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  • I live in Vancouver, Canada
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is introverted jerk with no instragram account
  • I am a potato
  • Captain Ned Edgewalker

    See also: 2016 Wiki Olympics

    The 2018 Wiki Olympics were an event held from December 20th, 2017 to January 7th, 2018. These were the second Wiki Olympics held.

    There were six events on four different games. Nults McKagan won the competition with a total of 10 points. Nults won a medal in every event to achieve this, but only won a single Gold medal in Capture the Flag. In second came Ned Edgewalker (me) with 8 points total, followed closely behind by Squirto19 with 7 points total.

    Every single event had a different Gold medal winner. 

    No. Competitor Gold Silver Bronze 4th/5th/6th Other Points
    1 Nults McKagan 1 2 3 0 0 10
    2 Ned Edgewalker 1 2 1 2 0 8
    3 Squirto19 1 2 0 3 0 7
    4 Zoomer 1 0 0 2 3 3
    5 Benthamic 1 0 0 0 5 3
    6 Marc Warfury 1 0 0 2 3 3
    7 Sam Dark…

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker

    I'm sorry for making that other blog the way I did. I decided last night that a more light-hearted (and-or '''''memey''''') approach might be the best way to go to try and keep things light. But I didn't explain our points well enough, so here's this.

    Time for the actual blog. Much like the other blog, this will be done with bullet points, but with actual points. Here are our issues with how things are on this wiki:

    • Category Disorganization - This is the smallest problem we have with how things are. Now, this really isn't a big deal on its own. On its own, it could be theoretically argued that this isn't even an issue at all. However, with everything else added on top, it just lends credibility to the argument that we need a fresh start so w…

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker


    August 8, 2017 by Captain Ned Edgewalker

    The only way I'm going to fix my image or whatever is to be upfront with all of you.

    The reason we made our own wiki is because:

    1) we wanted to try making our own wiki

    2) we wanted to try making our own wiki

    3) we wanted to

    4) we were unhappy and unfulfilled with the system in place here and thought we could create something better elsewhere

    Now, you may understandably ask:

    1) why

    2) why

    3) why though

    4) why don't you try to fix this place instead of making a new wiki

    To which I respond with:

    1) cause

    2) cause

    3) the meme must go on

    4) i refer you to the very first

    Now at this point, you're probably asking:

    1) why aren't you taking this seriously

    2) do you give up yet

    3) do unicorns get abortions

    4) did you seriously expect this to go over well

    I retaliate wi…

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker

    time to get serious

    Immortalized has, as I’m sure all of you know, been floundering since late-May (my fault), so I’m doing a blog about plans for the future of Immortalized.

    I’m going to get this out of the way here, just because it has to be said, yes, I will be returning to Immortalized, running the server and playing with the rest of you as often as I can. I realize my level of involvement greatly affects the health of this server, so I will try my best to be as involved as possible.

    Now, for actual gameplay stuff. Nothing (that I know of) will change immediately for you if you have already logged onto the server prior to when this update comes out.

    • I will be adding a book filled with information about the server into the inventory of new …

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker

    tfw the blog published because i pushed enter when naming it

    guess i better edit this quickly

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