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Alright, so let's get going here. Recently, alot of you have been asking, "What's the admin's plans for promotions? What do you plan to do now that Kat and Step are gone?" so I thought I'd make this blog and simply shed a bit of light onto what's happening.


Yes, alot of you are asking for promotions. Whether you are suggesting them on the Court or even commenting saying that you should be promoted, alot of people have felt the need to put their opinions out. 

Currently, we are still in the process of discussing. We are still putting alot of things on the table as to what we are going to do, and we aren't entirely sure yet which way we'd like to take things here. We might even just continue on with the current administration that we have now, though that is unlkely.

Currently, we are leaning more toward promoting rollbacks. There are not any administrative promotions planned anytime soon.  I cannot say who we are considering, and you are going to have to trust us with whatever we decide to do. We know what we are doing, and we're not going to rush into anything. Many of you are trying to rush us into promoting users. While we want a more stable site just as you do,  everyone has their own opinion on who they think should be given more rights. Hence, we know that whatever we are going to do, some users will be unhappy. Sadly, you are going to have to deal with this. If the user(s) you want promoted are not given powers, you are going to have to accept that. 

More information on this may be released soon.

Policy Changes

There is a possibility that there will be a few small changes to the rules. While we haven't discussed this much, you might see a blog or two stating a few new rules or deleted rules. This is in the early stages and probably won't happen for a while.

Monthly Presidential Blog

I am thinking of doing a monthly series of updates, which will be put forth in a blog similar to this. I was considering doing a weekly blog, but I think an every-month update would be more accurate. Open to opinions on this.

Featured Article of the Week

We currently plan to revive FAOTW. Albert Spark's request on the Seven Seas Court is to be put into effect, with some tweaks here and there. This might take awhile, but eventually we plan to get to it :P

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