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Stpehen and I are going on vacation for 8 days. We are going on a Disney Wonder Cruise to Alaska. We will be leaving on July 8th and will return on July 16th. I will not be here for my birthday on July 10th. Step and I might have a chance for internet. The internet on the cruise ship is by the minute so we may not even use it. Captaingoldvane2 will be the temporary president while we are gone. Jack Pistol will be the temporary vice president. You may contact any of the other admins, rollbacks or chat mods if you need anything. I will not be able to do the tied FAOTW. I am taking a week break for the last two pages. I will do the FAOTW on the Friday after we come back. We will be here on Friday and Saturday. Have a nice week! Don't let the wiki explode or anything. xD KatBlueDogHiya! and Stpehen Was HereHello

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