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Sharple Sharple 1 April 2020

Olexcraft Official Opening

It has come to my attention the great demand to bring back Olexcraft. It's been a while since I've done any server development but here I am finally finished after 5 years. Over these past 5 years, I've struggled in real life and questioning what'll I'll be doing for the next 5 years. However so, with the launch of Olexcraft 5.0, I will finally be getting this off of my bucket list.

Today is no April's fools shenanigans, I am planning to release Olexcraft as soon as I get on Wikicraft.

Yes, that's right. Pls join my group on wikicraft.

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Sharple Sharple 5 March 2020



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Sharple Sharple 14 May 2016

The game (Disney Infinity) that pulled POTCO out of existence is now canceled.

My apologies for the click baity title.

In the beginning of the week I heard rumors about this. It's now official. The game that killed POTCO is now dead. Disney Infinity is gone. Not only that, but Disney is not going to publish any more CONSOLE games. I guess, this means Club Penguin is safe tho. #thankgoodness

Source: http://www.theverge.com/2016/5/10/11652884/disney-infinity-game-series-canceled

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Sharple Sharple 31 August 2015

Olexcraft Closed Beta!

As you can prolly tell I'm been hyping up for the release of Olexcraft, however, progress with the server's spawn has slowed down because of the dreaded place that we call school. The UnderLords (AKA the builders), are close friends of mine from another game that used a mixture of builder elements and shooter elements. I've known them for quite a while now and they're all for this idea and are really great to cooperate and are wonderful interweb friends :D

The intention of Olexcraft when I first wanted to reopen the server is to HAVE FUN! Not only that but I have my intentions to dipping my hands into advertising the server and hopefully have more peeps to play with other than the same old people around these parts of the wiki. I do know th…

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Sharple Sharple 11 December 2012

Petition Update: Recognition from MMOs sites.

If you haven't been following the petition please check this page regularly

I also encourage you to create an account @ the Pirate Forums!

It's been a while since I've did a blog, probably won't be so successful but oh well. As of the past week, MMO sites are starting to recognize the petition to revive POTCO Disney. This has been a major success!

  • http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/251/view/news/page/1/read/26253/Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-Online-Fans-Unite-to-Petition-Disney-for-PotCO-Love.html
  • http://pirates-of-the-caribbean.browsergamez.com/news/1827/1/pirates-of-the-caribbean-online-a-mutiny-might-be-underway.html
  • http://mmofallout.com/2012/12/10/players-petition-to-revive-pirates-of-the-caribbean-online/
  • http://mmorpg.org.pl/news/zobacz/…

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