I, Curycoo (President of some sorts), Request/Demand Wiki Reform. This means reverting this wiki to what it was meant to be, to the reasons it was created. In the act, me and my friends in the Reformation Team Will return us to what we were. to what the users of this wiki RIGHTFULLY DESERVE TO HAVE. Below is a list of changes set to be made. If you aggree, comment saying you wish to join our team. Or you may fight back, saying the wiki is fine. If you knew what the wiki was truly like before, you would know that This is not a good time for the wiki. Some may say im causing more trouble, but for the greater good. Maybe i will be demoted for this, outcast, banned, but not in vain! Join us or resist, your choice.

  • Roleplay will be secluded to its own section, and any fights in roleplay shall not travel to the other parts of the wiki.
  • Modern Pages will be secluded as well, due to interruption from the normal course of Wiki Pages.
  • (More to be added as squard Brain Hurricanes.)


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