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                                                                   *VOTING IS NOW CLOSED*

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So, as made official by Mr. President Parax, here is the blog for the 1st Annual, 2014 User Awards! You nominated people, now it's time for you to vote.


Nominations: December 7th ~ December 9th 

Voting: December 9th ~ December 16th, 11:59 PM PST 

Winners: December 17th


Due to some interesting analytics on KwikSurveys, the voting is now comment based. You cannot vote for yourself. You cannot use a sockpuppet to vote.

Please structure your votes into one comment.

Write in votes are allowed. Write ins will not be accepted if: they are obviously meant as troll nominations. Or, if said person has already nominated one user via write in. You can nominate only one write in candidate.

You can change your vote a MAXIMUM of 3 times.

User of the Year Re-vote

*Voting Closed*

Lord Andrew Mallace - 0 votes

Captain Ned Edgewalker - 4 votes - Win

Nults McKagan - 2 votes


Overall User of the Year

See: Re-vote

Lord Andrew Mallace - 4 votes - Tie

Captain Ned Edgewalker - 4 votes - Tie

Nults McKagan - 4 votes - Tie

Jeremiah Garland - 2 vote

Admin/Mod of the Year

Parax. - 5 votes - Win

G-man. - 2 votes

Jeremiah Garland - 0 votes

Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) - 2 votes

Johnny Goldtimbers  - 1 vote

Lord Andrew Mallace - 1 vote

Bobby Moon - 2 votes

Nults McKagan - 0 votes

Jim Logan - 0 votes

Editor of the Year

Nults McKagan - 5 votes - Win

WaglingtonŒ - 1 vote

Captain Ned Edgewalker - 0 votes

Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) - 4 votes

Johnny Goldtimbers (Write-In) - 1 vote

Fanon Writer of the Year

Nults McKagan - 4 votes - Win

Captain Ned Edgewalker - 3 votes

WaglingtonŒ - 3 votes

Newcomer of the Year

TheNextMaster - 7 votes - Win

Genevieve De Adelaide - 4 votes

Davylocksilver711 - 0 votes

Comedian of the Year

Nults McKagan - 8 votes - Win

Lord Andrew Mallace - 2 votes

Jeremiah Garland - 1 vote

Haras - 1 vote

G-man. (Write-In) - 1 vote

Captain Ned Edgewalker (Write-In) - 1 vote

Page Banners

These are Page Banners if you were Nominated/Won an award! 

Note: By being nominated you automatically give Captain Ned Edgewalker the right to edit your User Page to add one of the page banners. If you would like the page banner somewhere else, please state so. If you do not want the page banner, please state so.

Captain Ned Edgewalker won User of the Year in 2014!

Captain Ned Edgewalker was nominated for User of the Year in 2014!
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