aka Emi D.V. Sparrow

  • I live in Caribbean
  • My occupation is East India Trading Company
  • I am The Daughter of Jack Sparrow and Angelica
  • EmilyDarkvane

    Hey, people. So I'm going to need help on a PotCO movie. I'm making my own verson of Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl and I need your help!

    I want to make this movie because I like making remakes of stuff involving different/new characters. So I came up with the idea of the EmilyDarkvaneSparrow YouTube channel. After my first video, I thought up a way to get my videos a bit more popular and interesting. I could make a Pirates Online movie.

    To make this movie come to life, I'm going to need actors for the movie. There's lots of characters. There's myself, AngelDarkvane, David McMartin, and many others. I worked very hard on the first video and I am willing to work even HARDER on my second PotCO related video.

    Please give me a h…

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  • EmilyDarkvane

    I'm not EITC -_- WHO TOLD U I AM?!

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