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Double Plunder This Weekend!February 22, 2012

It’s time to regain that lost plunder, Pirates – and double yer chances to find loot! All Pirates, both Basic and Unlimited, are welcome to take part in this special Double Loot Weekend.

For a limited time this Saturday and Sunday, you’ll earn DOUBLE the amount of materials from sinking Warships and Bounty Hunters on yer tail.

You’re also TWICE as likely to find loot when defeating enemies on land and when sinking ships at sea. Plunder away, mates!

What: Double Plunder Weekend

Where: Only in the Caribbean

When: Saturday, Feb. 25 – 11am to 7pm PST (Basic & Unlimited Membership)

Sunday, Feb. 26 – 9am to 4pm PST (Basic & Unlimited Membership)

NOTE: Materials are already doubled for you each time you see your plunder reward. Gold amounts are NOT doubled this weekend.
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