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I have decided to propose this rule based on the events highlighted in my previous blog. I unofficially proposed the idea there and it was liked so now I am making an official request.

Pearson and his followers (or maybe just Pearson for all we know) are constantly coming to this wiki, breaking rules and causing drama. I think we are all pretty sick of it. In the last few incidents it has been proven by an IP check that several users were all the same person. They all came here and caused drama, broke rules and complained about Pearson and other seedlings being banned.

I propose that from now on, when a seedling (Pearson follower) comes to the wiki and causes any trouble, he gets 1 warning and if he does not stop, he is banned. If he is ban-dodging or sock-puppetting he will receive no warning and will receive an immediate infinite ban (as with any other user).

Other users will still receive strikes and warnings based on the severity of their actions, but seedlings will only receive one before facing a ban. This is so that all drama is stopped before it begins to grow. They will not be banned immediately – they will first get a warning – but we will be less lenient based on past actions. We cannot rely on IP checks to keep this wiki clean and reduce drama each time as we are bothering Wikia. If they come and cause trouble they WILL be banned, no questions asked.

Voting ends when one side reaches 20 votes or when a reasonable amount of time has passed.

Please try and keep the drama on this blog to a minimum.


This does not mean that any Spaniards who come here, or have been here for a while, will be banned instantly on arrival. They will be given a warning if they do cause any trouble, and if they do not change their ways they will be banned. Spaniards who are established on the wiki, like Madster, will be given the same amount of warning/strikes as other users. This is solely for Spaniards who come here to cause trouble.

Support Support -

  1. Jack Pistol
  2. Johnny "Shark" Turner
  3. Katbluedog
  4. Stpehen
  5. GenLawrence
  6. Parax.
  7. Sharple
  8. Jason Shiprat
  9. Andrew Mallace
  10. PencilBoyWiki
  11. Lord Marshal Samuel Harrington
  12. Jack Goldwrecker
  13. Jim Logan
  14. Captain Crimson
  15. N.R.
  16. Marc Cannonshot
  17. Grunt56
  18. Tama63
  19. Johnny Goldtimbers

Neutral Neutral -

Oppose Oppose -

  1. Madster.
  2. YaxleyCola

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