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John Breasly John Breasly 9 February 2012

Concerning Recent Events...

Okay, none of you spoke to the police. Josh is a teenager. He was being stupid, and requested pictures from Stormwalker. He did not send her pornographic images, nor did he post pornographic images. He obtained her cellphone number from her, on a different wiki at the same time I recieved her cellphone number. Josh is no threat to anyone here, and I will bet my freedom as a user on that. I don't know who found the warrant of that 34-year-old man from Pittsburgh, but that is not Josh. Josh lives far from Pittsburgh, in a completely different timezone. If anyone should be banned, it should be me for releasing classified information on this wiki. I told Madster because she is Stormwalker's best friend, and I told Jerry, Jack, and Sve…

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John Breasly John Breasly 9 February 2012

Back off Josh

Guys, you can't ban Josh for that stuff, I got it from the police! He was just being a stupid teenager, he didn't sexually harass anyone! Unban him and delete the ban blog, because I CAN GO TO PRISON FOR RELEASING THAT INFORMATION!

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John Breasly John Breasly 31 December 2016

First Annual Wiki NOscars

Welcome to the Wiki NOscars, the first of it's kind!

The NOscars are all about recognizing pages with potential!  Are they the best, worthy of a Wiki Oscar?  No, no not at all.  But that's not a big deal, because this is telling those pages that they have the potential to be one of the best!  This is a recognition of continual hard-working efforts to bring about strong, viable content that will help us survive as a wiki.  Look at it as a "Potential FAOTW" if you will!

  • 1 Process
  • 2 Categories
    • 2.1 NOscars Overall Page
    • 2.2 NOscars Story
    • 2.3 NOscars Organization
    • 2.4 NOscars Character
    • 2.5 NOscars Event/Scenario (Actual or RP)
    • 2.6 NOscars Location
    • 2.7 NOscars Non-character Creation (Ships, weapon, etc.)
  • 3 Rewards

The nomination and voting processes will operate as foll…

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John Breasly John Breasly 1 June 2016

A Call for Equal Treatment

What is shown to you above is a screenshot from today in chat. I was having a simple conversation with a few close friends, like Nults McKagan, when I was horrendously assaulted in a verbal manner.  This user, this "Victoria Risa Diverti," out of the blue called me annoying.  I have some serious self image issues and her insults really triggered me and made me very upset.  I responded poorly to the insult that was thrown in my face, and only I was striked.  I think it would be fair to respect everyone's feelings and make give a strike to every person involved in the verbal affrontery that occurred today.

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John Breasly John Breasly 22 February 2015

Apologies For Recent Comment/Chat

yeah i got rid of this you're all whiny

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