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This Community Vote has Ended!

The side of Oppose won in the vote!


Now, before you get mad Breasly, this is only for your own good, as well as the Wikis good.

As temporary president, I think this is needed to stop some drama. I believe User:John Breasly is in need of a small block. He seems to be getting angry alot, and I just think he needs a small break.

NOTE-The block will be 1 week if passed.

NOTE-The winning side on December 29, or the side that reaches 20 first, wins

The reasons:

  • Many request blogs recently, almost all of which causing arguments and drama
  • Cussed in chat to Sharpe with an extremely rude comment.
  • Sent very rude message to Sharpe as a PM, also threatening to start alot of drama and a "wiki war" (The term Wiki War does not exist, it is only to intrigue roleplayers into wanting to have a "war" because it's, to them, a cool word"
  • Very angry lately, I think he needs a break. Just so he can calm down, get relaxed, and return and have some ideas for his many great pages.
  • Was counting support votes that gave poor reasons, yet removed my name even though I had a long comment of my opinion on one of his blogs.
  • Bringing problems from this Wiki to another, and banning Sharpe there

Please think twice before every comment other than a voting comment. This is NOT a complain, argument, or express all opinions blog, it's a vote blog, and all we need are votes.

Support Support -

  1. CaptainGoldvane2
  2. Benjamin Macmorgan
  3. Jason Yelloweagle
  4. Bill Plunderbones
  5. LeClerc Sharpe
  6. Jasonblade
  7. Jarod

Oppose Oppose -

  1. Svenny D
  2. Johnny Coaleaston
  3. Maxamillion
  4. Jason Shiprat
  5. Jack Goldwrecker
  6. Jim Logan
  7. Cad Bane
  8. Captain Josh
  9. Jeremiah Garland
  10. Jeffrey Blasthawk
  11. Marc Cannonshot
  12. Boogiemango
  13. Lord Jack Goldwrecker
  14. PencilBoyWiki
  15. CaptainEzekiel
  16. Ned Edgewalker
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