aka Joshua William Pond of Great Britian

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  • I live in Port Royal, Galaira
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is Citizen of Great Britian
  • I am Male
  • Captainjosh98

    Ok, im starting a guild, and i need hard workers, great leaders to help me run it.

    • Secretary of the House
    • Noble House Leader
    • Supreme House Leader
    • 5 Noble House Representitives
    • 3 Supreme House Representitives
    • Commander of the Army
    • Grand-Admiral of the Navy
    • Lord-Admiral of the West Trade Union ( can be a seperate guild, but must have the West Trade Union as its name )

    Only ppl i find FIT can take up these jobs. and you WILL have a quiz.

    The houses are our Government. Each house has a lead Representative which is elected by the Secretary of the House. The Secretary of the House is a official appointed by the king to lead both the houses. For the secretary to be removed or Un-Officed ( As the Union calls it ), the Noble and Supreme Houses must have 5 of…

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  • Captainjosh98


    January 20, 2012 by Captainjosh98

    If you havent already noticed i am going inactive.

    Reasons :

    • Lots of Homework
    • Playing the part of Chad in High School Musical Jr.
    • Going to classmates sports games ( Basketball and Volleyball )
    • Other Issues

    Would Admins, John Breasly, and Jeremiah Garland please look after my pages. Please have users keep from editing anything on my pages besides grammer or spelling. Thank You Very Much.

    Another Announcement :

    This is my last year on the game. When May 18th comes, i will rejoin you for my last months with you during the summer. After Summer ends i will be permentantly Inactive untill breaks when i will come and visit you. I will miss you all, you are my family.

    Sincerly, Captain Josh ( Joshua William Pond )

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  • Captainjosh98

    Needs Employment

    January 11, 2012 by Captainjosh98

    Hey guys, Captain Josh here. Im in need of employment in the British Faction here on POTCO, bc right now im jsut a loner on it. So if any of you can help me i'll be glad to help.

    I need something with Role-Play FYI. And i will NOT accept any jobs where im a lowbie compared to others. As the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz said during the casting "Im to good to play the tinman" ( Tinman = lowbie role )

    Lord Admiral Joshua William Pond of the West Trade Union - My Info and background,

    ( Page will change with my new roleplay rank )

    Also if nobody needs me, and u need work in British Empire, i'll gladly take u into my current guild - West Trade Union

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  • Captainjosh98

    Ok guys ( Jim Logan, John Breasly, Jeremiah Garland, Etc. ) ok look, im just, really, really, really confused right now, my mind feels like its a time bomb tjhats gonna explode any minute, and sometimes i do explode, and sadly its on you guys. But PLEASE beleive me when i say i dont mean to do that! i dont mean to! like any other person who has had these problems, its bc of ALOT of stress and after awhile i cant take it anymore and i just wanna start spazzing out on something or someone and sadly at those points it towards you guys. I know you mean well, but if u do ask for help 1. DONT yell at me for one bc that makes me wanna yell back, and 2. understand this : Over the year's alot of people have told me my life is meaningless, its going…

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  • Captainjosh98

    Taking a Break

    December 19, 2011 by Captainjosh98

    im done with this for awhile. im sick of everything about the game. Im not worth anything to anybody so im just done with it all. No guild wants me, i cant join EITC bc they are just a bunch of over dramatic noobs who couldnt use their brains if they had them. im not joining pears bc hes just a freaking idiot without a life. And i cant go anywhere else because all the other guilds are just full of noobs, and nobody would even notice me. So untill im actually worth something on this childrens game im done.


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