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Since individual reviews are too slow and it has been a while since the last one, the admin team now presents a full review for every administrator. All users are welcome to take part in the review!

This is meant to be a constructive way to better our community. Admins can use your criticisms to try and improve in certain aspects and also see what good things have been said about them and others and continue to do those things. Please be civil and not openly attack any admins, this is constructive criticism, not a bash-fest.

Example Review:

Katbluedog - I think she is a good president and admin. She sometimes calls me mean names and sends me scary images on my talk page.

Stpehen - He is a good chat mod, but I think his administrating could improve. Also the fuzzy green beard kind of tickles...

Captaingoldvane2 - He is a fun and kind admin, but Bill doesn't like his PvP tactics and he bullies me into breaking rules.

Jack Pistol - IS HE SINGLE?!

Parax. - I am too afraid to comment O_O

GenLawrence - He is a good admin, but breaks too many rules and sets a bad example. Also he hardly ever changes his avatar.

Jarod Pillagebane - He is very helpful and kind, but he can be too neutral in votes and reluctant to stop fights. Also he is a contradictory buff dwarf that tells me what to wear. He's sexy and he knows it.

Note: These were just joking examples, and I actually don't feel that way about any of them. Please do take this seriously and review each admin, not just your favorites or least favorites!

Thank you from the Admin Team!

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