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Everyone already knows now but I want to write a blog explaining why I demoted myself. I am not leaving due to Minecraft. Minecraft is just something that I enjoy playing to unwind from a long day. Minecraft is not the reason for my demotion.

The reasons:

  • Inactivity due to being in College. I have a lot of work to do for my clinical courses. I also inactive due to not playing Pirates Online.
  • Sick of the drama and hate. I am not going to be an admin on wiki that hates every single thing that I do. I am tired of the fighting over the littlest things. I am tired of the bullying and drama.
  • There was a plan to demote Step and I anyway. I decided to resign to stop the fighting. I wanted to demote myself before everyone fights for days over this.

What I want to happen now that I don't have admin powers.

  • I would like a new admin to take over FAOTW. I can explain how to do FAOTW on chat.
  • I would like to see new admins get promoted. I think we need new people who can handle the power. I don't have any suggestions yet but it should be someone who is unbiased. The new admins should be someone who is active on the wiki and the game.
  • I would like to see the fighting and drama get controlled. Roleplay also needs some help.

Last points:

  • I'm not leaving the wiki forever. I will take a few days off to chill but I want to pass on FAOTW to a new admin.
  • I have had a great time being an admin for this wiki. This wiki is my home. I hope that everyone appreciates what I was good at being an admin.
  • I will still be on OlexCraft.
  • I don't hate anyone. I just hate how you didn't tell me about demoting me. Everything is kept secret and it's just unfair.
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