First Annual Wiki NOscars

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Welcome to the Wiki NOscars, the first of it's kind!

The NOscars are all about recognizing pages with potential!  Are they the best, worthy of a Wiki Oscar?  No, no not at all.  But that's not a big deal, because this is telling those pages that they have the potential to be one of the best!  This is a recognition of continual hard-working efforts to bring about strong, viable content that will help us survive as a wiki.  Look at it as a "Potential FAOTW" if you will!


The nomination and voting processes will operate as follows:

  1. Over the next two days, users will comment nominating pages.
    • No troll nominations are allowed.  
    • Try to focus on unclean pages or pages under construction.
    • Don't target pages of highly inactive users, they probably won't come back to see the community's appreciated interests in their projects in a timely fashion.
    • Nominations cannot be revoked.  This is a point of positive constructive criticism, not admonishment or laughability.
  2. After the nomination process, which will end at approximately 3 AM EST on January 2nd.  The voting stage will begin and will occur until the morning of January 4th:
    • One vote per user is permitted.
    • Votes deemed to be troll votes (done on an individual vote basis, not on entire comments) will be asked to justify their votes, and if no justification is given, the vote will not be tallied.
    • You may abstain from voting in any categories you choose, but if it is clear articles are being targeted, votes will be questioned and we will remove the privilege to abstain.
    • Discussion is permitted in the comments as long as it is civil, and this privilege is also subject to being revoked.
  3. After the winners have been identified, they will each earn a userbox (under construction) identifying it has won the NOscars and is recognized for it's potential!

Happy NOscars!


The following categories are eligible categories.

NOscars Overall Page


NOscars Story


NOscars Organization


NOscars Character


NOscars Event/Scenario (Actual or RP)


NOscars Location


NOscars Non-character Creation (Ships, weapon, etc.)



In production stage, to come soon.

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