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As recently mentioned in Garland's fantastic blog about the wiki maturing, we need to begin the wiki shift. So, it's come the time we take the first big step forward; changing our name. Yes, I realize PFW is a nice name, and we all have nostalgia surrounding POTCO, but it's time we get a new name to fit our description.

So, I leave it up to all of you. In the comments below, leave suggestions about names. However, before you do, read these few guidelines.

  1. No profanity. We don't want Wikia strolling along and observing Wikis and then finding the "PIRATE'S ASSHOLE" wiki. Seriously. 
  2. No plagiarism. Just because UnitedGamers is a good name doesn't mean we should steal it. Try to shy away from names similar to other wikis, too. We don't want a lawsuit directly after establishing our new identity.
  3. No names. Don't call out another user in submitting a name. Non-specific names like "Gamers' Fanon Wiki" are allowed, but nothing like "PEARS HATERS AND GAME FANON WIKI."
  4. No religious references. Keep away from "Christ Game Writers Wiki." Seriously. We don't have any reason to even consider such a name, due to the conflict it'll cause.
  5. Don't focus on one game. Yes, we get it, you like Minecraft. But we're not going to name our whole wiki around it. Consider what the other people want to write about, too.
  6. One submission per person. No saying "Gamers' Fanfic Wiki" and then coming back and saying "Game Gaming Games Wiki" the next day.
  7. Try to be original. Be creative with your submission. Don't just stick to one random word. Not to point anyone out, but Ned. 
  8. No joke names will be accepted. All it'll do is piss users off and cause them to come to me, furious over trivial jokes.

Aaaand that's it for the guidelines. But I'm not quite finished yet. 

Each week, we're going to put all the names in a poll, and eliminate the two lowest scoring contenders. The first week will be a sort of grace period of sorts, being your opportunity to submit a name. However, past this point, submissions will no longer be accepted. Once we reach a final name, it will be decided by the staff whether or not it is satisfactory.

The first week has begun. It will end on Wednesday, September 24th, and the second week will begin. Submit!

Submitted names

  1. World Of Gaming Fanon Wiki
  2. Gamers' United Fanon Wiki
  3. Gamers' Fanon Wiki
  4. Pro Players' Wiki
  5. Gamers' Roleplay and Fanon Wiki
  6. Fanon Universe Wiki
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