This wiki was started as a third-party website for the players of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online.  That is fairly clear in the name.  However, we've completely turned away from that, and created a rift in the game.  Not only do few of us now actually play Pirates Online, but we've become so enveloped in our little community that we disallow others from establishing a home here, let alone accept foreign ideas.  There was a time when new users were welcomed, but that's over and done with.  We've gated ourselves in.

The players of POTCO established a system of roleplay that worked through the game, and consisted of PvP, SvS, and guilds.  It worked, and it didn't rely on third-party websites.  If you wanted a country... you built a damn guild, and PvP'd/SvS'd your way into that country.

What this wiki has done is said "Hell to the roleplay.  We're creating our own system that is separate from the game, where no one can lose, and what happens here is law on the game."  Until you have the agreement of every roleplayer to ever play POTCO, that's not how it works.  We don't get to decide how the game works.  You can claim "Oh, it's wiki roleplay!"  But it's not.  You can sit here and pretend you're so high and mighty because two people have their names on your page.

There's people like Nults and Garland, who claim that because this website is a third-party, it protects them from attack.  But it doesn't.  They fail to show up, they surrender.  That is how the game works.  This place was MEANT to be an outlet for roleplay, not a place where wars are faught.

We can pretend we have a different system from anyone else.  But we don't.  We're just a falsified outlet, and that's all we'll ever be until we change.

What do I propose?

Enough with this "Empire of Nepal," crap.  Unless you have a strong-guild and can defend your title, like I had to do for TWO YEARS, you shouldn't be able to hold a country.  You don't have experience or prowess, as exhibited, so therefore, why should you keep a title someone else deserves?

To hell with this "Roleplay Council" it does nothing but tear a rift between the users of this wiki, who don't even play this game, and the actual PLAYERS like Sven and Goldtimbers.  People should have to FIGHT to keep their positions.  If they don't, then this isn't roleplay.  It's just a free giveaway to people who don't intend to do anything to make their pointless title a reality.

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