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Friends, colleagues, future leaders, and obedient citizens;

Long have we waited. There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? It's new colors!

In light of a great conversation I had tonight with my admin team and Deputy Grand Vizier Ned Edgewalker, CEO of TOAB Security, a subsidiary of TOAB, Inc. in learning that our good friends from a far have found a potential new home, we are moving forward with long overdue renovations to the wiki! Leading this charge is former President G-man, who now serves as the Imperial Executive. He will be trying out new scripts and visual changes to the wiki as we move into our next phasen- eternity! Let us honor the WORK of our users for the DECADE we have existed and PLEDGE to PROTECT what comes next!

Please stay healthy during quarantine! I am excited for what is to come and please welcome the temporary promotion of G-man.! His prior leadership as president and years of dedication to the wiki exemplify why he is the perfect choice to lead us into the new age. Leadership reoganization, to include the SSC, coming soon

Those deemed unfaithful or unworthy to the empire or will be dealt with more swift than the REDACTED. Democracy has been a HALLMARK of our time here and one of the highest priorities of my administration. The incredible response and hatred of the SCC has been noted - the people want change! And I promise you change.


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