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Piplupower Piplupower 15 March 2011

Community Update: Monday, March 14, 2011


Over the next few weeks expect some major changes to this wiki, and quite likely, some temporary bugs coming with them. There is no need to worry, though, any changes made or problems that occur are DEFINITELY temporary and can be ondone extrmely quickly.

Here is a list of some things toexpect in the future.

  • A New image placeholder.

Soon, we will be the first wiki in Wikia ever to have a custom Image placeholder that the wiki staff knows of. I am aware that the other wiki has a special placeholder, but they must specially add it to pages. This one that is COming can be found at Image:Dig2. This image will function just like a normal placeholder, where clicking in editing or out will bring the image upload screen.


Currently, …

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Piplupower Piplupower 13 March 2011

Username change

i may change my username to Avoki, becuase i get A LOT of comments about the piplup part. its an olda ccount, from when i liked pokemon more than pirates. i might actually, change it to curycoo. Yeh, Curycoo. so, what say you?

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Piplupower Piplupower 13 March 2011

rollback nomination: Captain Skull X

Capt. Skull X is a good smart person. I think he deserves a promotion to rollback for these reasons:

  • Generally smart.
  • Usually nice, only got me kinda angry once.
  • Defended us on the United Alliance Wiki.
  • Just a good person.
  • Edits alot.
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Piplupower Piplupower 13 March 2011


Soo, iwas wondering how well stories of the wiki have traveled through "generations" of new editors coming in, so i made this. I will post the questions in a format similar to that of the cryptid trest. lets see what you know!

Nightmare10: 5

Matthew Darkskull: 2

Bator.hos: 1

CaptainGoldvane2: 3.

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Piplupower Piplupower 13 March 2011

unreadable comments

okay, so im assuming that other peopleare having the problem that they cannot read other comments on a blogor page, right? well let me explain, then provide a solution, if you dont already know this.

So, wiki, with the start of oasis, integrated a new feature that would allow pages to load faster. on your computer, in some temp filies somewhere, it stores a compressed digital call number for every page on wiki you have visited. this way, pages load an INSANE amountquicker, as it does not have tosearch wiki's databases for a page. now, this call number pulls up the page, but thoughit will show the most recent updates of the actual CONTENT, the comments are essentially another page, which it has NOT updated. SO! to fix this. it is a slightly …

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