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I would just like to make this very clear. On the wiki we do not allow swearing, and we are not lenient towards anything that might be in an attempt to get around it either.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • General swearing
  • Sweaing in the form of acronyms ( It doesn't matter if it could mean "what the fudge" or "whales talk french", it is generally accepted as a swear word and is therefore not allowed. )
  • Swearing in the form of censoring ( No *** or ... or #$%! or anything used to replace a swear word )
  • Swearing in the form of made up words ( I am sure this is easy enough to understand. If it is spelt like, sounds like or used in the context as a swear word, it is not allowed )
  • Swearing in the form of actual names ( Yes, we have all heard of that happy little Austrian town, but the joke bores even me now. It is actually just become an excuse to swear, so just stop it. People just say the name over and over unnecessarily and it is against the rules.
  • There are certain words allowed for stories and minor words for chat and wiki, but if they are used as insults they are most definitely not allowed.
  • Private Messages are a grey area. So, for that, you may do as you like in PM so long as the other user is not harassed by doing so. Both parties must be willing to have both or just the other swearing or it is against the rules. If such a thing happens, the chat should be screened and sent to an admin or mod.

I think this is clear enough. I wanted to make this absolutely clear because we are not allowing loopholes for this rule. This applies to both chat and the wiki. Yes, I know, you want to swear. I also swear, but it has no place on the wiki and it is easier to just not have it.

Thank you,

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