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With lots of hacking recently and sickos like Pearson on the loose, I am reminding you all to keep your account information VERY safe! Don't trust anyone with your password or account ID, not even your best friend on the game. Pearson ( or other hackers ) will very rarely be the ones to actually try and get it from you, they will try and get someone close to you to acquire it. Never lend your account to anyone to help you level or loot - it is a scam!

Never upload any screenshots that may reveal your Account ID or other valuable information. Remember to do virus scans and clean your computer from any harmful viruses that could potentially steal your passwords.

Try and make your password as unobvious as possible. If you ever think that your account has been compromised or might be compromised, don't stall - change your password immediately.

If you have evidence of hacking or attempts at hacking, report it to one of the admins. I would like any information I can on hacking so that it can be passed along to Disney or the authorities. If you find any wikis made by hackers ( or Pearson ) report it confidentially to an admin so that we can deal with it. Please do NOT link everybody to that wiki or comment there yourself as it is giving them the attention they want.

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