Hey guys, this is a list of the top Roleplayers in my opinion. Over the past years on POTCO I have been in RP almost the entire time. After the games passing, I decided I wanted to honor the top roleplayers I think deserve it. So, here is the list of people who I think should be on this list.

1. Pearson Wright

2. Captain Leon

3. Samuel Redbeard(Harrington)

4. Benjamin Macmorgan

5. Spartan Petalbee

6. Cad Bane

7. Johnny Goldtimbers

8. Sven Daggersteel

9. Hippie

10. John Breasly

11. Johnny Coaleaston

12. Jeremiah Garland

13. Andrew Mallace

14. Hector Wildayes

15. Jeffrey Blasthawk

16. Marie Antionette

17. Edgar Wildratte

18. Jack Swordmenace

19. Ben Squidskull

20. Maxamillion

21. Cadet

22. Charles Salisbury

23. Albert Spark

24. William Seasteel

25. Blake Stewart

26. Madster

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