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    Alright, hello.

    Working at a movie theatre has its' upsides, the main one being free movies at my leisure (especially now that i'm a M A N A G E R with a super duper special free movie card). While I should have expected it in the beginning, working for Cineplex has dramatically deepened my love for cinema in many various ways.

    So, for funsies, here's my three favourite movies that I've seen in 2019 along with a lil paragraph or two about why I loved the movie. All three of these movies can only be defined as excellent and could easily be classified as my number one favourite for the year, however since I'm a nerd and like ranking stuff that's how imma do it.

    This blog is gonna be completely spoiler-free.

    Martin Scorsese returns to form in the …

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker

    See Also: Wiki Olympics - 2018 Wiki Olympics

    Alright, hello! Ladies and gents, wikians of all ages, after much anticipation, preparation and excitement on my part, the time has (almost) finally come. Who will win it all this year? Can the beast known only as El Underdog (how can he be an underdog when he keeps fuckin winning?) be stopped? Will his streak die?

    Welcome to the 2019 Wiki Olympics. In this competition, there are a total of seven different events held on four different games. This includes our two new events, Spleef and Secret Hitler.

    To refresh everyone or to introduce our newcomers to how the standings work, here is a quick explanation: Gold medal is worth three points, Silver is worth two and Bronze is worth one and any finish b…

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker

    I know this doesn’t really have the same impact that a presidential address about this topic has, but I have some things that I need to say on this day, the 9th anniversary of our beloved wiki’s foundation.

    Every now and then a blog like this comes out from a member of our community, and I’m still trying to figure this out. How do you express gratitude for this place without coming across as over-the-top or cringe-inducing or just asking to be made a giant meme out of? If you figure out a way, let me know. But in the meantime, I’ll just write.

    This November, I’ll have been a part of this community for eight years. Many shitty attempts to leave later, and I’m still here. I know that may of you may find it ridiculous at this point to hear me t…

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker

    It's been a while since I've done one of these. I know reviews for this game are all over the place, and up front, this is just going to reinforce everything you've heard. This review is entirely spoiler free.

    I'm going to preface everything by saying, if you've ever stumbled upon my far too frequently edited userpage, you may have noticed that Red Dead Redemption is one of my favourite games of all-time. So I had very, very high expectations for this game.

    That being said, Red Dead Redemption 2 is not only better than Red Dead Redemption, it's arguably the greatest game I have ever played. Rockstar has created one of the most beautiful, entertaining, consistently fun games of all-time. When arguing for video games' place among other arts, p…

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