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Here is my official list of the top 100 most influential, unique, and powerful Roleplayers throughout POTCO's history.

I've made an extended effort to make this a fair and unbiased list, but in the end, fact is fact. What you see here is not me trying to make any particular individual look good. What you see here is me telling you who deserves their respective titles, from the eyes of the man that was listed as top dog on every single list that has been created on this Wiki thus far.

(POTCO is closed. There's no need to argue. That being said, please, let me finish creating this "list" before you proceed to banning my IP for the 5948483th time. Obliged.) 

People to be implemented into the Top 50 that I forgot to add:

William Dampbellows - To be put as number #41. Everyone after 41 will be moved back a space.

32 - 100 TBA



















59.) Carlos La Verde Sanita - The devil from Barcelona, Sanita was the most extreme Fruit-Fanatic during The Paradoxian War. He's the person who started the ideology that "Fruit is God in RP". He was tasked with the job of being the "Royal Banner Carrier" of the King. Basically, he was ordered to follow me and Hippie around and whenever we saw anybody from another guild, to shout at them: "ALL HAIL KING PHILLIPE V CLEMENTE! BOW DOWN OR FACE THE WRATH OF THE ALMIGHTY!" This effectively scared several "noobs" into joining us, and because of that, some HCO's proposed creating "twins" for Carlos La Verde Sanita, such as: Carlos La Rojo Sanita, and Carlos La Azul Sanita. Unfortunately, there wasn't the time or resources to fully level two more pirates because of all of the numerous engulfing wars The Paradox had gotten into and so the proposal was scratched. Sanita was the first person to begin the "vandalism" crusade against the PPW, and would tell other guild members that the PPW was the most foul creation RP had ever seen. Sanita's account was deleted mid-way through The Paradox. Nobody's certain as to how this happened or what what the motive for doing it was. However, many people suspect it was Captain Leon who landed the final blow. Sanita was also a strong supporter of the Chiphawk Administration during The Paradox's later years and was, like many other Spaniards, in favor of the guild-takeover strategies, by whatever means necessary. 

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58.) Isabella V Clemente - The "Bloody Marie" of the Spanish royal family. I found Isabella, or, "Bella", while I was on Abassa one day, and saw her getting teased and picked on by several little jumping trolls. For some strange reason, I felt inclined to do something, and took a risk of her shouting: "LOL, THIS NOOB JUST WHISPERED ME", and asked her if she wanted to PvP, hinting to her to get away from all the madness. To my surprise, she said "crew me", but when the PvP started, instead of fighting, we talked the entire time. After that, I friended her, and talked to her about joining Casa Di Royale. Amazingly, despite my hideous pirate avatar, she left her best friend's guild, "QueenofSeas" who she'd been with for over a year and joined mine. I pushed her even further and asked her to dress in a more sophisticated outfit, and she didn't even protest. I started to explain to her exactly what "RP" was since she was completely oblivious to this entire new spectrum of POTCO. Surprisingly, she took an interest in it, and we started to talk on Facebook, and then later on Skype. After a while, we became very close, so close that the other Spanish HCO's were starting to become afraid that I was focusing all of my attention towards her, and not towards Spain. To prove to her that I really cared about her, I booted everyone in Casa Di Royale but the two of us, which pushed Hippie over the edge. After that, Hippie went and told Bella that I was just using her like I had with all the other previous Spanish mistresses. For some reason, she believed him, and left me. (Even though I'd just practically destroyed my entire guild to prove that I wasn't using her.) This hit me really hard, and instead of going back to getting Spain out of the gutter (Which is what Hippie thought would happen), I fired Hippie, and had Grace Redskull take her account back from him. After this, me and Bella's relationship became a two and a half year long love/hate rollercoaster of chaos. Bella instantly became a RP celebrity and an inspiration to women throughout RP to "rebel against their husbands" and leave a path of destruction in their guilds. You could say that Isabella was the new-age Spanish Marie Antoinette, with a much more wicked and stuck-up attitude. 

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57.) Captain John Fat Beard - (TBA)

56.) Jack Redsilver - Founder of Bounty Hunter Co, and first person to really introduce the idea of "Assassins" and "Mercenaries" to the game. Jack Redsilver was one of the only "Founders" in RP. Simply because he had the gold text name, and the "F" icon, everyone would work their asses off to get him in their guilds. Redsilver had always been a very strong supporter of mine. The only division between us was the fact that he was constantly trying to get Duchess to leave me, and marry him. Fortunately, after I divorced her, he seemed to lose an interest in her. Unknown to some, Redsilver supported me so strongly, that shortly after The Post-Paradoxian War, when Spain and Britain were both literally "dust", I wanted to make this massive comeback to shoot RP back into action and so I convinced Redsilver to give me his account, (not steal it. He was honored to let me us it. I'm dead serious.), and I then created "Casa Di Royale". I used his pirate for about a month, and remember everyone being in just so much "awe" that Pearson Wright actually had a founder pirate. Unfortunately, I got it banned. I forget how, and Redsilver didn't return to the game for another 5-6 months which is when he got it unbanned and rejoined forces with me in Imperio De Espana.

55.) Marie Antoinette(Level 50) - A seemingly forgotten woman. This is NOT the same Marie Antoinette who founded France. There were actually two. The one who founded France was a level 18. This Marie Antoinette was one of the first and only women in the Caribbean Rangers guild. Marie Antoinette was a brilliant orator, and one of my favorite personal advisors. During Cadet's largest rebellion, in which we were cornered on the bridge of Port Royal and Grace Goldtimbers, Samuel Redbeard, Dog O'Hawk, and Cadet's forces were all demanding that we surrender, and insisting that I was a tyrant and was to be "sent to the gallows", Marie Antoinette said one line, which probably was one of the most famous quotes in RP's history that created an entire new philosophy that I would use to counter all of the accusations against me of being a "tyrant" for years to come. She stated: "All guilds have one single individual who holds the GM position, which gives them absolute authority over everyone else in the guild, therefore, if Pearson Wright is a tyrant for having this position and executing it well, what does that make all of you?" At that very moment, everyone present stopped spamming the chat and started to question what the Hell they were fighting for. They began to realize that even if they got rid of me, they'd still be stuck in a guild, with one GM, with ultimate power and authority. Literally, on the spot, a good 5-10 people turned on Cadet, Redbeard, and Duchess and moved over to our side. Right after that, Luuluu ran into the scene with a brigade of rangers and we defeated Cadet's rebellion in under an hour. This was one of the most powerful moments in RP history.

54.) Billy Lockcutter - Like Wildfitte, Lockcutter was another little RP dwarf. If Wildfitte had a fraternal twin with completely opposite characteristics, it was Billy. Although The Netherlands was technically founded by Edward Daggerhawk, Billy Lockcutter was the first person to really introduce the idea of the "Dutch" being a major power in RP. Lockcutter was in various EITC guilds including The Co. Empire and United Empire. He was also the GM of Dutch Trading Co. During The Paradoxian War, he attempted to break The Netherlands off from the British circle of alliances and get them to join The Paradox. He was (partially) successful in the sense that he prevented the Dutch from really getting involved in the war, but he never fully convinced Edward Daggerhawk or Jarod Pillagebaine to join forces with Spain against Britain. Lockcutter disappeared shortly after The Paradox fell and didn't return until the final day of POTCO in which me and him had a nice chat for a good 10-15 minutes in the King's Arm on Abassa where several other famous RP'ers gathered.

53.) Samuel Creststeel - Founder of Casa De Bandidos, and hard-core Spanish Republican. Samuel was considered to be the "people person" of the family. Samuel was my youngest brother, and aided Cadet in several of his rebellions against me. Samuel attempted to turn all of the rangers against me as well, and use them as a "force for freedom" in bringing down all of the European monarchies. He also proposed the idea of "Mexico" being an independent country in RP. Unfortunately for him, after only a couple months of fighting, he started losing supporters following Cadet's numerous defeats which eventually led to his surrender. Samuel was the first, and only Prime Minister of Spain during the compromise between Cadet and myself which basically set up limits on the Spanish monarchy. However, with the arrival of the Paradox, all aspects of this compromise were overruled and Samuel was ordered to join The Paradox as a low-ranking HCO who had authority only in name.

52.) Admiral Quwas - (I'm not sure if I spelled this one correctly). Mr. "Admiral" was a distinguished officer in the Co. Empire, and United Empire. He also served Grace Goldtimbers during her time as Queen of France, and would later go on to be Captain Kwager's second in command in "The Demon Empire" which many people thought was going to actually go somewhere, but ended up having a very quick and short peak in RP, and then slowly collapsing over the course of about a year. Mr. Admiral served as somewhat of a mediator in RP during the war between Francis Brigade and Caribbean Rangers. During Grace Goldtimber's administration, Admiral was the one who pressed for peace most, and advised her to stay out of all of the wars surrounding France. 

51.) Hernandez - Founder of Royale Imperial Co., and former officer in The Delta Empie. Hernandez was originally tasked by me to help gain Spanish influence in the EITC. I had assumed that he wouldn't get very far in doing this, and because this task was of little importance, that's why I assigned it to him. Astonishingly, Hernandez ended up recruiting people from not just the slums of Abassa, Tortuga, but from the EITC itself. In fact, Royale Imperial Co. grew so powerful that it started to become a threat to Spain. Because I sensed his betrayal, I ordered him to turn over the guild to the hierarchy, and to return to The Delta Empire immediately. He refused, and in response, there was a short 1-2 month warring period against Royale Imperial Co. The guild was eventually obliterated and Hernandez was exiled, and then ended up leaving the game shortly after this. However, had Hernandez gone unchallenged, he likely could have led Royale Imperial Co to become a dangerously powerful war machine, and could have potentially changed the future of the EITC, and of RP in general.


50.) Davy Badbones - Founder of the Assassin's Clan. Assassin's Clan was a fairly well-esteemed PvP and SvS guild, but started to present a threat to Spain early into The Paradoxian War. The Spanish Hierarchy believed that Assassin's Clan just may have had the potential to turn the tides of the war, and so therefore, an agreement was reached with Badbones. He would have to turn over his guild to The Spanish Government, but in return, would be immediately made the King of Portugal, and given an officer position in The Paradox, as well as a voice within important political decisions. Badbones humbly accepted the offer, and Assassin's Clan was handed over to my emissary, Captain Leon, who was ordered to not harm a single soul, but refused my orders, and booted the entire guild on spot. I didn't want Badbones to go all-out insane against us, so I told him that Leon was working with the EITC, and had tricked me into believing that he was with us. Therefore, Badbones targeted his anger against Co. Black Guard, and pledged to assist us in destroying them. Davy Badbones was the King of Portugal for the first half of The Paradoxian War, but ended up going inactive early into the war and was demoted to the rank of "veteran" in the guild and quickly forgotten.

49.) Edgar Wildrat - (TBA)

48.) Matthew Darkskull - (TBA)

47.) Lord Edward Duke - "Edward Duke" was like the predecessor to Cad Bane. He was one of the few people in United Empire that wanted what was right for everybody. During the presidential election between George Treasurestealer and myself, Edward Duke, along with other people like Will Raidskull, and Landon, was one of the few people that tried to persuade Macmorgan to vote against Treasurestealer, because he sensed the corruption and unsturdy foundation in his campaign. Edward Duke served as the forth in command in the United Empire, and was also a distinguished officer while in the Co. Empire. If there had been more people like this in Britain during 1740, The Paradoxian War would have never happened. 

46.) William Sharkskull - The Grand Lord Admiral of The Spanish Navy during The Paradox; Sharkskull was the "Inquisitor of the seas" throughout The Paradoxian War. Although people were terrified of Spadus Ignacio XI, Sharkskull was an equally feared adversary by British sailors, and better yet, unlike Spadus, who would only fight alone, Sharkskull knew how to command an entire fleet, and to bring out the utmost best in them. Sharkskull dominated the seas for Spain for nearly a decade, and helped to win several seemingly impossible victories against guilds such as Thirsty Souls, The Palladin Empire, and Co. Black Guard. Sharkskull ended up being convicted of treason in 1746 and fled to British Co. Elites to aid the British. It seemed though, that after he left Spain, he lost his "edge" in SvS, and was unable to really do a sufficient amount of damage to the Spanish navy, despite having Sven Daggersteel, and practically the rest of the RP community on his side.

45.) Robert Seasteel - GM of United allies, former INFERNO fifth in command, and former Paradox forth in command. Robert Seasteel, like many other famous RP'ers, joined RP through "Freedom Empire", my first Anti-EITC guild. Seasteel left Freedom Empire after its failute, and ended up joining INFERNO, which was created around the same time that Caribbean Rangers was. Seasteel remained in INFERNO until The Paradoxian War, in which we used the tactics of taking out both INFERNO's, and Britain's chain of command. We promised Seasteel forth in command if he'd leave his position as fifth in command in INFERNO. He accepted the offer, but shortly after Francis Chiphawk was terminated, Seasteel left The Paradox with the promise of helping Spain by making a new guild, "United Allies". Of course, I was completely against this, as I HATE alliances, and knew that eventually he'd go mad for power and turn on us. Only about a month after its creation, he did exactly that, dragging me into a year long war with him. Seasteel fought against both the EITC, and Spain for the duration of the United allies' existence, and then mysteriously vanished shortly before POTCO was closed.

44.) Tom Wildfitte - "The Co. Empire's Most Wanted!" Wildfitte was like a dwarf-blend of Matthew O'Malley and Remy. He was all about piracy and freedom, but at the same time, he tried to act sophisticated, and had a HUGE ego. Wildfitte didn't believe in guilds. That's how strongly he believed in freedom and independency as a pirate. Tom Wildfitte was known to stand in the King's Arm on Abassa and shoot up the bar whenever the Co. Empire tried to come and intimidate pirates. He, along with people like Captain Sadcamp, Matthew O'Malley, Red, and myself, is one of the people who started the Anti-Co. resistence movement.

43.) Basil Brawlmonk - GM of S.P.A.R.T.A.N.S. and Line of Spartans; Basil Brawlmonk basically put Romania on the map. He is also the only person that was able to really steal any land from me without me doing anything about it. Romania was basically carved out of the Spanish-controlled Ottoman Provinces, but because Spain was ruling practically the entirety of Europe, I didn't really pay any attention to it, since there was no point in getting in another war over such a useless piece of land. Brawlmonk had quite the ego, and was never really able to put up much of a fight against the might of The Spanish Empire. However, for a rising RP power, he did a good job in establishing the Romanian military. He was never really considered an equal opponent to Britain or Spain. However, people did think twice before starting a pointless war with Romania after Brawlmonk became Prime Minister.

42.) Jack Bluehawk - Jack Bluehawk was the second oldest brother of Duchess, behind Jack Swordmenace. He absolutely hated the idea of Spain and France becoming a joint-Empire, and as soon as United Empire fell, and I began to gain power in France, he spent the rest of his life trying to instate a Pro-British sympathizer government in France. He even went so far as to shoot up his own sister's wedding along with his father, Johnny Goldtimbers, and several other EITC members, because they were so strongly against me and Duchess getting married. During The Post-Paradoxian War, Duchess took a leave of absence from RP due to a heart condition. She temporarily instated Jack Bluehawk which absolutely infuriated her older brother, Jack Swordmenace, who held the rights to the crown of France. It was a very poor decision. Swordmenace had about 10x more experience in every aspect of RP than Bluehawk did. Duchess, however, insisted that her reasoning for making Bluehawk the temporary overseer of France was because she could not trust Swordmenace. An agreement was reached which stated that Bluehawk could not attempt to re-create the royal family, try to remove me from power as King of France, or try and revoke Swordmenace's heirships. Bluehawk broke all of these vows, exiled Swordmenace, married my sister Elizabeth Pondbellows and attempted to make her the Queen of France, and then attempted to remove me from power as the King of France which led to the second war of French Succession in which Bluehawk was obliterated and permanently imprisoned in the Swiss Alps. 

41.) Matthew Blastshot - Founder of the British Navy. Blastshot is similar to Breasly in the sense that he never really came online, but still had a somewhat large impact on RP. Blastshot never really had much skill as a military leader. However, he did play a major role in the organization of Britain on the PPW. He would later go on to become the King of Prussia. (Note: Francis Bluehawk never served Prussia under Blastshot.) 

40.) Francis Chiphawk - Considered to be the "Butcherer" of RP. Francis Chiphawk was given the position of GM of The Paradox while I was on leave in Russia for about a month and a half's  time. I sensed that Sir Carlos Clemente was going to get terminated, and literally GM'd Chiphawk, a couple hours before he was, which saved The Paradox. During Chiphawk's administration, The Paradox's mission and ideology switched from liberating Russia, to causing as much destruction as possible throughout the RP community. Chiphawk's ideology was basically this: "If they're not with us, they don't deserve to exist on this game." Chiphawk introduced several deadly tactics such as, the infiltration of guilds by usage of guild-codes, and spamming the guild chat until everyone left the guild. He also sent emissaries into guilds to persuade the GM's to hand over their GM positions. Once the guild was taken over, Chiphawk would give the former GM and his officers two options: 1.) They could fight for The Paradox until the war was over, and be given their guilds back at the end of the war. 2.) They could have their guild completely destroyed on the spot. Almost all of the guilds chose the first proposed option. Guilds such as Predicon (450 members), The Palladin Empire (500 members), Paradox militia (75 members), Haters of EITC (350 members),  and Halle's Rebellion (300 members), totaling in nearly two thousand people, all pledged allegiance to The Paradox with the promise of their guilds being returned to them once Britain was defeated. Unfortunately, after Chiphawk was terminated, and The Paradoxian War was over, other Spanish HCO's such as Hippie, Roger Goldhawk, and William Sharkskull believed that it would be better for Spain to maintain control over the guilds. Because of this, none of the former GM's ever got any of their guilds back. This is considered to be one of Spain's most gruesome acts against the RP community. Some notable guilds who refused to pledge allegiance to The Paradox and chose the second option are: Skull's Marines (500 members), and several other smaller-scale pirate and EITC guilds. These guilds were all completely destroyed on the spot. To ensure that none of the destroyed guilds ever rose again, Chiphawk would leave a single low level pirate in the guild as the GM so that the guild name could never be recovered.

39.) Matthew O'Malley - The RP "Terrorist". Like Macbatten and McBellows, O'Malley was also one of the main Palladin lords. O'Malley's always been a strange character. Nobody's really sure what he did for RP, other than claiming to do stuff for it. Despite this, O'Malley's somehow immensely famous and prestigious. He does have a decent skill with words as an orator, despite his completely out-of-whack political ideals. 

38.) Miss Tell Tale - The "freak" of RP. Behind Goldtimbers, this has got to be the weirdest "person" RP has ever known. Many of us thought this was a woman for a good while, until we later found out that she was a he. Miss/Mr. Tell Tale is famous for the creation of the "Tell Tale Family", and "The Order of Nautilus". Tell Tale really had no motive other than to annoy the living crap out of as many people as she could, and to prevent the spread of monarchies, and of the EITC into RP, particularly: Benjamin Macmorgan, Pearson Wright, Duchess of Anemois, and later, Captain Leon and Samuel Redbeard. She vanished mysteriously after being terminated for the 47th time at the start of The Paradoxian War.

37.) John Macbatten - Founder of "Sweden", and son of Pearson Wright and Grace Goldtimbers. Macbatten was very similar to Cadet in the sense that he was mentally "unstable" and had a very revolutionary-like mindset. He liked to start wars, and let other people work them out for him. Macbatten was the GM of "Sweden Empire", and one of the head lords of "The Palladins" under Roger McBellows, which was the prime rival guild of Caribbean Rangers behind the EITC. If the Rangers were the Jedi, the Palladins were the Sith. Macbatten would later be permanently removed from power during The Paradoxian War after Spain conquered Sweden. He never made a comeback after this.

36.) Ben Squidskull - The Duke of Sicily and Sardina, Ben Squidskull was head of the western Spanish naval fleet during The Post-Paradoxian War. He helped bring "The Scurvy" into Spain's enterprise of guilds and helped fend of the British invaders for several years following the end of The Paradoxian War. I met Squidskull when he just a level 12 on a pirate named "Dandandragon" in Caribbean Rangers. I remember trying to "sneak attack" Francis Brigade under the bridge on Port Royal, and Dan running down from a hill screaming: "PEARSON, IS THIS THE ENEMY?!!?!? IS THAT THEM!?!?". We had to literally teach Dan from scratch how to fight, and how to lead. He would later go on to acquire "Ben Squidskull's" account, which is what got him this name. 

35.) Johnny Coaleaston - The "Horatio Nelson" of RP. Johnny Coaleaston was a very inspirational and tactical British admiral. You could call him the prequel to Sven, only, he actually fought with dignity and told the truth. Coaleaston practically created the British Marine Corp. He won a couple battles for Britain here and there during The Paradoxian War and helpled hault the Spanish advance. Unfortunately, his military career came to an abrupt end when he loyally sided with the crown in the Great Uprising of 1743. Coaleaston was the GM of several British marine guilds. 

34.) Spade - One of, if not the most skilled warrior RP has ever seen. Spade served under me from the early days of Caribbean Rangers, all the way until The Delta Republic. He was an extremely loyal and devoted follower until he, like many other Spaniards, finally cracked after The Paradox was abandoned. Spade was able to take on entire armies in SvS, and win the day. He was also a legendary pvp'er who taught his skills to several other Spaniards during Caribbean Rangers, and The Paradox. He was later manipulated into joining the British, but terminated shortly afterwards.

33.) Remy - The "Jack Sparrow" of RP, Remy has got to have been the only RP'er in the history of Roleplay's history that never broke his vow to staying free, and never becoming apart of any nation. Remy was probably my closest friend on POTCO for several years. He's someone I spoke to like a normal person, and not a subordinate, although he wasn't even really on my side. He wasn't on anyone's side. Remy would intervene in wars, but he'd only support whoever was outnumbered, or outmatched. He fought for the underdog. Despite my constant efforts to recruit Remy into the Spanish Navy, he just wouldn't budge. I probably spent more time asking Remy to join than anyone else on POTCO simply because of the fact that he was somebody I could trust, and a close friend that I wanted and needed on my side. Remy assisted Jack Swordmenace in creating the first French Military fighting force: "Frenchies", and also founded the infamous "Remy's Renegades". Remy was also a very skilled pvp'er and svs'er. 

32.) Jarod Pillagebaine - Leader of the OUTLAWS guild, and King of the United Provinces of the Netherlands following the resignation of King Edward Daggerhawk of The Netherlands. Jarod Pillagebaine played a critical role in the Anti-Paradoxian alliance during the Post-Paradoxian War. Personally, he was a much more worthy and capable opponent in most of the SvS's during The Post Paradoxian War than the EITC under Sven Daggersteel were. However, he himself wasn't a brilliant military strategist. However, he was able to get a very large band of decent SvS'ers on his side, as well as a fully maxed guild of somewhat decent levels. Pillagebaine's legend was rather short-lived, but he certainly turned the tide of The Post Paradoxian War which had a relatively major impact on RP.

31.) Lord Jeremiah Garland - One of the early EITC politicans. Garland helped in the formation of The Co. Empire, and also served as a useful spy for the British during The Paradoxian War. Uknown to me, Garland had been in The Paradox for months working his way up the ranks, to the point where I eventually put him as the fifth in command. Fortunately, I discovered shortly after promoting him that he may or may not be a British sympathizer and booted him immediately. Garland was also a member of Breasly's cabinet for a good period of time, and was the tsar of Russia in later years.

30.) Gen. Lawrence Daggerpaine - Daggerpaine is famous for his remarkable Youtube videos promoting POTCO, and for being the GM of the once moderately powerful pirate guild, "Gen. of Peace". Although Daggerpaine made this guild very successful for a relatively long period of time, he was not its original GM. Uknown to many, Gen. of Peace was made in response to the destruction of Generals of Peace, which was too made in response to the destruction of Soldiers of peace, which was created by my early-in best friend in RP; Red. 

29.) Captain Sadcamp - Captain Sadcamp was literally the first Anti-EITC RP leader in the Caribbean. I was introduced to him through "Red", GM of Soldiers of Peace, when I was just a level 18. Captain Sadcamp explained to me what exactly the Co. Empire was, and how to avoid them. Sadcamp also introduced the idealogoy of "Guild servers" to RP. Sadcamp was the leader of "Chetik Union", and probably one of the first official Pirate Lords. Sadcamp was however, later overthrown and exiled by his own guildmembers. He faced a similar fate that I did in Demons of Heaven. His entire guild was booted by an officer working for the EITC. Unfortunately, he never made a comeback. 

28.) Simon Treasurehawk - Simon Treasurehawk was the first person to propose the revolution against Spartan Petalbee. He'd always been a strong Pro-Spanish, but at the same time, Pro-Piracy/Freedom revolutionary. Treasurehawk fought alongside me and Nate Raidhawk in bringing down Petalbee, but once he heard the news of me trying to re-create the Spanish monarchy, he went ballistic and fought alongside Nate Raidhawk to kick me out of power. He was the GM of the infamous Marauder's Militia, a guild similar to Los Bandios. He was defeated shortly after he turned on me, and vanished from RP pretty suddenly. He was however, along with Nate Raidhawk, one of the first Spanish RP'ers. 

27.) David Bladekidd - The man who introduced me to the EITC, David Bladekidd was very similar to Hector Wildhayes in many ways. Bladekidd saw the growing corruption in the EITC, and helped me to understand its history, tactics, and how everything worked. This helped me in bringing down United Empire, because I knew how to fight against an empire that didn't know how to pvp, or how to svs, or how to take on guerilla warfare tactics. Bladekidd also created the short-lived, but extremely powerful "Codex Empire". The Codex Empire was basically a pirate version of "The Ranger Code". It's in this way that Hector Wildhayes and Bladekidd are alike, because they both created "Codes" for RP that all RP'ers should live by. Bladekidd was the only person whom I ever referred to as "master", for a very brief period of time during the EITC.

26.) Diego - After Benjamin Macmorgan left the Co. Empire, and formed the United Empire in which he allegedly told everyone that he was no longer apart of the EITC (I find this to be false, seeing as everyone in the United Empire dressed like EITC, and fought against piracy), Diego formed a new Co. Empire and challenged Macmorgan, thus igniting the first civil war of the EITC. During this war, I fought on Macmorgan's side, and personally remember it being sort of a lose-lose situation. Diego's Co. Empire was weak, fragmented, and un-resourceful, although they did have a couple key Co. leaders. Macmorgan's empire had resources, but the overall foundation was a bit undermined by all the growing corruption, particularly during the "United Empire Presidential elections". (This is what caused me to leave). The war ultimately just led a lot of former EITC members to leave the company and go into hiding along with the other "pirates", who were still living in fear of the Co. Empire. 

25.) Sven Daggersteel - A lot of people listed Sven in the top 10 RP'ers of all time. There's many reasons why I've chosen to hault him back to the top 30, and this is why: Sven Daggersteel had originally turned on Spain during The Paradoxian War. While Spain still had its resources, and Sven fought us towards the end of The Paradoxian War, he literally lost every single battle. It was not until The Post-Paradoxian War, where he had more men, higher level men, (mods in many cases), upgraded ships, and the wiki to use propoganda and organize battles, that he actually starting winning a couple battles here and there, and even then, he was unable to really do a significant amount of damage. Sven was able to rally people together, yes, but that was mainly because of the fact that he was fighting against a handful of level 20's and 30's, and bringing several other guilds to assist him in doing so. Sven had every advantage, and yet still, whenever he lost a battle, he'd pitch a fit and turn the other way. The only reason Sven is mentioned on this list is because he was the GM of Co. British Elites, and because he helped catch the British up with the modern Spanish fighting tactics. In other words, he basically copy-catted everything that The Paradox stood for.

24.) Cad Bane - Cad Bane was a man of extreme integrity, who along with Johnny Goldtimbers, Samuel Redbeard, and myself, helped restore balance to the EITC (at least for a while), after Leon was removed from power. (The EITC granted me lordship for a short period of time after I brought down Leon. I was given a vote in the election for the new Lord Marshall. The three candidates were Goldtimbers, Redbeard, and Nate Raidhawk. Me and Cad Bane both voted for Redbeard). Cad Bane was the GM of Co. Republic, and the husband of my sister, Elizabeth Clemente, later Elizabeth Bane. Cad had literally no military experience, whatsoever, and this is what would end up being his downfall. I forget who it was, but he handed off his guild to someone and that person ended up booting everyone out of the guild. After Co. Republic fell, Cad Bane never really made a comeback, but it sure was a good guild while it lasted.

500px-Screenshot 2011-02-19 13-46-03

23.) Ferdinand Clemente (Cadet) - My first-born son in RP, to Grace Goldtimbers. Cadet was probably the most mentally-unstable war-mongering monster RP has ever seen. He must have led at least 10 revolutions against me in the early years of the Spanish empire, all which eventually failed. Only 2 that I remember, actually came close to succeeding. Cadet was my brother-at-arms for several years in the early revolution against Macmorgan. However, after Macmorgan was defeated, and we decided to rebel against Petalbee, Cadet got angry that we weren't remaining as "pirates". He loathed the idea of being captive to a nation, and not having freedom, since, the name of our revolutionary guild was "Freedom Empire". The British took advantage of Cadet's revolutionary ideaologies and used him to try and topple our empire. They attempted this several times, but failed each time. Cadet was a some-what decent military strategist, and certainly knew how to build up a mob, but not so-much how to organize it or make it fight effectively towards his advantage and ultimate goal. 

22.) Luuluu - The second in command of Caribbean Rangers. Without Luuluu, the Spanish empire as we know it today could have very fell become a French territory. Right after Petalbee was thrown out of power, France, Britain, and several pirate guilds all focused their attention towards re-instating him and removing me. Some leaders of this movement to keep me from gaining power were Duchess of Anemois, Samuel Redbeard, Johnny Goldtimbers, Miss Tell Tale, and Dog O'Hawk. We were literally surrounded, outmatched, outnumbered, and outflanked on all sides. I remember standing there with two other men, with literally 40 people around us demanding that we give up on Isla De La Avaricia. Whenever this happened, whenever we were surrounded, or on the verge of defeat, Luuluu would appear with 10-20 rangers and win the day. He mysteriously disappeared shortly after Caribbean Rangers was disbanded. Luuluu left as suddenly as he arrived. I met him right after I rebelled against Macmorgan, when I was outnumbered and in need of followers with exceptional experience. He stayed until we gained the upper hand and quelled Cadet's rebellion, but almost right after that, he vanished. It's almost as if, he came to save Spain, and once my throne was ensured, he left. He was a true icon of early Spanish RP.

21.) Dog O'Hawk - Most of the "new-age" RP'ers don't remember this guy. He was basically the prequel to Spade, William Mcgrim, and Hippie. Although Hippie was technically the one who introduced jumping to RP, Dog O'Hawk was the first to actually use it to his advantage. The difference between him and Hippie however, was that Dog didn't teach jumping to his enemies or the people that fought with him, therefore, he didn't really "revolutionize" RP with it. He just used it as some sort of military advantage over everyone. Dog O'Hawk was the King of France for a short period of time while he was married to Grace Goldtimbers during his prime, while he led his guild "Cold Crusaders". Fighting O'Hawk was a very tough challenge for me. I had just defeated Spartan, and had almost done away with Nate Raidhawk, but those wars took a toll on the morale, and the will to fight of the Rangers. In fact, it was at this time, just right after we had won the revolution, that Cadet decided to form another revolution against our revolution because he was so tired of fighting and thought that I was becoming a "war mongerer". At that point, I honestly did think that was going to be the end of me in RP. Fortunately, legendary ranger lords such as Luuluu, Hector Wildhayes, Edgar Ironcrash, Syko, Leon Daggerskull, and Spade, came to my aid and miraculously, we were able to defeat O'hawk, Cadet's revolution, and several Pro-British sympathizers such as Samuel Redbeard and John Breasly, thus maintaining the Spanish Empire.

20.) Nate Raidhawk - Founder of Los Bandidos and Bandido's return. Nate Raidhawk was the first person to create a professional Spanish fighting force. He fought alongside me in the revolution against Petalbee, but later ended up turning on me shortly afterwards and siding with Dog O'Hawk in which the two conspirators were both swiftly dealt with. Nate Raidhawk didn't really have a great understanding of military strategy like people such as Francis Bluehawk did, however, he was a very inspirational leader, and certainly knew how to turn the tides of war in his favor. Raidhawk never really made a comeback after Los Bandidos. 

19.) Marie Antoinette - Founded the French Empire. Marie Antoinette suited her name well. She had no knowledge of politics, or of war. She simply ran around buying clothes, and getting men such as Johnny Goldtimbers, Jack Swordmenace, Remy, and Francis Bluehawk to do whatever she wanted.

18.) Capt. Skull X - Created the legendary "Skull's Marines". Unknown to many, I actually met Skull back in 2008, during my first guild, Demons of Heaven. Funny fact, Skull helped me level my first pirate, Pearson Wright, on Kingshead. For several months, I bonded with him, and we became really close friends. Skull was the first maxed pirate I ever met, which is one of the main reasons I always followed him around in so much awe. The fact that he actually paid attention to a level 20-range pirate like myself really made me feel good, lol. Unfortunately... as no good thing lasts forever, Capt. Skull X went on to challenge me during The Delta Empire and was.. like many others people, completely obliterated. He did however, fight to keep me unbanned on this wiki, which I humbly thank him for. In later years, Captain Skull X joined The Delta Republic as second in command of the Spanish army under Hippie and helped us fend of the British invaders. To this day, I still speak to Capt. Skull on a daily-weekly basis checking in on how life is and whatnot. 

Screenshot 2011-08-19 23-08-26

17.) Roger Mcbellows - Behind me and Breasly, this guy had to have had the biggest freaking ego of all. I remember pvping Mcbellows, a fully maxed pirate with all the perks and gimics, and beating him 6-0, yet he continued to run around claiming that he was related to Jolly Roger. Mcbellows founded The Palladin Empire, the guild that would later lay the foundation for John Mcbatten's "Sweden". I remember Mcbellows being one of the toughies during The Paradoxian War. In other words, unlike the other 5,000 guilds we obliterated, he was actually somewhat of a challenge to defeat. I believe it was in 2012 that he died of Cancer, marking the end of The Palladin Empire, and of Sweden. (To all you Pro-Elizabeth Kalmar Union junkies, this is how and why I obtained Sweden.) Anyways, R.I.P. old friend. 

- No image available -

16.) Captain Andrew (Lord Mallace) - The righthand man of Benjamin Macmorgan during the Co. Empire and United Empire. I remember trying to get on this guy's good side during my time in the EITC, simply because, back in the day, there were no high levels in RP. Mallace was a level 42 while in the United Empire. Mallace certainly helped hold the EITC together when crisis' emerged. I remember one time when Macmorgan had the "sad" emote on auto-click for about 2 hours after United Empire lost several key members during a grusome war with guess who? (You're welcome) Everyone knew that United Empire was going to collapse at that point. It was just simply inevitable. However.. Mallace held on as long as he could, and did his best to keep the EITC intact. However, he would later go on to create "The Grand Army", which was an Anti-EITC rebellion guild formed against Macmorgan. 


15.) Augustine Clemente (Hippie) - Hippie was an icon of Spanish military tactics. Originally recruited by Pearson Wright, Hippie, along with Roger Goldhawk, helped introduce to "jumping" aspect of pvp to Rp'ers. Pearson used this superior knowledge of pvp to his advantage in whiping out several EITC, British, and just about any other guild on the game during The Paradoxian War. Hippie was well-known for coming out of nowhere and crashing some sort of EITC meeting or event. 2 minutes later, you'd see 50 all high level, all uniformed Spanish soldiers standing behind him. If there's one man that was able to make the little Co. lads choke on their own saliva, it was Hippie.


14.) Johnny Goldtimbers - Goldtimbers was always a very... strange character to me. For some reason, whenever I think of the term "Roleplay", his name comes to mind. I'm not sure if that's how he really acts, or if he's just a genius, because he's been fooling me for about 3 years. Johnny Goldtimbers served as the Prime Minister of Great Britain, and when everyone else was sitting in the corner crying, he did what he could to keep the British Empire intact and repel my invasion of the British Isles.

Johnny goldtimbers

13.) Robert Mcroberts - A lot of people forgot to mention this guy in their lists, which really kind of upsets me. Personally, I think Mcroberts would have fit the role of "King of Great Britain" better than John Breasly. Mcroberts was an exceptional leader. He had an ideal balance of orating skills, persuasion abilities, and both military and political knowledge. He can be credited for creating the Viceroyalty Co. enterprise. He was the only man to ever come close to taking the throne of GB from Breasly. Mcroberts organized several meetings such as: "The Council of Lyria", which helped to keep RP balanced, and let the righteous rulers of their respective nations, rule what was rightfully theirs.


12.) Spartan Petalbee - Founded the Spanish Empire. Created the legendary Spartan's Savvy guild, as well as the Spartan's Savvy enterprise of guilds: Spartan's Savvy Jrs, Spartan's Savviest, Spartan's Academy, etc. My father, R.I.P. (Sorry for beating the living ____ out of you)


11.) Pablo Swordmaster - Originally of Spanish decent, Pablo Swordmaster was among the first EITC Rp'ers. His prime was during the Pre-Co. Empire era of the EITC, when early RP'ers were still experimenting with the limits and boundaries of what RP could potentially become. Pablo Swordmaster along with other EITC legends such as Samuel Redbeard, and Lord Davy Menace, struck fear into the eyes of pirates throughout the Caribbean. He was also one of the prime inspirations for the creation of the Co. Empire.

Lord Swordmaster

10.) Lord Hector Wildhayes - It's rare that you hear of this man, especially if you're a noob. It's not what he did as an individual, but what he inspired me to do as one. Hector Wildhayes gave me the idea of the legendary "Caribbean Rangers" as well as the "Ranger Code". If there was ever a Spanish version of Jack Swordmenace, this was him. Hector Wildhayes was a brilliant orator who had an ability to say something very obvious, but in a witty tone that captivated everyone's imaginations. He set the keystone for what would later become The Paradoxian Empire. In later years, he would also go on to become the Pope of The Holy Roman Catholic Church, and the only member of the Ranger Lord's Council to maintain the Ranger code until POTCO's dying day. 


9.) Lord Davy Menace - The first man to ever create an official EITC guild. You could say that this man literally, started EITC RP. Without him, there would be no EITC. Lord Davy Menace was nothing special. He had no exceptional war experience, nor was he a political marvel. Nevertheless, he is the reason the EITC exists. 'nuff said.

- No image available - 

8.) Samuel Redbeard - A man I loathed, but at the sime time, held an enormous amount of respect for. Redbeard was an unyielding prodigy of the EITC, particularly during The Paradoxian War. He was one of the only men that didn't shake in his shoes when challenged by legendary Spanish generals such as Hippie/Augustine Clemente, Pearson Wright/Phillipe V Clemente, Spade/Ignacio XI, or William Sharkskull. Redbeard also played a critical role in the founding of the EITC. He helped create the complex "ranking system" that would later be used by other British commanders such as Johnny Coaleaston, William Brawlmartin, and Sven Daggersteel. 

Samuel Redbeard

7.) Captain Leon - The "Lord Cuttler Beckett" of RP; Captain Leon. None of us want him on this list, but as stated above, fact is fact. Leon came out of nowhere; literally. He's the only person I know that was able to literally, walk into Tortuga and say: "I am the King of the Navy" and instantly convince hundreds of people to become his loyal servants. Leon dominated the EITC enterprise for nearly a year. The combined forces of Redbeard, Cad Bane, William Brawlmartin, Johnny Goldtimbers, and Pablo Swordmaster together were unable to defeat him. It would not be until Pearson Wright and Francis Bluehawk, the two most prestigious RP military generals of all time, joined forces, that Leon was finally brought down and removed from RP forever.

Captain Leon pic2-1-

6.) John Breasly - It's not so much what this man did as an individual, but moreso, what he was able to prevent Spain from doing. John Breasly practically founded the British Empire, as well as all of the complex systems of government that it would be built upon. From my perspective, I have never seen a man with a more dedicated and loyal cabinet of officers than him. Breasly was no war hero, or legendary orator, he was simply, the only person that would not yield to the all-powerful and almighty Fruit. (Besides the time that you joined The Paradox)


5.) Francis Bluehawk - There is no single word, or group of words that I can use to describe the military genius that this man possessed, and this is coming from the person who was forced to lay waste to Francis Brigade. If there is one man whom I respected most, it was Francis. Francis Bluehawk was "The Gentleman Roleplayer" of RP. He was fierce, and merciless in battle, but at the same time, he had his way with the Kings and Queens, particularly Duchess of Anemois. 

Screenshot 2010-12-23 16-28-05

4.) Jack Swordmenace - One of, if not the most intelligent Roleplayers of all time. Jack Swordmenace had a skill with words that nobody could explain. During The Paradoxian War, Pearson Wright, the top persuader of all time, was unable to convince Samuel Redbeard to surrender. Swordmenace approached Pearson and Hippie with an offer. Pearson accepted. A day later, Swordmenace had convinced Johnny Goldtimbers, Samuel Redbeard, and William Yellowbones to surrender and join The Paradox. Swordmenace also helped build the foundation for The French Empire. If roleplay had an Einstein, this was him. 


3.) Duchess of Anemois (Grace Goldtimbers) - The woman who single-handedly innovated upon, and made country RP popular within the RP community. Without her, Britain and Spain would be nothing. Grace Goldtimbers can be credited for preventing several potentially deadly wars. She was a woman of peace, who also knew how to get her way with the men of power, particularly Pearson Wright, Francis Bluehawk, and Johnny Goldtimbers who had she not intervened with, would have probably ended up killing each other. (Francis was killed). Credits to The Almighty Fruit.


2.) Benjamin Macmorgan - Innovated upon the unpopular ideaology created by Lord Davy Menace that a pirate could infact become "EITC". Created the legendary Co. Empire which officially began the long line of literally, thousands of EITC guilds, all which used the term "Co.". Macmorgan can be credited for almost every EITC guild ever made after the Co. Empire. 


1.) King Phillipe V Clemente (Pearson Wright) - The "War-God" of RP. Clemente was the first, and only man to successfully rebel against the Co.Empire/United Empire and succeed in doing so. Brought down Spartan Petalbee. Brought down Captain Leon. Defeated and ended the Francis Brigade forever. Defeated and ended Los Bandidos forever. Defeated and ended The Palladin Empire forever. Wrecked INFERNO during The Paradoxian War. Helped introduce "PvP" and "SvS" into RP. Also famous for: Maxing 10 guilds: (Demons of Heaven, Freedom Empire, - Freedom Empire -, Caribbean Rangers, The Delta Empire, La Casa De Espana, The Paradox, The Delta Republic, Casa Di Royale, Imperio De Espana) King of Spain for 3 years, Czar of Russia for 3 1/2 years, King of France for 2 1/2 years. Conquered Portugal, The Ottoman Empire, France, all of Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland during The Paradoxian War officially setting a new, and unmatched precedent in RP.  Facts are stubborn things my friends. 

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