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This Community Vote has Ended!

The side of Support won in the vote!


User:Jack Pistol and User:GenLawrence are two good, kind, members of our Community. I believe that they deserve a promotion.

Here is a little something me and the other admins put together

Jack and Law have been loyal rollbacks for a long time and with the over balance of bureaucrats compared to sysops we've decided that these two deserve a promotion sysop due to their hard work and effort for the community.


  • Jack proved he could cope with adminship while covering for Kat and Step while they went on holiday, he is a familiar face to many community members and is always offering to help a wikian in need.
  • Usually never get into arguments unless really needed.
  • He is very nice to people, almost never picking sides.
  • Has handled Admin Powers before, and handled them well
  • Never loses his temper
  • Many users like him, and respect him as a good user.


  • Law has proved his worth to the community with excellent content and dedication to the community, he has also showed that he can pull an entire community together to shoot a Youtube movie which has gone viral across the Pirates Online Community
  • Never gets into arguments
  • Is generally kind, and sees all sides in something.
  • Never loses his temper ( unless it's to a Killyaded )
  • Has created wonderful content on this Wiki
  • Put together an excellent online movie, in which he was able to get all the users on this Wiki to agree and help out in
  • Handles power well, as he is a successful Guildmaster of Gen. Of Peace in POTCO

Vote ends Thursday, or if one side reaches 20, that side will win.



  1. CaptainGoldvane2
  2. Sharple
  3. Stephen
  4. Jim Logan
  5. Tama
  6. Jarod
  7. Jack Pistol
  8. CaptainJosh
  9. Lord Andrew Mallace
  10. Maxamillion
  11. Katbluedog
  12. Lord Caddius Bane
  13. Johnny Coaleaston
  14. Marc Cannonshot
  15. Johnny Shark Inferno's Hitman
  16. Boogiemango
  17. Jason Yelloweagle
  18. Captain Robert
  19. Lord Matthew Blastshot
  20. The Celestrian Hero21
  21. CaptainShadow11
  22. Madster.
  23. Bill2222
  24. John Breasly

Jack Pistol

  1. CpatainGoldvane2
  2. Sharple
  3. Stephen
  4. Tama
  5. Jarod
  6. CaptainJosh
  7. Lord Andrew Mallace
  8. Maxamillion
  9. Katbluedog
  10. Lord Caddius Bane
  11. Jeremiah Garland
  12. GenLawrence
  13. John Breasly
  14. Johnny Coaleaston
  15. Marc Cannonshot
  16. Johnny Shark Inferno's Hitman
  17. Boogiemango
  18. Jason Yelloweagle
  19. Captain Robert
  20. Lord Matthew Blastshot
  21. The Celestrian Hero21
  22. CaptainShadow11
  23. Madster.
  24. Bill2222

20 votes obtained, will be promoted when Law gets 1 more vote!


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