Johnny "Shark" Turner

aka Johnny

  • I live in The Barbary Coast
  • I was born on March 9
  • My occupation is King of Barbary by day, notorious rouge-pirate by night
  • I am your worst fear
  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    Ok, I just logged in on POTCO and my name is blue now! Meaning in battle Britain can use me to my full potential. It's probably a friend of mine who uses Cannon Bart and Molly Scither (my other pirates), cause apparently they have a credit card :P

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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    Ok, I officially announce the creation of the guild, "Barbary Pirates", but that's probably taken. Well, I'll get a name that IS valid. Unfortunately, I'm basic, so I'm gonna need to wait til I get unlimited to make this guild and start recruiting people. At the latest, I'll get unlimited this summer, but it could be earlier. Since Barbary is a country owned by Outlaws, it will basically be a sister guild of Outlaws. Here's some plans I'm going through to make it:

    • The guild will be 10+, but it will go up from there as it develops.
    • Recruiting will take place on Abassa, Tortuga.
    • Anybody 30+ will have a chance to become officer, but must gain my trust.
    • Everyone will be a veteran, but if you invite someone lower than the level minimum, it will res…
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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    Ok, I have made this blog for one reason only. I'm completely aware of the cease fire, but since I'm not very active in-game, but I am on the wiki, can someone post a blog or a talk page post about a battle? I'm questioning the length of the cease fire, and I believe the next battle might be this weekend. Geez I'm so underconfident. Anyway, try to notify me via wiki if any battles are about to take place. Barbary wants in these fights.

    Johnny "Shark" Turner 07:02, February 4, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    Ok, guys my chat doesn't work for some reason, and I decided I could just talk about this in a blog. We are nearing 100,000 viewers for this wiki, and I think we should have a party, and everyone with an account on here is invited. We could welcome both EITC and Pirates for either a parlor game or where ever we want to go.

    So either support or oppose, and I'LL POST YOUR NAME. This is a blog, so obviously YOU can't edit it.

    • Captain Josh
    • John Breasly
    • Jack Pistol
    • Katbluedog
    • Keira Kinover-Mar
    • Boogiemango
    • Ned Daggerkidd

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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    I'm on this blog to announce only one brief thing, I have a large amount of open positions for leaders of Barbary including a warlord. Pirates AND EITC are free to join. There is no requirement, except to not be with any enemies. To sign up, comment here, or here. Good luck and good plunderin'

    Johnny "Shark" Turner 22:22, January 21, 2012 (UTC)

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