So I just had an idea. I'm going to track every template I'm going to make. Templates are banners, userboxes, and signatures. Note: These are only the ones I've made after 5/12/11. I've made plenty more in the past. To see a couple more templates I've made, try my Userpage, User talk, or Sandbox.

May 2011

  • May 12th, 2011 - Banner Created
The title of this page and some of the words here are in a different language or is supposed to be spelled wrong. Please make sure a word is spelled wrong and not naming an objec t which is supposed to be misspelled.

Code: Wordmisspelled

Created to: Help users identify pages that are supposed to have words spelled or words in different languages. Example: El Gobierno Oficioso de Espana, and Mercenaire.

  • May 12th 2011

FoulbertoSmasho (I'll smasho your enemies!)

Code: Restricted

Created for: FoulbertoSmasho

~>High Priestess Keira Kinover-Mar of the Holy City<~

Code: Restricted

Created for: Keira Kinover

French Prince Matthew O'malley ~ Royal Advisor of W.I.T.C 0 Edits!

Code: Restricted

Created for: Captain Matthew O'malley

  • May 13th 2011

Simon Treasurehawk 4,209 Edits!

Code: Restricted

Created for: Simon Treasurehawk

  • May 14th 2011

King John Macbatten of Sweden

Code: Restricted

Created for: John macbatten

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