~This petition is now closed, thank you to everyone who supported.~

Hello, and today, the process begins again, as it did with the "Revive POTCO petition"

I emailed Disney regarding POTCO before the holidays, and I have recieved this message back:


Anything is possible. We can do it. Post your name in the comments to sign. This is nothing like the revive petition, it's happening right here, right now.

TWITTER: #RevivePiratesOnline

Facebook: Page being made


  1. Captain Ned Edgewalker
  2. Nults McKagan
  3. Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark)
  4. Sir Hawke
  5. Peter Coalvane
  6. G-man.
  7. Blake Stuart
  8. Johnny Goldtimbers
  9. Jim Logan
  10. Bobby Moon
  11. King Yellowfish I
  12. Madster.
  13. FluffyKitty1
  14. Lord Hector Wildhayes
  15. Lord Andrew Mallace
  16. Beautiful Blonde
  17. Parax.
  18. X Jumper
  19. Method X
  20. Bill Seaphantom
  21. Mari Gold
  22. Ishmael Venables
  23. Hannah Bluefeather
  24. Wizard375
  25. Garrick. W
  26. Ned Daggerkidd
  27. King Ryan the Legend (Ryan)
  28. Jadekwheat (Jade Sharkskull)
  29. Haras (Pencil-Boy)
  30. Kwager Otca 
  31. Capt Skull X
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