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    May 3, 2016 by Sam Darkwalker

    I'm not leaving, though in the near future I might.

    Now, I've been feeling weird as I keep coming here. I just feel disgruntled (Hence the title of the blog) as I come here, since you all aren't my friends. (not my real friends anyway) I came to the realization yesterday when I was walking to school; nothing here will make a difference out in the real world where most of us (hopefully) will move on. This place is essentally a place to act like idiots when we can't act like it elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, I know that some of you here act mature, but the vibe of this place just reeks of immaturity and idiocy. I need to spend my time just enjoying my life and not wasting it in front of a screen, I've done that too much in my life already. My…

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  • Sam Darkwalker

    Inactivity notice

    December 13, 2015 by Sam Darkwalker

    (Quick update) my internet provider (xfinity) is having problems with the internet, this started the other day. I'm not sure when I'll be back (using a phone to make this edit)

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  • Sam Darkwalker

    So, I was sitting upstairs, playing Skyrim, and I thought, why not do a If I Imagined you as ____. So, As soon as I finished playing Skyrm for the morning, I decided to do this. Comment down below if you want me to do you as a Race in any of the Elder Scrolls games.

    16:09, July 23, 2015 (UTC)

    These smart and planed ahead Dwemer once inhabited most of Tamriel, and at one point disappeared from the world, they ended up leaving clever contraptions and traps in their once proud cities, they manufactured clever drones that would roam the halls of the once inhabited cities, protecting their legacy and secrets.

    ^ describes lith 100%

    Chimer, often known as pure mythical creatures by many of modern Tamriel, were once a proud civilzation, until the betr…

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  • Sam Darkwalker

    Well, here goes.

    It started out as a normal day, and as the day turned to night, two friends named Samuel Darkwalker, often called Sam, and a woman called Halle, were off to meet up with their other friends for a special day: Halle's wedding day.

    "So, are you excited Halle?" Sam asked her.

    "I guess, I mean after we're out of this forest and I see my Trader." Halle replied with joy.

    Sam sighed, he disliked his cousin, and Sam loved Halle, even for her childish personalility as old as she was.

    "Sam cut faster! this dress won't hold on forever, its either going to be ripped or worn by me." Hale yelled at Sam.

    after a few minutes of cutting down shurbs and leaves, they finally reached the part of Rumrunner island that was said  in the Invite.


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