The basics of the Crow Legion is simple. The Crow Legion is a bunch of crazy people who either A) Love crows or B) Are cool and crazy enough to be a Crow. We are a looting, PVP, SVS and semi-military guild. We are here to be crazy/cool with each other and party 'til we drop!

The dirty Birdie himself!

The Crow Legion

The Dark Four

The leaders of the guild are:

Dirty Birdie Davy Hookwrecker

Dark Crow ?

Crow Boss ?

Crow Captain ?

These people are the leaders of the Crow Legion, and help up and coming crows with most problems. They are the most trusted.


You must have mostly red and black/grey clothing

You must be lvl 20 or above

You must be awesome!

If you are a member, add this to your page:

DB.jpg FailPwnz is a member of the Crow Legion!

Code is {{CrowLegion}}


You must respect the Dark Four

If a fellow crow is down and asks you to help, you must help unless you have no tonics.

An eye for an eye

If a member is kicked out, do not re-invite

Do not yell in caps

Do not spam

Do not insult others in any way, if caught, report anyone insulting another immediatly

Have fun

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