Carlos la verde sanita

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  • Carlos la verde sanita

    Today, King Jack Bluehawk and King Francis Chiphawk met. Jack Bluehawk and Francis Chiphawk came to a conclusion after Francis told him that if he did not join The Paradox, he would be replaced as King. At first, Jack told him, how can you do that? I'm the rightful heir. But after an explanation, he compromised. Stardust is the daughter of Sir Carlos Clemente, and she is next in line, basically meaning Carlos could take over France IF he wanted with the help of the Palladin Empire, and put Roger Mcbellows as king. Jack Bluehawk and Francis spoke and agreed all of France would join The Paradox and a permanent alliance with Spain and France would be made. The Alliance between England and France is officially over, and will not be restored.

    I …

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