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I am sure most of you are aware of today's events. We will not be blaming anyone for it, as we want to try and move forward from this and put this day behind us. After quite a bit of chaos, the admins met with John Breasly and we negotiated some terms of peace between the admins and users. Now listen up, because this concerns the lot of you, and should you stray from what I am about to say ( a true poet, I know ) things are going to get worse.


  1. Bias against John Breasly, Andrew Mallace, Jeremiah Garland and any people associated with them is to cease.
  2. John Breasly, Andrew Mallace and Jeremiah Garland will cease to cause problems.
  3. The admins will listen and respect users' opinions so long as said users do not go completely overboard to the point of causing problems to push/end an idea.
  4. All users banned ( save John and Mallce, who agreed to their bans and take full responsibility for others' actions ) have been lifted.
  5. Admins are to stop constantly complaining.
  6. Users are to stop complaining about admins the entire time.
  7. The mocking avatars are to be changed.
  8. In future, if any issues arise, they will be directed to the Burs and John Breasly and things will be negotiated calmly until we reach a solution such as this one. No, this is not for votes, it is for community fights like this.

Expecting Change

We met with John so that we could bring back peace to this wiki, which means we are not going to tolerate breaking the peace.

Any users ( of any or no rights ) who contribute to bias, corruption, causing fights or any such drama will be warned/striked or perhaps even banned. This includes publicly bashing other users, talking behind users' backs, conspiring against users, being biased to users in anyway and trying to enrage users.

I want to make it clear, that we want to keep the peace and any trouble-makers, no matter who you are or who you support will be punished for it.

Sincerely, Katbluedog, Stpehen, John Breasly and

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