This Election shall be held from today to the 6th of November of this glorious year of 1745.

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Rules for Candidates

  • Must of served in the EITC some part of their life.
  • Must be a Loyal to the British Crown of Empire.
  • Must have pants... o_o
  • Must own Land.
  • Must have Military experience
  • All must of worn a wig in some part of their life.
  • Must have held a rank higher than Lt. during their time or present time in service.
  • Must remain in the Main British Guild and cannot be associated with Elite Co. Marines, or any other Rebel guilds.
  • Must have served at least 10 months in the EITC/British Military
  • Candidates must nominate themselves to run.
  • Must prepare a blog to talk about their wishes, plans, reforms, ideas, etc, etc explaining why they choose to run, why they joined the EITC/British Military, and what they plan to do if chosen.
  • After Top 2 Winners are chosen, His Majesty shall choose one of the two to become Lord Governor of the East India Trading Company.
  • Voters for each Candidate and candidates themselves must have more than 100 edits and must be a Citizen, Loyalist, Colonist, Soldier, or something relating the Great Britain.
  • Candidates must run clean elections and only politically fighting others.
  • You cannot vote for Greasescarlet......... Goldvane...
  • Elections will end at the end of November 6th, 1745 (2012) :P
  • If you choose to vote you must vote from the Candidates list below.


  • Maxamillion

  • Blake

  • William Brawlmartin

  • Ishamel

  • Richard Sternsilver


  • Grunt

  • Richard Luther (BoogieMango)

  • Princess Carly of Ireland

  • Christopher Ironshot

  • Jason Blademorgan


  • Tyler Crossbones

  • Basil Brawlmonk

William Brawlmartin

  • votes


  • votes

Richard Sternsilver

  • votes

Jason Shiprat

  • votes

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From the desk of the Prime Minister,


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