Well, I have been thinking a lot lately and I have decided to make this blog to fully express those thoughts.

I have decided that I am starting to outgrow POTCO, and seeing many veterans and old friends leave is making me realize my time will come soon. As many of you know I am a fan of the Elder Scrolls games, which will become an MMO next year. I have decided that with Elder Scrolls Online's release, my unlimited on the game will end and I will not be playing as much if at all. I will most likely still stick around on the wiki, and if there is one for ESO, I will be there too, but don't expect as much from me.

I need to start focusing on my future, so school needs to gain more time on my schedule because it is going to get harder and if I want to make something of myself I will need to work hard. I have decided to stick around until ESO is released, so you still have roughly a year of me, and who knows how long I will still stay on the wiki. Many of us "veterans" are having the same thoughts, but I hope to stay in contact with many of them. I am most likely going to be playing ESO with John and maybe a few others, as well as friends from real, and I will make some new friends of course.

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