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HULLO! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND WELCOME! TO THE 2015 USER AWARDS VOTING PERIOD! You may currently be wondering, "but ned, this is a day early!", and you would be correct. I'm opening this a day early because i'm almost positive I won't be present to open it tomorrow. Either way, good luck to all nominees.

These awards will be voted upon exactly how they were voted upon in the 2014 User Awards & in the 2014 - 2015 Oscars. You will comment your list of one person from each category. Please follow the wiki rules & the user awards rules, which can be seen on the user awards page. And this might be obvious, although the nomination forums are not yet closed, any nominations past this point will be rendered invalid. It also must be stated, you cannot vote for yourself. You may use write-in candidates, if they are not obviously troll nominations, and you can only write-in someone once for all categories. Meaning, if you write in someone for User of the Year, you cannot write-in someone for another category. Also, for write-in candidates, it must be stated in brackets in the comment next to said person's name, (write-in).


User of the Year Re-vote

User of the Year

Writer of the Year

Admin/Mod of the Year

Editor of the Year

Comeback User of the Year

Comedian of the Year


You will be awarded with one of these should you win/be nominated for an award!

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Captain Ned Edgewalker won User of the Year in 2015!

User Awards Logo.png
Captain Ned Edgewalker was nominated for User of the Year in 2015!