Jack Pistol

aka Jackie

  • I live in Someone's imagination o_o
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Gamer and Wiki Editor
  • I am a Skooma addict =D
  • Jack Pistol

    Hey all, 

    Firstly, I want to apologize for my absence and for the fact that I have been a poor president. The reason for this, is that when I made my last blog my life was getting very busy with many school projects, lots of work, exams coming up and the girlfriend. Then when the holidays came I had no time for myself, I was doing work for school, seeing friends and I had family over almost the whole time and my cousin spent all his time on my PC and kept me busy in the balance of the time so I never came on.

    To be quite honest, besides the fact that I am really busy nowadays, I have grown bored of this place too. And I am not just bored, but rather sick and tired too. I used to love it here, but there is always drama and petty nonsense, and…

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  • Jack Pistol


    April 21, 2013 by Jack Pistol

    As you may have noticed, I was not online at all this weekend save for right now. The reason for this is that my internet was out from Friday until recently and so I could not get on. This is also going to be a hectic few months at school for me, because we have lots of major events, homework and exams going on so my time on here will be limited. That being said, I will not be online next weekend, so the next time you will hear from me will probably only be   back on Friday the 3rd. Please do not go around thinking I have died or given up on the wiki, I promise that I will do my best to be on when I can.

    I will be inactive again this weekend due to another event I must attend. I will only be back around Friday the 17th, but thereafter my sc…

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  • Jack Pistol

    As it is quite obvious, we are a bit unbalanced in terms of power, so we are going to make some promotions to push people up along the chain so that we can even things out. Both these users are veterans and well-experienced and the community generally feels happy about having them promoted.

    Please be sure to clearly state what your vote is for both users. If you are ambiguous it makes it hard to know who you are voting for. So, please when making the vote, say their names with each vote for example:

    to Albert. He is a brony and we dont take kindly to their kind.
    to Voxelplox. I think he is a cool guy, but his username makes no sense.

    1. Has been on the wiki for a while now, and has shown his dedication.
    2. Has excellent grammar and spelling, and sp…

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  • Jack Pistol

    18,000 Edits!

    April 5, 2013 by Jack Pistol

    Well, I have finally reached 18 000 edits! I am still only third in terms of most edits. Breasly with 20k+ (who really cares? :P) and Tama has 19k. It makes me wonder, since my editing rate has definitely slowed, will I ever get to 20k or even overtake Tama? I won't deny that I have lost all interest in the game and even a lot of my fanon creations here. I am really only here for my admin duties and the friends and I am not sure how much longer I will be staying. Later this year I will be making the transition to ESO and that, along with school, will mean I will be even more occupied than before. I do not want to hold onto my title, when I am going to be neglecting my duties, so I may retire my presidency at some point and possible even my…

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  • Jack Pistol

    Due to a growing need for rollbacks and since most people seemed happy with the idea (I asked in chat), I will be re-promoting Goldvane to the position of rollback.

    I offered him the position when he resigned and he accepted it, so he may as well have just resigned to rollback and not a regular user. Goldvane resigned, he was not demoted and since not a lot has changed with him, I don't see this as a possibly detrimental decision and therefore I am not going to make a community vote for it. He is an experienced admin and still checks in from time to time, so still having him on the team could only be good, if you ask me. I also think that it is good to have his vote on the SSC, and having more rollbacks for opinions (especially experienced …

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