comments below, yes to demote him, or no, to keep him an admin

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  • Capt. Skull X

    In celebration of the victory of the Afk circle, we are having a cucaracha party, on Port Royal, Barano, not on the main dock, but by the other shipwright. Join in and dance with us while we sin, la cucaracha, and worship the great, mighty, power of THE AFK!!!!!

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  • Capt. Skull X

    Hey, i have noticed that William Yellowbones has made a copy of this wiki, practicaly, called the Potco Players Wiki Free, or something along those lines. Isn't that like, against the wiki rules?

    "This is a Wikia about POTCO, but allows all users to relax and be calm. The other Wikia can cause stress in some, this is a stress-free Wikia. But anyone can join."

    - That is what the wiki is about, acording to the main page.

    First off, since there is only one page, a pirate page, about William Yellowbones, it is simply copying info on this wiki, along with a similar name. His only reason that makes him say it isn't a copy is the "Stress Free" part, where being stress free doesn't change the fact that its a copy of t…

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  • Capt. Skull X

    Hey guys, i'm going on vacation, were leaving tomorrow to go to Williamsburg, were gonna go to jamestown, yorktown, bush gardens, and then virginia beach for 2 days, so i'll be back on friday. So meanwhile, i hope all goes well on the wiki, and good with the kraken petition, and btw, i am leaving Chris Swordbones in charge of the marines. (User:Shade Link). Thanks!

    Hasta La Vista, Baby

    Capt. Skull X GM of Skull's Marines 17:08, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Capt. Skull X

    Rockhopper FTW!!!

    June 24, 2011 by Capt. Skull X

    Why rockhopper didn't use his main pirate, idk, but he used his noob pirate, and is totally representing for the Marines, in the Savvy Pirates, Proove yer worth competition:

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