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Copied from the "Dissolution of the SSC and Granting of Eternal Presidency" thread here:


I have long held democracy a sacrocant privilege to the people of the Gamers Fanon Wiki ever since I reluctantly took office as your President in September of 2016. It is with great pleasure that I announce the next evolution of that democracy. The people have willed for this bureaucratic board, formed as a ploy of the BNO, to end it's reign of backstopping, slow progress, and nepotism it has had over our wiki for ages.

Democracy will continue under the new "imperial" wiki move, but admins, rollbacks and all staff members will remain just as important in fulfilling a critical role by keeping our historical wiki clean, accurate, and available for all to see. But no longer shall votes have to go through a diminshed community and laregly other-involved staff. Instead, they'll go through me. So I present this vote as the future of the wiki - the end of bureaucracy, and the beginning of efficiency and eternal happiness. Long live the Supreme Leader!"


Despite the fun theatrics we've been having with the imperial memes, let us understand the heart of this request. Community votes and the Seven Seas Court board are relics of the past. The community is quite diminished and many have moved onto other things. It is this administration's job to preserve history, accuracy, and timelines of the times we spent playing all of our favorite games. I still remember when we switched from PPW, to PFW, and finally to GFW. All were great changes, as was the introduction of the SSC, a middle ground between the administration just deciding on votes vice total anarchy with the good people of the past and their voting... issues.

In making these changes, in removing the need for boards and a community vote to make progress or decisions, we reach the pinnacle of evolution for the wiki. I'm sure JZfredskins and others, perhaps even the UGW, would look back smiling to see the end of the vote process. Katbluedog even once said that Wiki's aren't a democracy. I tried to change that in my presidency and am proud of the progress we made. We reluctantly moved to discord (I still remember allowing that vote to go through and knowing it's endearing consequences... but I believe it was the right move. Perhaps we should have listened to Wag and killed it in SSC... but no longer shall anything die in the SSC. The SSC kills itself today.), saw the end of roleplay as we knew it, and did so with malice toward none and charity toward all. From now on, decisions will be made by the few who are still here (not a dictatorship by any means). This vote DOES hereby implement the following:

  • The Seven Seas Court board is hereby archived and it's material power officially removed. 
  • Community votes are hereby archived and their material power officially removed.
  • Promotions, Demotions, big changes, and any administrative decisions no longer require community votes.
  • Decisions will be made at the executive level for efficiency and cohesivness.
  • Traditional admin, rollback, and chatmod positions are abolished, replaced posthumously by "staff members"Those roles, physically, shall exist and be granted to current and future staff members. Nobody's powers are changing.
  • Lord Andrew Mallace is declared, until further notice, "the leader" and is granted executive privilege. 

God hail the GFW, god save the GFW, and may god bless our Users forever and ever.

All the best, now and forever,

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