As you may have noticed, I was not online at all this weekend save for right now. The reason for this is that my internet was out from Friday until recently and so I could not get on. This is also going to be a hectic few months at school for me, because we have lots of major events, homework and exams going on so my time on here will be limited. That being said, I will not be online next weekend, so the next time you will hear from me will probably only be   back on Friday the 3rd. Please do not go around thinking I have died or given up on the wiki, I promise that I will do my best to be on when I can.


I will be inactive again this weekend due to another event I must attend. I will only be back around Friday the 17th, but thereafter my schedule is a lot more open. Should there be any problems, Parax is in charge, Law and Jar can be notified via talk page emssage (which e-mails them and forces them to respond), there are many rollbacks and mods and if totally encessary, VSTF can be contacted. In a dire situation, it is in Par's rights to promote a temp admin (preferably one of the mods), but he will only use this for emergencies so do not push your luck, kids :P

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