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After having seen the little note circling about some sort of plot, I'm frankly appalled.  I'd like to shout and say plenty of rude things, but given that shouting solves nothing, I know better than to do that.  So let's talk about what is going on.

What am I up to?

Short answer?  Nothing.  But none of you are going to be satisfied with that answer, and frankly, we all owe you more than that.

To settle any confusion, no, there's no elaborate plot to take over the wiki.  Yeah, that's hard to believe at first, based on how this has gone.  But let's talk about what we have been doing.  So upon seeing the "unban Pearson request," Al, Mallace, and I quickly got worried that with G being such good friends with Pearson, that him and his "group" would start to come back here.  And every time we bring them back, they always screw things up.  A lot.  it just always happensBut we didn't act on anything.  We didn't plot.  There was no Voxelplox-esque scheme, nothing bad, we just talked about what this meant.

Then came the Jerry thing.  When we were talking someone asked who Pearson was against.  I didn't know Jerry had been made VP, and in my head, it would be correct to pick him as the next bur.  Therefore, I sent the request of my own record.  I don't know where anyone got the idea I've been enemies with Jerry, he's always been a good friend.  I got angry at him toward the end of the game, but I moved on when the game ended.

So in short, no, there's nothing going on between Mallace, Al, and I, we're just all people concerned about the blacklist becoming pointless.  It's there for a reason.  And I acted of my own accord.

So then why would Pearson say those things?

Well, has it ever occurred Pearson's had it in for this place since the day he was banned?  Of course tearing us apart is an easy way to achieve this goal.  When has Pearson EVER worried about the future of this place and tried to help us?  We can't let ourselves get torn apart over a volatile time, and we have to stand strong.

About Trust

We're a community.  A family.  Through thick and thin we should trust each other and have each others backs.  As much as we may bicker amongst ourselves, we shouldn't have it out for each other.  I think we've all got some pretty questionable trust issues, but we can work through this rapidly-moving time.  We're all a team, and all a family.