Jack Darksteel

aka Jackie

  • I live in The Carribean
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is Pirate Lord
  • Jack Darksteel

    Alright people so I made this blog because I found out that people are scamming accounts everyday. People are loosing things they worked for years and just today I've got a message on my facebook page for my pirate. In the message it said they need all my information like password username birthdate etc... 

    Dear Jack,

    We have found suspicious activity on your Pirates Online Account and therefore could possibly be compromised. We at Disney have made an effort to re-secure this account and were unable to successfully re-secure this account. Please remember that account sharing is strictly against our rules and Terms of Use.

    For a brief reminder on our rules, please visit:

    In order to comply with th…

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