Hey guys! Al here, I just wanted to quickly address something I think should have probably been addressed. So recently, I was working with the guys about the troubles about Ex Past Facto. Wait. What the hell is Ex Past Facto? Basically say you made a page about... idk.... Lets just say RP was outlawed yes? So If you made an RP Page, prior to the rule then it would be protected BECAUSE it is not your fault it breaks a rule that didnt exist when it was made. Now, the only problem is that not many are aware whether it is Ex Past Facto or not so after some discussion we decided we would make a page banner and cateogry so people are aware of why it can not be deleted for, for example, "futuristic content". So.... if you find a page that breaks a rule but was made prior to, feel free adding the Ex Past Facto Template.

Just thought that should be cleare dup! Regards,


Rollback Seal.png 03:16, May 11, 2013 (UTC)

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