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  • I live in Vancouver, Canada
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is introverted jerk with no instragram account
  • I am a potato
  • Captain Ned Edgewalker


    it's me


    how are you

    nults had the following to say:

    "My internet is fucked, tell the wiki" ~ nults mckagan 2017

    no this isn't a joke that's an imgur link as proof

    have a nice day

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker

    This vote has been recounted under this new rule: "You must have at least 40 mainspace edits garnered over the course of the calendar year that the Oscars are being held for to vote in the Wiki Oscars."

    This is not up for debate.

    WELL ALRIGHT, HELLO! Welcome to the 2016 Wiki Oscars.

    I'm sure you all are familiar with how voting works, but let's recap anyway:

    In the comments of this blog, you will make a list (and check it twice) with a vote for one candidate from every category. You can write-in candidates, but only if it is not an obvious troll nomination. You may only write-in one candidate in general. So if you write-in someone for Best Blog, you cannot write in someone else in a different category.

    • You cannot vote for yourself (nominees lis…

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker


    October 18, 2016 by Captain Ned Edgewalker

    I've made too many of these blogs.

    I've been dreading this for quite some time. I'm going to keep it simple.

    Whether you want to accept it or not, this ship has been sinking for the past 3 years and it's about to go underwater, and I refuse to be here in any capacity once it does. I have nothing but good memories of this place, and I don't want that to change. And it's not going to.



    Thank You.

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker

    not sure why i got this idea but i did so les do it

    comment if you want one m80s 

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker

    Warning to all headphone/music listeners: yes, there is music on this page.

    A few months ago this would've seemed weird to me, and a few months before that it probably wouldn't have.

    If you're wondering what this is about, this is me going back to my roots and telling you all that I'm leaving, but I'll probably be back eventually. Allow me to explain: Over the past week or so I've been generally inactive on here for a very, very simple reason.

    I'm tired. Don't get me wrong, I love this place and almost everything about it. But this place has become so fucking stagnant that it's driving me crazy. I don't mean in the sense of wiki politics or anything like that, but just in general. I'm honestly not even entirely sure how to explain it because …

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