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This Community Vote has Ended!

The side of Support won in the vote!


With the recent demotion of Batorhos, users have been worried about us not having enough Chat Mods, but this will not become a problem. The admins have all agreed that Lord Matthew Blastshot would best be suited to fill this gap, and in my personal opinion is long overdue for some recognition.


  1. Matthew has been on this wiki for a very long time and has been extremely dedicated to it.
  2. He has a high edit count and has a very good understanding of the rules, administration of the wiki and knows many of the users.
  3. Matthew has had no legitimate bans, chat bans or even strikes that I can find against him, proving that he respects the rules and truly does care about the wiki.
  4. As many of the admins have said, Matthew always reports misbehavers in chat, so now he can do something about them.
  5. He has been greatly over-looked on this wiki for quite some time now, as John also mentioned ( we were already considering him before John's blog, which then reinforced the notion ).
  6. He has contributed greatly to this wiki in the form of suggesting helpful new rules, playing a major role in the roleplay community and trying to better their situation all the time, reporting issues and bad behavior and doing his best to help out where he can.
  7. He may have once been a roleplayer, but he no longer is. But even if he does return to it or even if he still was one I would have suggested him, because he knows where to draw the line between being a user on the wiki and a roleplayer, which is a very important trait. Hermit and I also agree that if he is on the administrative team, he could be a great help with the Roleplay Council that he suggested.
  8. He always speaks with proper grammar.
  9. He has an understanding of coding ( thanks to yours truly :P ).
  10. Not once in the recent scenario did he suggest himself to replace Bator, which in my eyes is noble.
  11. He is active on chat.
  12. He is quick to report spam or vandalism, so now he could be quick to help clean it up.

Support Support -

  1. Jack Pistol
  2. John Breasly
  3. Captaingoldvane2
  4. Tyler Crossbones
  5. GenLawrence
  6. Stpehen
  7. Katbluedog
  8. Johnny Goldtimbers
  9. Johnny Shark Turner
  10. Jeffrey Blasthawk
  11. Pencil-
  12. Lord Jack Goldwrecker
  13. Benjamin Macmorgan
  14. Davy Hookwreaker
  15. Marc Cannonshot
  16. Parax
  17. Edger Wildrat
  18. BoogieMango
  19. AlbertSpark
  20. Warhawk1

Oppose Oppose -

  1. Robert McRoberts
  2. Jeremiah Garland
  3. Richard Cannonwalker
  4. Davy Gunfish
  5. YaxleyCola
  6. Daniel Goldtimbers
  7. Jim Logan
  8. Lord Caddius Bane
  9. Ned Whalebreaker
  10. Mikhail Volkov

Neutral Neutral -

  1. Bill2222
  2. Matthew Darkskull

On a side note, I am going to enjoy this because for once he cannot do his signature final vote, as this concerns him and he may not vote ( >:D )!

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