Well, I have finally reached 18 000 edits! I am still only third in terms of most edits. Breasly with 20k+ (who really cares? :P) and Tama has 19k. It makes me wonder, since my editing rate has definitely slowed, will I ever get to 20k or even overtake Tama? I won't deny that I have lost all interest in the game and even a lot of my fanon creations here. I am really only here for my admin duties and the friends and I am not sure how much longer I will be staying. Later this year I will be making the transition to ESO and that, along with school, will mean I will be even more occupied than before. I do not want to hold onto my title, when I am going to be neglecting my duties, so I may retire my presidency at some point and possible even my adminship. I will decide on all of this later, so for now: yay me I guess :P



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