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The side of Support won in the vote!


In the wake of Voxel and G-man's resignations, the administrators have decided to bring in a new wave of users to promote to rollbacks and chat moderators. These users are dedicated to the wiki, are vital parts of our community, and display exemplary traits as kind and helpful editors. One such user is Nults McKagan, who I am proud to nominate for the positions of rollback and chat moderator.


  • An all-around helpful, dedicated and good-willed user.
  • He is unbias, and tends not to take sides in arguments. Understands the rules well, and has a clean record.
  • He was actually promoted before but resigned because... I have no idea why, the whole situation was stupid.
  • Intelligent, putting logic and reason before actions. Knows how to handle arguments and disputes with ease.
  • A very active editor of our wiki, and is on chat regularly.
  • Knowing him, he wants to work hard to help the wiki grow and set us on the right track.
  • Hardly ever takes part in drama, and never holds grudges.
  • Organised, knows a fair amount of coding, and always offers a helping hand to users.
  • He is Nults McKagan.

Fine Print

  1. This is a major request
  2. In a major request, 20 votes is required for it to pass or 3-5 Days whichever comes first
  3. In order to pass there MUST be a 2/3 majority
  4. his must last at least 3-5 days unless 20 votes comes first


  1. Jeremiah Garland
  2. Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark)
  3. Squirto19
  4. Parax.
  5. Gavin the Texan
  6. John Breasly
  7. David McMartin Son Of Sparrow
  8. Jim Logan
  9. Bill24601
  10. X Jumper
  11. Stormwalker00
  12. Dentface
  13. DvayJonesRules
  14. BoogieMango
  15. David Yellowfish
  16. William Seasteel
  17. First $ea Lord Sven Daggerteel
  18. Captaingoldvane2
  19. Peter Coalvane
  20. Empressbluefeather31



  1. KittyNomsYou
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